• Fire Truck  HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam (7000/8000L) System 1
  • Fire Truck  HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam (7000/8000L) System 2
Fire Truck  HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam (7000/8000L)

Fire Truck HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam (7000/8000L)

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Fire Truck  HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam (7000/8000L)

Basic Info.

Model NO.:LLX5190GXFSG70HM



Certification:ISO9000, CCC



Emission Standard:Euro 3


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Cab:4 Doors , 6 Persons


Chassis Brand:Sinotruk HOWO

Export Markets:South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.



Packing:Nude Packing



Origin:Linyi, Shandong, China

HS Code:8705309000


Production Capacity:6000

Product Description

The fire engine has strong power, high speed, large carrier liquid volume and other characteristics; with using extended cab, ride comfort, operational focus, easy maintenance, and can be widely used in cities public security  petrochemical, industrial enterprises and ports, terminals and other places, a large oil fire fighting and general material fire, is an ideal large fire equipment.

This fire truck is suitable for ambient temperature -30 degrees ~ + 50 degrees. Component parts of various instruments in the ambient temperature can keep in good working condition.

Chassis ModelZZ1167M4617CDriving type4X2
EngineBrand  SINOTRUKKerb Weight9800KG
WD615.93  EURO IIGross Weight19000KG
Maximum Output290HPTyres12.00-20
Rated engine power213/2200Overall Dimension ( mm )8540×2490×3560
Tank volume (L)8000  ( SG70HM )Electrical system (V)24
Wheel base ( mm )4600Max.Driving Speed( km/h)90
Fire pumpModelCB10/60
Fire monitorModelPS40/50
Flow40 L/s ( 1.0Mpa )
Throw range60 m

Sinotruk HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam Fire Truck (7000/8000L)Sinotruk HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam Fire Truck (7000/8000L)Sinotruk HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam Fire Truck (7000/8000L)Sinotruk HOWO 4*2 Water and Foam Fire Truck (7000/8000L)

Q:Is there a charge for the fire service?
No fees may be charged for fire fighting or emergency rescue by public security fire brigade or full-time fire brigade.
Q:What are the specific classifications of fire engines?
(2) medium-sized fire engines. Medium fire truck refers to the chassis in the carrying capacity of 50008000kg fire truck. "Include all kinds of medium tank foam fire truck, fire truck, fire truck, powder - foam powder universal fire truck, aerial platform fire truck, fire truck ladders, lift high jet fire communication and command, fire truck, fire truck, lighting fire smoke, fire investigation car, fire truck, fire truck water propaganda equipment, fire trucks, fire trucks and other foam.
Q:Why is there a fire lane in the block, and the distance between the central roads should not exceed 160m?
When calculating the building length, the inner fold line or concave curve can be determined by the linear distance between the projecting points; the outer line or the protruding curve should be determined according to the actual length.
Q:Water consumption of fire enginesHow much water does a fire engine use? About how much water should I use for a fire?
Fire water has a lot to do with the amount of fuel in the fire. There is no specific answer. Usually, a small fire takes about a few tons to tens of tons of water, and a large fire saves several days and nights, with water up to thousands of tons.
Q:What color is the warning light of the fire engine?
But in practice, the color of the warning light of fire engines is not completely fixed, and there are also red and blue lights with similar police cars:
Q:What regulations should the fire engine climb up the operation site?
If the distance from the edge of the wall climbing venues recently too close, resulting in high fire rises the operating space is small, unable to rescue or fire, if too far, easily lead to high fire engines can not reach the maximum efficiency of building exterior wall, reduces the efficiency of rescue and fire extinguishing effect.
Q:Obstructing fire engines, fire boats to perform the task of administrative punishment case is hindered and special
(four) bury, occupy or cover a fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space;(five) occupying, blocking or blocking the passage of fire engines and impeding the passage of fire engines;(six) a crowded place is set up on doors and windows to influence the escape and fire rescue;(seven) failing to take timely measures to eliminate the fire hazards after being notified by the fire protection institution of the public security organ.Individuals who have one of the second items, third items, fourth items or fifth acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be warned or fined not less than five hundred yuan.
Q:Chemical toxic substances explosion, fire engines, what car in the past?
Foam fire engines: mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, guns and other fire fighting equipment. They can fight fires independently. The utility model is especially suitable for fighting oil fires, such as oil and the products, etc., and can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire ground. The utility model is an essential fire fighting vehicle for petroleum chemical enterprises, oil transportation terminals, airports and urban professional fire brigades.High speed foam fire engine: equipped with high expansion foam generator and fire pump system. You can quickly spray 400 to 1000 times the amount of foaming of high air bubbles, the burning surface is isolated from the air to suffocation and cooling, and can eliminate part of the smoke, fighting for the basement, warehouse and ship closed or semi closed building fire, significant effect.Carbon dioxide fire engine: high pressure gas storage cylinders equipped with carbon dioxide extinguishing agent and their complete injection devices, and some equipped with fire water pumps. The utility model is mainly used for fighting fire, such as valuable equipment, precision instruments, important cultural relics, books, archives, etc., and also saves general material fires.Dry powder fire truck: the main equipment of dry powder fire extinguishing agent tank and a set of powder injection device, fire pump and fire equipment, the main use of flammable and combustible liquid, powder extinguishing fire, combustible gas charging equipment of fire, fire fighting material can also be. For large chemical pipeline fire, the effect of fire suppression is particularly remarkable. It is a standing fire engine in petrochemical enterprises.
Q:Is the fire engine charged?
If the fire place is far away from the fire brigade of public security, public security fire will be mobilized from the fire place near as large company fire truck or full-time fire brigade, the fire team loss cost after the "Fire Law" and local fire regulations can collect a small amount of equipment and equipment.
Q:What is an annular fire lane?
fire lane6.0.1 street should be considered within the road fire trucks, and the distance between the center of the road should not be greater than 160.0m. When the length of the building along the street portion is greater than 150.0m or the total length is greater than 220.0m, a fire lane through the building shall be provided. When there is a problem, the ring fire lane should be provided.

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