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Product Description:

Product Description

Inorganic mineral paint primer using silicate, special mica and other natural mineral raw materials, through the special production process processing, with non-toxic without pungent odor, no formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metals and other harmful substances.

Inorganic mineral paint primer is the first layer of the coating system, used as a topcoat foundation. Can improve the adhesion of paint, increase the fullness of paint, provide anti-corrosion function, and can ensure the uniform absorption of paint, so that the coating system play the best effect.

Product Characteristics

Features of the primer:

1. Strong adhesion of primer and strong penetration ability.

2. The primer is highly alkaline and prevents the alkali powder of the wall.

3. The primer is very water-resistant, which keeps the wall dry at any time.

4. Primer can effectively prevent mildew and algae, with excellent performance.

5. Primer can save finish paint and enhance the adhesion of finish paint.

Product Specifications and Parameters:


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Q1 What is the main role of the primer?

A1 Increase adhesion: because the penetration and adhesion of the primer are relatively strong, so you can also let the adhesion between the top paint and the wall is improved, to avoid the phenomenon of the top paint falling off later.

Improve the base: it can also penetrate into the wall base inside, so that the absorption rate of the wall base is reduced, so that the strength of the wall base becomes higher, providing a uniform and smooth wall bottom layer for the surface paint

Q2 What is the difference between inorganic paint primer and finish paint?

A2 Primer is painted on the wall, is the foundation paint; surface paint painted on the primer, is the last course of coating. The main function of primer and topmer is different, primer adhesion is better. The performance of primer and finish paint is different, finish paint pays more attention to adornment effect more, and primer pays more attention to at alkali resistance, improve adhesion and so on respect.

Q3 Is it possible to do inorganic paint without primer?

A3 It is recommended to do primer, the penetration and adhesion of primer are stronger, which can improve the adhesion between top coat and wall surface.

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Q:Which manufacturer's paint is good?
Buy paint paint the best choice for well-known brands
Q:What are the differences between inorganic paints and latex paints?
Commonly used in the construction of the coating is the alkali metal silicate aqueous solution and colloidal silica aqueous dispersion. With the above two kinds of film-forming materials, can be made of silicate and silica sol (colloidal silica) inorganic coatings, then add pigments, fillers and various additives, can be made of silicate and silica sol (colloidal dioxide Silicon) inorganic coatings, with good water resistance, alkali resistance, pollution resistance, gas resistance. The inorganic coating is an inorganic polymer coating composed of inorganic polymer and dispersed metal, metal oxide nanometer material and rare earth ultrafine powder, which can react with the iron atoms on the surface of steel structure to produce physical and chemical double protection , Through the chemical bond and the matrix firmly combined with inorganic polymer anti-corrosion coating, the environment pollution-free, long life, corrosion performance reached the international advanced level, is in line with environmental requirements of high-tech replacement products.
Q:Is there a Mali textile pigment?
Propylene color does not fade.
Q:why does black paint never come off a paintbrush?
complicated problem do a search at google or bing this could help
Q:What substance can be pvc PVC stained
Color Masterbatch called masterbatch, also known as color, is a new type of polymer materials for colorants, also known as pigment preparation. Color Masterbatch is mainly used in plastic. Color Masterbatch consists of pigments or dyes, carriers and additives consisting of three basic elements, is the ultra-constant pigment attached to the resin contained in the aggregate and made of aggregates, can be called pigment concentrates, so its color strength is higher than Pigment itself. Processing with a small amount of masterbatch and uncolored resin blending, you can achieve the design of pigment concentration of colored resin or products.
Q:A KG latex paint can generally brush the number of areas of the wall, the ground, the top.
Latex paint is commonly known as latex paint, was born in the twentieth century, the mid-seventies, is the acrylic copolymer emulsion as the representative of a large class of synthetic resin emulsion coating. Latex paint is a water-dispersible coating, it is a synthetic resin emulsion as the base material, the filler after grinding and adding a variety of additives made of refined paint. Latex paint with the traditional wall paint with many different advantages, such as easy to brush, dry quickly, the film water, scrub resistance and so good. In China, people used to synthetic resin emulsion as the base material, water as the dispersion medium, adding pigments, fillers (also known as physical pigments) and additives, made by a certain process of paint, called latex paint, also known as latex coating.
Q:What is the difference between toner and pigment?
Toner is a dry paint, also known as pastry, the biggest feature is that no need to add thinner to reconcile the coating directly on the screen, the hue of the mutual mixing is also carried out directly on the screen, with paint painting both oil painting Heavy and colorful watercolor Smart feeling, and the painting is convenient, unique painting effect, by the Western painter's respected.
Q:I painted my room over winter break a few months ago, and if I ever get my nail against it or touch anything to it, the paint chips right off. The paint looks normal on my wall, but it just basically falls right off if I nick it. I got Sherwin Williams paint.Does anyone know why this is happening?
Your paint didn't stick and there can be several reasons. . .Did you paint the same type of paint. If you put latex paint over oil paint, it will not stick. When you painted, were the walls clean? And I have flat paint in my bedroom and that is the worst. Looks so good but it does come off easily and it can't be washed. I'm going to solve that when I paint next time and I'm going to use a latex paint with a satin finish. I don't know what you painted over. Some things need to be sealed. . .like concrete block. . .or the moisture comes through and the paint bubbles off. You might do well to have a talk with SW. They usually have pretty good advice but expensive paint.
Q:What is the smell of paint?
Therefore, we must pay attention to the prevention and control of paint pollution. Paint furniture, the best choice for dry weather, doors and windows open, so that air flow, reduce the indoor solvent concentration in the air. Paint should wear gloves and wear overalls. After the paint immediately to clean the skin, with a small yellow sand, saw and butyl acetate and other parts of the mixture scrub clean.
Q:How does the pigment ink mix with the dye ink after the plug?
No, mixed with different inks will produce a chemical reaction that may produce a precipitate. Not recommended for use

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