Good High High Quality Black Color Fiber Cement Board

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900 m²
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100000 m²/month

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Thickness: 4mm,5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,8.5mm,9mm,9.5mm,10mm,11mm,12mm,4.5mm Fonction: Fireproof Board Ceiling,Soundproof Ceiling,Normal Ceiling,Integrated Ceiling,Heat Insulation Ceiling,Moisture-Proof Ceiling,Mould-Proof Ceiling,Smoke-Proof Ceiling,Waterproof Ceiling Material: Metal

Product Description:

Main mechanical preformance indexes 



100% Non-asbestos 

Raw Materials

Cement,Quartz Sand,Paper Pulp,etc.

Standard Size

1220mm×2440mm or 1200mm×2400mm

Max Width


Max Length







Light yellow or Grey

Water Content


Water Absorption


Fire Resistance

Incombustibility A Class(GB8624-A)

Thermal Conductivity


Bending Strength

Transverse≥11.0N/mm3 Vertical≥8.5N/mm3


Conforming to GB6566-2001 A Class




Wooden pallet

Trade Terms




Lead time

7 to 10 days after the order is confirmed.


Good High High Quality Black Color Fiber Cement Board

Main Characteristic


1:Excellent moisture-proof performance.

2:Excellent fire-proof performance.

3:Good heat and sound insulation


Recommended applications


1. Interior and exterior wall 

2. Furred ceiling 


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Q:Is cement board required for a Corian shower?
Fibre cement board should be used in showers, bathrooms, and other 'wet areas'
Q:Sound insulation board effect and what is relevant
General noise is the practice of two types of materials used together, sealing plate with a high density of the plate, and the middle filled with sound-absorbing cotton, such as 50mm thick gradient of sound-absorbing cotton such a highly efficient sound-absorbing material. You can play a very good sound insulation effect.
Q:What is water and water? How to do it?
More and more architects in the world use clean water technology, such as world-class architects Beixing Ming, Ando Tadao and so on in their design a lot of use of water concrete. Sydney, such as the hospital, the National Theater of Japan, the prehistoric museum in Paris and other world-renowned art class construction, are using this architectural art.
Q:Can cement board be tiled?
Of course, the decoration of this approach is also a lot of it, do not have any red brick seal again, direct plaster brick on the line.
Q:How long does it take for fence post cement to dry and set before i can start nailing on the boards?
You want a durable fence so why in the world would you rush to nail and put pressure on fresh concrete after you go to the hard work. Just wait a minimum of 3 days, that is 72 hours from time of pouring, so if you finished on Tuesday at 4:00PM DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING EARLIER THAN FRIDAY AFTER 4:00 PM. Very simple and fundamental. Once you cracked the fresh concrete, you simply ruined it, period. DO NOT DO IT!!!.
Q:There is no special interior wall putty powder coated ceilings cement board does not blister
Interior wall putty powder for interior wall and ceiling decoration, is also divided into decorative interior wall putty powder and functional interior wall putty powder. The interior of the putty powder are: ■ Interior putty powder: for indoor walls and ceiling of the scraping, which is characterized by strong adhesion, smooth surface and moisture-proof, can replace the primer; ■ flat bottom wall putty powder: specifically used to solve the rugged wall and the top surface, which is characterized by small line shrinkage, one-time application thickness can reach more than 1cm, and easy to use scraping scraping;
Q:How to install the outer wall plywood
Before installation, please determine the number of hanging plates and accessories according to the actual situation of the house. In addition, the use of some suitable tools and equipment during the installation will help to improve the installation speed and effect. Commonly used tools are: electric saw (desktop or portable), hand hammer, fine tooth straight knife saws, rectangular ruler, level ruler, tape, ink line, protective glasses, tool knives, iron scissors; Hole clamp.
Q:Can cement backer board be attached with thin set and screws to Baromalli plywood?
OK... You didn't specify whether you're doing a floor tile job or a wall tile job. If doing a floor tile job, here is the procedure: You can (but don't have to) apply thin set directly to the plywood and then lay and screw down the cement backer board onto the wet thinset. If your floors are pretty firm already, you don't even need to put the thin set on the plywood. Just screw the cement backer board onto the plywood. The thinset makers tell you to put thinset between the plywood and the backer board just to sell more product. It's an unnecessary step if your floors are already pretty stiff. Make sure you screw the backer board down and hit the floor joists underneath with the screws. Screws only going into the plywood is not sufficient. All screws must enter the joists, so get those marked before you start. Use thinset with a notched trowel on top of the backer board to lay the tile into.
Q:Is it ok to pour floor leveling compound over hardibacker cement board?
Yes, just make sure you've used a lot of screws to hold the backer board down or your compound will crack to pieces if the board moves at all.
Q:What are some inexpensive and creative ways to decorate a cement block basement?
Craig's List will have inexpensive items (albeit used) for decorating. As for light construction work: The most important issue is waterproofing. Use Super ThoroCoat to seal and color the walls. For the floor, use oops paint from home depot. A 5 gallon bucket of an off color should do the trick, and it is normally marked down from $125 to $15. Yes, that is $110 off the normal price. Our local store ALWAYS has one or two garage or concrete floor 5 gallon buckets in the oops area that someone didn't pick up or didn't particularly like the color of. (Remember the most important rules in painting a concrete floor: Clean the floor first, make sure it is dry, apply paint and WAIT 48 hours before walking on it and three more days before putting furniture down on it.) Then, area rugs are cheap enough on Craig's list as well as Ikea furniture. They are BOTH available in good condition on Craig's list with little time wasted looking and great prices. Your landlord will appreciate your use of ThoroCoat or ThoroSeal on the walls and concrete paint on the floor. You will have done the right thing and have made it moisture resistant and waterproof too. FYI, our townhouse basement is done with these sealants. It worked well at keeping dust sealed in as well as taking away the dampness associated with normal basements.

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