• Forged 40cr Concrete Pump Pipe Parts System 1
Forged 40cr Concrete Pump Pipe Parts

Forged 40cr Concrete Pump Pipe Parts

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Product parameters:








Forged or Casting

Fastening diameter





Bolt clamp


Cast steel

Standard or Nonstandard


Scope of application

concrete machinery/concrete pump pipe

 Product Name


 Tube Card

 Φ125  ordinary ( 4 kg )

 Tube Card

 Φ125 pipe  card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ125 (  including apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ125  large nut ( with apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ150 pipe  card ( with apron )

 Medium  pressure pipe card

 Φ150  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ175  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ180  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Tube Card

 Φ200  pressure pipe card ( with apron )

 Screw  pipe clamp


 Screw  pipe clamp


Our advantages:

1. We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump parts in China, specialized in producing

  concrete pump delivery pipe, rubber hose, elbow, bend, reducer, coupling, cleaning ball, piston,

  cylinder, eye-glass plate, cutting ring, concrete placing boom, and so on

2. We have been supplying concrete pump parts for SCHWING, PUTZMEISTER, SANY, CIFA,

  KYOKUTO, ZOOMLION for 10 years, so we can promise you the quality and best price.

Packaging and transport:

No.1 Export standard packing  

No.2 Seaworthy packing  

No.3 other ways or according to the customer demand

Our services:

1, In case of quality problem the company provide free replacement

2, Provide technical support for free

3, Provide consumers with regular visits

4, Ensure the supply of ancillary parts

5, The company passed the ISO9000 certification, the product through 3 c certification in full compliance with national standards

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