Fire Fighting Truck Top Quality Foam-Water of 15ton

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Fire Fighting Truck  Top Quality Foam-Water of 15ton

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ1256M46



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949, EEC, RoHS



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:6×4




Fighting Matierial:Foam,Water


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.






Origin:Jinan, China

Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year

Product Description


Perfectly Features:

This vehicle is reffitted from original SINOTRUCK chassis  with compact structure  
Basic Information
Outline size(L×W×H)  (mm)11605×2500×3710Cargo inline size(L×W×H)(mm):/
Rating mass(kg)20550Empty mass(Kg):17000
Full mass(kg)38000Emission standardEuro 2 /3
Engine Information
ModelWD615.95EType6 Cylinder Diesel engine
Chassis Information
Wheelbase(mm):1800+4600+1350Axle load(kg) F/R6500/7000/17500
Tire11.00-20,11.00R20Max speed (km/h):90 
Front suspension(mm)1500Rear 2450,2425
Front track(mm)2022,2041Rear track(mm)1830
Approach angel(°)16Departure angle(°)19
SteeringPower steering BrakeAir brake
CabinStraight head ,2 rows , 4 doors, allow 6 people
Special function
Tank capacity(L)Water:20000L 
OR Water 16000L Foam 4000L
Fire monitorModel:PS50  Water range:≥70m/1.0Mpa 
Fire pumpNormal Pressure pump CB10/60  Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa
OR CB10.20/60.30 Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa
                       30L Pressure: 2.0Mpa

Fire Fighting Truck  Top Quality Foam-Water of 15ton

Fire Fighting Truck  Top Quality Foam-Water of 15ton

Q:Every time the fire police need to charge?
Guidance suggestion:1, when you dial 119, you must accurately report the fire location. If you do not know the name of the fire site, you should also be as clear as possible around the obvious signs, such as buildings and so on.
Q:Why did the lieutenant order the fire engines to stop whistling in turn?
The old lady was saved. If the whole system were whistled, it would be impossible to tell which fire engines had stopped the whistle. The story is so touching.
Q:The history of fire engines
Recalling the history, the world's earliest fire forces originated in the Northern Song Dynasty, indicating that more than one thousand years ago, although there were no fire engines, but our residents have the prevention and awareness of fire. The Northern Song Dynasty fire force than in 1666 London Fire Brigade as early as 600 years, more than 1853 New York full-time fire brigade as early as 800 years.Learning to use fire is a crucial step in the history of human evolution. With the use of fire more and more widely, fire has become a major problem that people must face and overcome.
Q:What's in the fire engine?
There are many kinds of fire engines, such as water tank fire engines, dry powder fire engines, foam fire engines, emergency fire engines, logistic fire engines, lighting fire engines and climbing fire engines.That's the big car you say. It's usually the case.
Q:Fire lane from the outside wall of the building should not be less than 5m, should not be greater than 15m, from what norms?
Fire lane should be set up in 6.0.6 factory and warehouse area.It covers an area of more than 3000m2 a, B and C or plant covers an area of more than 1500m2 B and C warehouse, should set fire ring road, there are difficulties, two buildings along the long side set fire road.6.0.7 combustible materials, open storage yard area, liquefied petroleum gas storage tank area, a, B, C liquid storage tank area and flammable gas storage tank area, fire control area should be provided. The fire lane shall be installed in accordance with the following provisions:1, reserve larger than table 6.0.7 provisions of the yard, storage tank area, should be equipped with ring fire lane.2, covering more than 30000m2 of combustible materials storage yard, should be set with the ring fire lane connected to the middle of the fire lane, fire lane spacing is not greater than 150.0m. LPG storage tank area, a, B, C liquid storage area, flammable gas storage tank area, the ring fire lane should be provided with a fire lane.
Q:Why is the fire engine red?
So the fire engines were painted red for the heavy fog and dusty surroundingsOr when a storm is blowing, let people see it from afar and make way for it to finish the fire fighting task as soon as possible.
Q:What's in the fire engine?
Setting requirements of fire lane in built-up areaEspecially the old city area of built-up area often due to historical reasons, poor traffic conditions, fire water supply shortage in the inflammable built-up areas is also mixed with small factories, warehouses, and residential cross. The old city area of small towns, but also often is a bustling business district, is regarded as "lots of gold", the residents shop sale, road occupied, temporary buildings, booth adjacent to a narrow channel, once the fire, easy to form huoshaolianying. The built-up area in general has the fire lane, the fire lane should be kept open, any units and individuals are forbidden to occupy the fire channel, take the house heap, shetan. The existing urban flammable building concentrated areas should be integrated with the overall urban planning, gradually transformed, conditional renewal can be carried out. Fire lane is generally not allowed to park other vehicles, residents should be discouraged from building illegal structures and piling up articles.
Q:Part of the function of the fire engine
The overall streamline line design, the appearance is novel, the water pump adopts the sandwich force way, achieves the traveling, the fire extinguishing synchronization action, economical, practical, flexible and flexible. It is the substitute product of the new generation of the same type fire engine. This car is suitable for small and medium-sized cities, fire brigade, fire brigade and township fire station and mine enterprise fire brigade to extinguish the general material fire.2, forest fire vehicle function analysis of 2.1 fire extinguishing performance of water is the most effective fire extinguishing agent and fire water in most countries is the preferred method of forest fire fighting, so the water tank, fire pump fire water system is a necessary device for the main device of fire extinguishing system of forest fire fighting truck.
Q:Why do you see fire fighters when they arrive at the scene of the fire? Is it to use the water in the building itself or the water in the car?
In fact, after firefighters to the scene is a clear division of labor, will be responsible for looking for ground fire hydrant and underground fire hydrant, and many of them are directly into the team operation, the first is the use of the water in the tank fire or foam, and then quickly find the alien water for fire fighting
Q:The fire truck generally how to paint?
Most of the fire engines in the country are red. Because it's the most eye-catching, you can see it from far away. However, according to the New York transportation department survey, red fire engines every 100 thousand trips, accident 32 times. And if the fire car painted more vivid yellow, each sent 100 thousand trips, the only 14.5 times, fell by more than half. Because the light color will make the outline of the car bigger, there is closer to their feeling, traffic safety advantages. So they decided to paint the fire engine yellow. But the fire department is strongly opposed to doing so, because the yellow people emotional stability, will reduce the efficiency of fire fighting, and red can inspire morale, exciting.

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