Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water 20t

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Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water  20t

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WD615.95E



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949, EEC, RoHS



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:6×4




Fighting Matierial:Foam,Water


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Origin:Jinan, China

Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year

Product Description

This vehicle is reffitted from original SINOTRUCK chassis  with compact structure  
Basic Information
Outline size(L×W×H)  (mm)11605×2500×3710Cargo inline size(L×W×H)(mm):/
Rating mass(kg)20550Empty mass(Kg):17000
Full mass(kg)38000Emission standardEuro 2 /3
Engine Information
ModelWD615.95EType6 Cylinder Diesel engine
Chassis Information
Wheelbase(mm):1800+4600+1350Axle load(kg) F/R6500/7000/17500
Tire11.00-20,11.00R20Max speed (km/h):90 
Front suspension(mm)1500Rear 2450,2425
Front track(mm)2022,2041Rear track(mm)1830
Approach angel(°)16Departure angle(°)19
SteeringPower steering BrakeAir brake
CabinStraight head ,2 rows , 4 doors, allow 6 people
Special function
Tank capacity(L)Water:20000L 
OR Water 16000L Foam 4000L
Fire monitorModel:PS50  Water range:≥70m/1.0Mpa 
Fire pumpNormal Pressure pump CB10/60  Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa
OR CB10.20/60.30 Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa
                       30L Pressure: 2.0Mpa

Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water  20t

Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water  20t

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Q:Social morality and fire cut
No crossing; toll roads; bridges; toll free vehicles. The traffic control officer shall ensure the rapid passage of fire engines and fire boats
Q:Is there a "fire passage and entrance"?
Give you fire technical specifications for fire passage regulations:The following provisions of the code for fire protection of building design6 fire lane6.0.1 street should be considered within the road fire trucks, and the distance between the center of the road should not be greater than 160.0m. When the length of the building along the street portion is greater than 150.0m or the total length is greater than 220.0m, a fire lane through the building shall be provided. When there is a problem, the ring fire lane should be provided.
Q:What are the high strength roof insulation boards that can withstand the pressure of fire engines?
Fire truck water weight of 20 tons to 40 tons, can have compression insulation board? Why do you ask this question? Fire forces have elevated fire engines, do not have to go up the car, lift arm height, the general city has more than 40 meters of the car
Q:Fire codes should not be planted between fire lane and buildings
Only ask the experts.In fact, this problem is very simple, the individual has been on the domestic norms of the experts are very disgusted, although the old and new norms change frequently, but these experts still can not change the simple problem of complex problems. Understand: this sentence can be simplified as "should not set obstacles such as trees, overhead pipeline between the fire lane and buildings, so simple, but not to be self defeating, want to step in with the cause and effect of one word of this provision all out, so there will be tens of thousands of like you this misunderstanding this architect. The reason I say this is self defeating is also a reason, each specification should be simple and clear exposition of the provisions, easy to remember, as for the interpretation of the provisions should go into provision to this
Q:What's in the fire engine?
The length, width and height of fire engines are a decisive factor affecting the capacity of fire lane. The length of the general fire engine is greater than or near 10m, the height is near 4m, and the width is near 2.5m. "Building regulations" article 4.3.4 and article 6.0.2 of the "high regulation" provisions of the fire lane through building the height and width of not less than 4m, is in accordance with the various dimensions of fire vehicles for domestic use and determined. Taking into account the speed of fire engines generally faster, through the building, the width should ensure a certain safety factor, to facilitate rapid access to vehicles, arrived at the fire, and successfully put into battle.
Q:What equipment does the fire engine have?
General should include hydrant mouth (SN50 or SN65), hose (DN50 or DN60, the length of 20m or 25m), gun (caliber 16mm or 19mm)
Q:The fire vehicle fire when the fire should be charged?
Forty-ninth articleNo fees may be charged for fire fighting or emergency rescue by public security fire brigade or full-time fire brigade.The units, full-time fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades shall take part in the fuel, fire extinguishing agent, equipment and equipment that have been consumed by the units outside the fire, and shall be compensated by the people's government at the place where the fire occurred.
Q:What kind of fire engines should be configured in the township?
Hand, shovel, bucket, fire extinguishers, and a series of emergency equipment, fire vehicle is also equipped with a ladder for high-altitude rescue.Stationary fire pump, mobile fire pump, water hose, water gun, fire hydrant, spanner, shaped water hose, water separator, lighting lamp, etc.. Above are ordinary equipment that can not be used in ordinary water tanks and fire engines. Like rescue cars, foam fire engines...... And other sophisticated equipment, there will be many.Tank fire engines can be divided into small fire engines (about 2-4 tons), medium-sized fire engines (about 6-8 tons), large fire engines (about 10-15 tons) and large ones with 18 tons. There is a simple water supply fire engine that can pull 25 tons of water on the right.
Q:Why is there a fire lane in the block, and the distance between the central roads should not exceed 160m?
Code for fire protection design of construction:7.1.1The total length of the length of the street and the street building, especially U or L shaped building, if not limited in its length, will give the evacuation of fire fighting and rescue personnel and internal inconvenience, delay time of fire. In order to meet the requirements of fire fighting, rescue and evacuation, the total length of these buildings must be limited without restricting the length of the wings of the U and L buildings. As the protection radius of municipal fire hydrants in China is about 150m, according to the regulations, it is generally located on both sides of urban roads, so the distance between fire lanes is set at 160m. The provisions of this article also play a guiding role in regional planning.
Q:Illegal occupation of fire passage how to punish?
If sixtieth units violate any of the following acts in violation of this law, they shall be ordered to make corrections and shall be fined not less than five thousand yuan but not more than fifty thousand yuan:(1) the disposition and establishment of fire control facilities, equipment or fire safety signs do not conform to the state standards or industry standards, or have not been kept in good condition and effective;(two) damage, misappropriate or dismantle or deactivate fire facilities and equipment without authorization;(three) occupy, block up, close the evacuation passage, exit safely or otherwise obstruct safe evacuation;(four) bury, occupy or cover a fire hydrant or occupy fire prevention space;(five) occupying, blocking or blocking the passage of fire engines and impeding the passage of fire engines;(six) a crowded place is set up on doors and windows to influence the escape and fire rescue;(seven) failing to take timely measures to eliminate the fire hazards after being notified by the fire protection institution of the public security organ.

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