Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water 20t

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Product Description:

Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water  20t

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:WD615.95E



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949, EEC, RoHS



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:6×4




Fighting Matierial:Foam,Water


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Origin:Jinan, China

Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year

Product Description

This vehicle is reffitted from original SINOTRUCK chassis  with compact structure  
Basic Information
Outline size(L×W×H)  (mm)11605×2500×3710Cargo inline size(L×W×H)(mm):/
Rating mass(kg)20550Empty mass(Kg):17000
Full mass(kg)38000Emission standardEuro 2 /3
Engine Information
ModelWD615.95EType6 Cylinder Diesel engine
Chassis Information
Wheelbase(mm):1800+4600+1350Axle load(kg) F/R6500/7000/17500
Tire11.00-20,11.00R20Max speed (km/h):90 
Front suspension(mm)1500Rear 2450,2425
Front track(mm)2022,2041Rear track(mm)1830
Approach angel(°)16Departure angle(°)19
SteeringPower steering BrakeAir brake
CabinStraight head ,2 rows , 4 doors, allow 6 people
Special function
Tank capacity(L)Water:20000L 
OR Water 16000L Foam 4000L
Fire monitorModel:PS50  Water range:≥70m/1.0Mpa 
Fire pumpNormal Pressure pump CB10/60  Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa
OR CB10.20/60.30 Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa
                       30L Pressure: 2.0Mpa

Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water  20t

Fire Fighting Truck China Best Foam-Water  20t

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Q:Fire fighting vehicles, if you hang the red letter of the armed police license, then do not receive money; if you hang the yellow at the end of the black word of the local license, it may have some costs, but it can not be too high
(L) fire extinguishing engines: fire engines with independent extinguishing of fire extinguishing agents, fire engines, water tanks, fire engines, foam fire engines, dry powder fire engines, etc..(2) Airport Fire Engines: fire fighting vehicles specially designed to handle aircraft fire accidents and fire extinguishing agents in use. Specific: airport rescue pilot, fire engines, emergency rescue fire engines.
Q:How wide is the driveway of the fire engine?
B indoor fire channel width5.3.14 unless otherwise specified in this specification, the total width of the evacuation walkway, exit exit, evacuation stairway, and room evacuation door in the building shall be calculated and determined.The net width of the safety exit and room evacuation door shall not be less than 0.9m, the net width of the evacuation walkway and the evacuation stairway shall not be less than 1.1m, and the unit shall not be more than 6 layersThe minimum net width shall not be less than 1.0m when the handrail is set on one side of the evacuation staircase.
Q:Is there a time limit for fire engines to arrive at the scene of the accident?
On the way, all the vehicles should give way to the fire engines, and there is no traffic light in our eyes. The countryside is too far away from the fire brigade and there is no way to do so. Therefore, we should advocate prevention
Q:What are the specific classifications of fire engines?
(2) medium-sized fire engines. Medium fire truck refers to the chassis in the carrying capacity of 50008000kg fire truck. "Include all kinds of medium tank foam fire truck, fire truck, fire truck, powder - foam powder universal fire truck, aerial platform fire truck, fire truck ladders, lift high jet fire communication and command, fire truck, fire truck, lighting fire smoke, fire investigation car, fire truck, fire truck water propaganda equipment, fire trucks, fire trucks and other foam.
Q:What regulations should the fire engine climb up the operation site?
If the distance from the edge of the wall climbing venues recently too close, resulting in high fire rises the operating space is small, unable to rescue or fire, if too far, easily lead to high fire engines can not reach the maximum efficiency of building exterior wall, reduces the efficiency of rescue and fire extinguishing effect.
Q:Can fire engines be free from traffic restrictions while performing their duties?
Therefore, the fire engines are not subject to traffic restrictions when carrying out the above three tasks. If you perform other duties, you must observe traffic control.
Q:Fire brigade dispatched, how many dozen fire engines in the end is how big?
Tank fire engines can be divided into small fire engines (about 2-4 tons), medium-sized fire engines (about 6-8 tons), large fire engines (about 10-15 tons) and large ones with 18 tons. There is a simple water supply fire engine that can pull 25 tons of water on the right.Fire engines, also known as fire engines, refer to special vehicles that are mainly used to carry out fire fighting. Most of the countries, including China, will also use it for other emergency purposes. Fire engines can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for carrying out relief tasks. Modern fire engines usually equipped with ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, emergency rescue tools, tools and other equipment, the part will be equipped with a water tank, water pump, foam fire extinguisher and other large fire extinguishing equipment. Most of the fire truck appearance is red, but also look for the yellow fire truck parts, so it is part of the special fire truck, fire alarm siren, car at the top is usually equipped with lights and flashing lights. Common types include fire water fire engines, foam fire truck, fire engine, aerial platform fire truck ladder truck, etc..
Q:Fire engine high-rise fire what are the frustration?
The fire inside the car there is a reserve water tank, fire hose, fire is also equipped with special equipment such as fire axe, fire wrench, shovels, buckets, fire extinguishers, and a series of emergency equipment, fire vehicle is also equipped with a ladder for high-altitude rescue.Stationary fire pump, mobile fire pump, water hose, water gun, fire hydrant, spanner, shaped water hose, water separator, lighting lamp, etc.. Above are ordinary equipment that can not be used in ordinary water tanks and fire engines. Like rescue cars, foam fire engines...... And other sophisticated equipment, there will be many.
Q:Fire truck heightWhat is the height of a fire engine?Body height of fire engines
14 CP10B model foam cars 7.20, 2.40, 2.8015 CPP30 model foam cars 7.60, 2.40, 3.3016 CF1 type dry powder cars, 3.90, 2, 217 CF10 type dry powder cars, 6.80, 2.40, 2.9018 CFP2 / 2 dry powder foam vehicles 10.50, 2.80, 3.7019 CE240 type CO2 cars, 7.20, 2.40, 2.6020 CQ23 bend arm climbing vehicle 11:20, 2.60, 3.7021 CT22 type arm ladder truck 7.20 2.50 2.9022 CT28 type arm Ladder Truck 8 2.50 3.1023 CZl5 type fire scene lighting vehicles 6.60, 3.20, 2.4024 C510 type fire communication command vehicle 5.85, 1.95, 2.35
Q:What equipment does the fire engine have?
General should include hydrant mouth (SN50 or SN65), hose (DN50 or DN60, the length of 20m or 25m), gun (caliber 16mm or 19mm)

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