Interior Wall Paint Colors Hot selling Carpoly High Performance

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Product Description:

1.Structure of Interior Wall Paint Colors Description

paint colors 1.odorless 2.low VOC 3.antimicrobial 4. mildew resistant 5.environmentally friendly 6.waterproof 7.Scrub resistantThe product is a kind of quick-drying  thermoplastic acrylic acid.Easy to operate,with good atomization and sufficient spray.The paint coating is quick drying hard,thick and has an excellent luster adhesion.

2.Main Features of the Interior Wall Paint Colors

• Very fast drying.

• Good adhesion. 

•Excellent resistance to water and weathering.


3. Interior Wall Paint Colors Images


Interior Wall Paint Colors  Hot selling  Carpoly High Performance

Interior Wall Paint Colors  Hot selling  Carpoly High Performance

4. Interior Wall Paint Colors Specification


CAS No.:


Other Names:

paint colors



Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)

Main Raw Material:

acrylic copolymer


Appliance Paint,Building Coating,Electrical Insulating Varnish,Furniture Paint,Paper Coating,Plastic Coating,Road Marking Paint,Rubber Coating,Decoration

Application Method:

Brush Roller Airless Spray


Liquid Coating

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Depand on your need

Shelf Life:

24 Months Use up in 4hrs after mixing


Touch Dry≤1h Recoat Time≥2-3hrs

Theoretical Coverage:

By Brush:10-12m2/kg By spray:8-9 m2/kg/coat



Solid Content:


Scrubbing Resistance:

more than 30000 times

Water Resistance:


Mildew resistance:


microbia resistance:



5.FAQ of Interior Wall Paint Colors

① The Directions?

1. Remove thoroughly the oil, soil, water stain and dust from the surface to be sprayed. 
2. Shake the can well for about half a minute before spraying. 
3. Apply first on an invisible part to make sure the selected color is well matched
4. Keep 15-30 cm away from the surface to be sprayed. 
5. In case of little paint or only gas out, turn the nozzle 180° and try again. 
6. During spraying, keep the can upright within a vertical angle of 45°.
7. After use, clear the valve and nozzle by spraying upside down for a few seconds.

②What's the usage?

Appliance Paint,Boat Paint,Building Coating,Car Paint,Electrical Insulating Varnish,Furniture Paint,machine.

③How about your company?

A world class manufacturer & supplier of castings forging in Spray Paint.This is a manufacturer of tin product,such as aerosol can,food can,beverage can and so on,we began to supply  service,and main service  is : shaving foam,insecticide,air freshener,super carb cleaner,dash board polish,furnithure polish,polyurethane foam,leather polish,etc.

With advanced machine and perfect insect system,quality of every product are well guaranteed.

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Q:What is the dye used in ancient painting? What do you do?
The traditional Chinese painting pigments, which are generally divided into two categories of mineral pigments and plant pigments, from the use of history, should first have minerals, after plants, like ink first smoke, after the smoke. Ancient rock paintings on the left behind the bright color, according to the test, found that the use of mineral pigments (such as cinnabar), mineral pigments is a significant feature is not easy to fade, colorful, read Zhang Daqian years of painting most of this impression , A large area of stone green, stone green, cinnabar can make people lifted! Plant pigments are mainly extracted from the trees and flowers.
Q:What are the pigments on the gourd?
Painting with a traditional Chinese painting, drawing a good dry, to the entire gourd on a layer of transparent paint (with polyester paint or varnish can be), paint and then coated with a layer, so that will not bleach.
Q:Production of [time gem] resin Dijiao pigment paste can be replaced with acrylic paint? Or other substitutes
Oh, the raw materials are different, and glue will be reflected
Q:What is the dilution of acrylic paint, how to save after use?
Can be diluted with water, conducive to cleaning.
Q:Furniture, paint on the human body what harm?
Paint may be related to the occurrence of certain malignant neoplasms! It is recommended that you do not have long-term protection with yourself in such an environment, if you can not change the conditions due to work or other reasons, you can use some physical methods to protect yourself.
Q:ship paints?
Devoe (I think) is the only one I can think of off hand. A good epoxy works well. I needle gun or three finger the old rust and paint off, then wire wheel it. Next a couple coats of different colored primer (so you don't miss any areas) and a few coats of epoxy with a roller or brush in tight areas. It should last at least six months, or maybe more, in heavy salt areas. Years on the lakes.
Q:The ink used for printing with ink is good, the pigment and the dye that black black
Hello, use plotters for ink, dyes and pigments like color, paint waterproof only, there is a demand for HI me.
Q:Paint and curing agent diluent what is measured
Usually, the paint is marked with the proportion of the paint, curing agent and diluent, the proportion of each component is calculated at the time of construction and the components are weighed and then mixed and mixed. Small run out.
Q:Paint is water-based paint or solvent-based paint?
Mostly solvent-based, but the current market there has been a kind of environmentally friendly water-based wood paint, the price is more expensive, the quality is not clear
Q:DNA can be dyed by what dye
There is also a basic dye or a modified phenol magenta solution

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