Galvanized Iron Wires For Pvc Coated Wire

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Galvanized Wire/Galvanized Steel Wire/ Gavanized Iron Wire



Weaving, braiding, fencing, cable armoring, knitting, tie wire, for redrawn, for binding or forming etc.


low carbon steel wire



Tensile strength

350-500MPA, or higher

Zinc coating

Min 12g/m2, min 25g/m2, min 200g/m2,min 300g/m2,610g/m2

Surface treatment

Hot dipped or electro galvanized


On spools

In small coils of 25-50kg/coil, 10kg/coil

In rosette coil of 100-800kg/coil


ASTM 641, EN10257-1& EN10244-2

All can be produced according to customers’ requirements.

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Q:i have two 8 gauge wires...?
Two 8-gauge wires combined are equal to a 5-gauge wire, but that should be close enough for that amp. Make sure each wire has its own fuse near the battery; 40-amp fuses would be a good choice. If you capacitor is connected to ground, and your amp is grounded, then you don't really need a wire between the capacitor's ground terminal and the amp's ground terminal. It doesn't hurt anything, though. If the only ground wire at the amp is the one that runs to the capacitor, then you're better off connecting the amp ground directly to chassis metal.
Q:How To tap car wire?
Tap means to splice into a wire. To join a new wire to the middle of an existing wire. Such as joining the wire for your new driving lights to the existing wire for the normal headlights. Before getting scared about cutting and soldering. Go to the parts store and get some IDCs. Just ask the counter guy for some suitcase connectors. You lay two wires next to each other and fold the IDC over them. When you squeeze it with pliers, it will join the two wires together.
Q:2x Red Wire and 1x Black Wires Coming Out Of Wall... Which Wires Are Which?
The green wire is just a ground wire, black is usually the hot wire, that would leave the blue wire as the neutral wire. The white wire in house wiring is the neutral. The two red and one black from your wall is not standard in the USA, but it may be 220 volts. What kind of light fixture are you replacing, is it on a ceiling fan?
Q:Wiring a Hunter Thermostat?
The tan wire isn't used on digital stats you should tape it up. The black wire which should actually be X2 should be emergency heat. And you are correct do not hook up the blue wire to B, you will blow the low voltage fuse or transformer. If the Hunter stat has a C or 24 volt common terminal you can hook the blue wire up there and you won't go through as many batteries. All the rest of the wires should hook up color for letter. GL.
Q:I need help wiring a 2003 Grand Prix LTD?
you have gotten a leak on your gasoline tank. Do you notice any swimming pools or puddles forming the place the gasoline tank is whilst the vehicle has been parked for a mutually as? Getting a sparkling gasoline tank could be relatively costly. the 2d element is: do you notice that the exhaust colour or composition has replaced? Is there alot of smoke or is it relatively dark? that would desire to point that the aggregate point isn't appropriate: you're the two working too wealthy or lean based on the colour and that would have a huge result on gasoline economic device. if so there's a situation with the gasoline transport device, the injector according to possibility or the chip. time-honored tuneups fairly advance gasoline economic device. ultimately it would desire to be the transmission, if it fairly is not shifted on the splendid time you're able to desire to be working at bigger rpms and burning greater gasoline. you could try that situation your self by observing at what rpm the engine shifts and referencing the information interior the owner's handbook. besides the shown fact that it relatively sounds like it fairly is something to do with the computing device this is fairly costly too. it relatively is recommended to evaluate a various mechanic.
Q:Looking for factory wiring for my 2008 Lancer es?
you cannot simply go with matching the colors factory radios have extra wires that are not needed with an aftermarket install most of the time (wires that control the dimmer on the radio, speed sensitive volume) you will need three power wires (constant, ignition, and ground), plus your speaker wires use a test light to test your wires, usually at the radio the yellow wire is your constant, the red is your ignition, and black is always ground to find your constant use the test light, it will be hot at all times so that your radio can remember the time, and your settings- next you need your ignition, it is only hot when the key is on or in the accessory position, to tell the radio when to come on- the ground is self explanatory to find which wires go to what speakers all you need is a 9v battery, put the positive end to a wire and test all of the other wires to the negative side and you will hear a crackling noise from a speaker when you have the right combination
Q:How do I connect CAT5 wire to a RJ45 wire?
What will you be doing with this setup? the three wires you talk of are telephone service wires cat5 although it can be used for telephone, is for computer network service. RJ45 being the jack for ethernet networking. RJ11 is the jack for telecommunications.
Q:120/240 30 amp.wiring for generator to home?
We live in hurricane country, our generator hookup is just a big, heavy duty power cord with a 4-outlet box on the end that's shoved through the pet door. Fridge, freezer, fan and microwave are plugged in with extension cords. It's a pain in the butt but it's safe, cheap, and it works.
Q:What is each wire in Ethernet used for?
This is an ethernet only cable. A full patch lead has 8 cables. Yours is STILL an ethernet cable. The additional blue pair would be telephone and the brown pair was unused, but is commonly used for power over ethernet now. ANY data connection requires 2 cables to balance the signal. In effect one is pushing voltage while the other is pulling and vice versa. One is signal, in effect the other is a ground, bur the idea is that by using twisted pair cables the inductive voltage created in one polarity on one is cancelled by the inductive voltage returning on the other in opposite polarity. The same rule applies to external interference from other equipment as these are also cancelled. If it used one cable and a common ground you can never guarantee this immunity to interference.
Q:Light fixture wiring problem?
the red and brown are probably positive (red) and the brown (neg) The green is probably a ground wire. You can go to the hardware store. Home Depot or Sears or Ace etc and get a small tester and then touch it to the wires. It will come with instructions and you can also ask the sales person in the electrical dept.

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