Fire Truck Fire Fighting Truck with China

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 Fire Truck Fire Fighting Truck with China 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ






Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:6×4







Export Markets:South America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Oceania, Mid East, Eastern Asia

Additional Info.






HS Code:87

Production Capacity:2000PCS/Year

Product Description

Sinotruk Fire Truck Fire Fighting Truck 
1. Gross Weight    27600
2. Total Weight    14800
3. Dimension    10025X 2500X 3600 
4. Tank    10t water&1t foam

Adopting advanced production technology and perfect testing equipments to ensure the reliable quality and good performance of trucks. Famous brand main assemblies. We could change many different materials of each part to fit your requests.

Entire VehicleMain ParameterGross Weight(kg)27600
 Total Weight(kg)14800
Overall Dimension
(L * W * H) (mm) 
 ChassisChassis ModeZZ1257M4647C
Engine ParameterModeWD615.92E
Emission (ml)9726
Fuel TypeDiesel
Functional Parameter Max Speed(km/h)85 F/R Tread(mm)2022,2041 /1830/1830
 Leaf Spring10/12,4/12 F/R Overhang (mm)1500/2490
Axle Load(kg)6900/20700Approach/
Departure Angle(°)
Tire Size11.00-20Number of Tires10
4600+1350Number of Axles3
Tank10t water & 1t foam
Special Device1.Pump: CB10/60, flowing rate: 60L/s/MPa
PL48, flowing rate: 48L/s/MPa,            
Covering range: water ≥60m, foam ≥55m

Fire Truck Fire Fighting Truck with China

Fire Truck Fire Fighting Truck with China

Q:What kinds of fire engines are there? What's the difference in performance?
Different types of fire engines each have their own unique uses:Fire engine: it is equipped with fire pumps and other fire equipment and passenger seats, so that firefighters transported to the fire fighting, direct water use, can also be used to supply water to the fire extinguishing spray equipment. Other domestic fire engine most Jeep chassis and BJ130 chassis, suitable for city and township narrow water the road.
Q:Fire engine high-rise fire what are the frustration?
Fire engines generally have the following categories: water tankers, car, climbing ladders, high jet car, compressed air foam vehicles, rescue vehicles, car lighting etc..Tank car and various tonnage is 5 tons to 25 tons, a car 30 tons; take a car is to make a platform lift, the firemen sent up or to the above people saved; ladders than take a car more than a sliding bucket, bucket elevator can slide like. On transport; high jet car it is to fire guns held high, closer to the fire place.
Q:What's in the fire engine?
Fire lane settings should be comprehensive, the road load is too small, the road below the pipe is too shallow, and the ditch used light cover plate, etc., can not withstand the passage of large fire engines. In addition, as can be seen from the table, due to the large fire truck body length and minimum turning diameter is too large, therefore, enter the field set the fire lane for 12 * 12m was impassable, enter the field to set a larger area to meet the use requirements, it shall be determined according to the local actual equipped with large fire engines.
Q:The director asked the question the first two days. I went back to the Internet and checked. But not the correct answer, one said, "fire lane width of not less than 3.5 meters, the distance from the top of the high-rise building is 4 meters, generally 5 meters."." There is a saying "planning version 2006 requires all fire lane width of 3.5 meters to 4 meters". Who knows the answer to the question?. The best fire brigade's brother, and their answers should not be wrong.
The ring fire lane should have at least two lanes connected to other lanes. The end fire lane shall be provided with a return lane or a return field of no less than 12 * 12m2. The size of the return field used for large fire engines shall not be less than 15 * 15m2. The fire lane pipe and drain should be able to withstand the pressure of large fire truck.
Q:Article 2 of the fire law stipulates that no parking is allowed on the fire passage
(five) occupying, blocking or blocking the passage of fire engines and impeding the passage of fire engines;Individuals who have one of the second items, third items, fourth items or fifth acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be warned or fined not less than five hundred yuan.
Q:Is there a charge for the fire service?
The units, full-time fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades shall take part in the fuel, fire extinguishing agent, equipment and equipment that have been consumed by the units outside the fire, and shall be compensated by the people's government at the place where the fire occurred
Q:Is the fire engine charged?
If there is a fire accident, call 119, the alarm is the public security fire brigade, fire engines are free of charge.If you dial "119" alarm, then the general alarm and rescue is the public security fire, which is the traditional sense of the fire brigade, they are armed police sequence, fire fighting fees, nor charge any fees.
Q:The police on the way into the fire truck who has the responsibility for red light traffic accident
The serious person gives the highest penalty to revoke the driving license. It is the duty of every citizen to give way to a fire engine and an ambulance.
Q:Can fire engines be free from traffic restrictions while performing their duties?
The "People's Republic of China Fire Law" provisions of article thirty-fifth: fire engines to implement fire fighting and rescue work or other disaster and accident rescue mission, without driving speed, driving route, driving direction and command signal limit
Q:What is the area requirement of fire climbing area for multi-storey buildings?
6.0.1 street should be considered within the road fire trucks, and the distance between the center of the road should not be greater than 160m. When the length of the building along the street portion is greater than 150m or the total length is greater than 220m, a fire lane through the building shall be provided. When there is a problem, the ring fire lane should be provided.

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