Hand Hooked Polyester Outdoor Loop Pile Carpet

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Hand hooked Indoor /outdoor Rugs

(1)Material:100%  polyester

(3)Pile height:1700g/sqm
(4)Pile height:8~10 mm

(5)Size:70X140,1.4m*2.0m;1.6m*2.3m;2.0m*3.0m and any size.
(6)Color:any color

(7)Desgin:Our and customer's designs
(8)Backing:cotton cloth
(9)Packing: pp bags
(10)Cintainer Holding:

20ft container: 2500 sqms

40ft container: 5000 sqms

40ft HQ container: 6000sqms


(12)Delivery time:30~40days.

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Q:Can i put a big rug over carpet?
Sure! Go for it. What color is the carpet and how high/low is the pile? It helps when the carpet is low pile and neutral. But if it isn't, the more you can cover it with a large rug the better. But consider what oneman says as well.
Q:How to remove Wood Stain from carpet?
If you have olefin carpeting you can use anything to get it out. If you have a blend then you are out of luck. If it can penetrate wood to stain it, it will penetrate carpet fiber. We use a solvent to break down oil stains. Water based cleaners will not work. Like takes out like. Be careful with solvent cleaners. If you use too much it can beak down the glue on you carpet backing. You can get solvent spotters from carpet cleaning supply stores. We consider this to be carpet damage not a stain.
Q:Question about Bissle carpet cleaner?
If it says to use it in a carpet cleaner, then that's what you should do. It's unlikely to mess it up if you follow the instructions.
Q:VIP....Stained Carpet..need help!!!!?
Go rent a rug doctor. This is cheap but may not remove everything depending on how old and what type of stains they are. You may need to decide if its cheaper to pay management to have the rug cleaned or for you to get it steamed, which may be you only way to remove old stains. Good luck. My carpet is stained to hell, although we clean it regularly. Conventional carpet cleaners do not remove certain stains...
Q:Will my horse be okay without a rug for one night in winter? please help?
As long as your horses have a decent hair coat, place to get out of the wind (a wall is fine) and hay to eat they will be just fine. Even if it was snowing they'd be fine-freezing rain is the worst thing for them. Stop worrying-horses have extremely efficient heating systems.
Q:Carpet Stains..?
1/2 bleach 1/2 water and some sop it will do the cleaning
Q:Cleaning Reptile Carpet?
This Site Might Help You. RE: Cleaning Reptile Carpet? I just bought a new roll of Reptile Carpet. I've never used Reptile Carpet before, but I decided that you have to experiment with substrates to see what your reptiles like best. Anyway, I want to know how to clean the carpet. The roll I bought came in a kit with other things made by Zilla...
Q:looking for a large area rug.?
Well, okorder.com/
Q:Hand Made Carpets (Area Rugs) from Turkey?
in Turkiye, we are full of flying carpets, because Aladin and its brave camels lived in Turkiye iye iye
Q:What to do with my carpet?
I had this problem when I was living at home. I had a ugly dark green carpet. Very little money as well. Here is what I did I went to good will and the salvation army as well as discount stores. I bought a lot of bath room carpets. You know the little ones for the tub and sink. I sewed them together and did a patch work on my carpet. The whole thing took about 1 month to find them all ,but it was done under 40.00. I even asked people around the neighbor hood for their old carpets if they had any. My colors was light blue,pink,purple and beige.

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