Fire Fighting Truck China's High Quality Fire Truck 4X2 Water Fire Truck HOWO

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 Fire Fighting Truck China's High Quality Fire Truck 4X2 Water Fire Truck HOWO

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:CLW



Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949, EPA, EEC, RoHS, CE



Emission Standard:Euro 3


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Description:4X2 Sinotruk Fire Fighting Truck


Drive Mode:4X2, 6X4, 6X2

Wheels:6wheels 8wheels 10wheels 12wheel


Steering System:Left Hand Drive, Right

Tire:11.00r20 12.00r20 11r22.5 12r22.5


Brand:Dongfeng, Faw, Sinotruk, Foton

Horse Power:340HP 375HP 266HP 420HP 290


Fire Monitor Range:45m

Warranty:One Year for Engine, Gearbox, Axle


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

Trademark:CLW BRAND


Packing:RO-RO Bulk Naked Container



Origin:Hubei China

HS Code:87053010


Production Capacity:100000PCS/Year

 Product Description 

1. Strong power WD615.62, 266hp, 336HP, 371hp is optional
2. Cabin allowance 2+3
3. Water tanker volume:  5-8cbm
4. One year warranty for three key parts(engine, transmission and axles)

  Our advantage:

a.Competitive Price and Excellent Quality
b.More than 10 years' experience as a manufacturer
c.CCC, ISO, BV certification
d.Perfect after-sale service
e.Customized products available with us,
f.Export covering More than 50 countries and regions
g.Annual production value topped 1500, 000, 000 RMB (240, 000, 000 US dollars)  per year

Cabin      4x2 water/foam fire truck howo fire fighting truck
Vehicle Main Dimensions(L x W x H)mm8100X2496X3080
Wheel base  (mm)4700
Approach/Departure angle(°)19/24
Weight in KGSTare Weight12680
Loading Capacity28320
Max. driving speed(km/h)90
Engine BrandSinotruk
Type4-stroke direct injection ,  6-cylinder in-line with water cooling, turbo-charging and inter-cooling
Horse Power(HP)336HP
Emission standardEuro II
GearboxHW19710,  10 forwards & 2 reverse 
ClutchReinforced diaphragm clutch, diameter 430mm
Steering GearZF 8098,power steering, hydraulic steering with power assistance
Tire 1315/80R22.5 All steel radial tire , 11 pieces including one spare tire
Brakes Service brake: dual circuit compressed air brake
Parking brake :(emergency brake): spring energy, compressed air operating on rear wheels
Auxiliary brake: engine exhaust valve brake
Fire Fighting Tanker Body
Tank Volume6000-9000L
Foam Tanker Volume1000-2000L
Fire Pump Flow20L/S/1.0MPa    40L/S/1.0MPa
Fire Pump DistanceWater>65m

Fire Fighting Truck China's High Quality Fire Truck 4X2 Water Fire Truck HOWO

Fire Fighting Truck China's High Quality Fire Truck 4X2 Water Fire Truck HOWO


Q:What kinds of fire engines are there? What's the difference in performance?
Different types of fire engines each have their own unique uses:Fire engine: it is equipped with fire pumps and other fire equipment and passenger seats, so that firefighters transported to the fire fighting, direct water use, can also be used to supply water to the fire extinguishing spray equipment. Other domestic fire engine most Jeep chassis and BJ130 chassis, suitable for city and township narrow water the road.
Q:Fire engines can draw water from the fire hydrant outside and fire water from the fire well, right? What else should I read about the fire hydrant?
The principle of layout is generally referred to the relevant design drawings, and more reference, more research, experience.About the general layout of reference books is not much, more examples and drawings of it.
Q:Is the fire engine charged?
If there is a fire accident, call 119, the alarm is the public security fire brigade, fire engines are free of charge.If you dial "119" alarm, then the general alarm and rescue is the public security fire, which is the traditional sense of the fire brigade, they are armed police sequence, fire fighting fees, nor charge any fees.
Q:What documents do you need to drive the fire engine?
Height of 155 cm or more, binocular naked vision or corrected vision to the logarithmic visual acuity of 5 or more, no red green color blindness, two ears, respectively, 50 cm apart from tuning fork, can identify the source direction.
Q:The history of fire engines
Recalling the history, the world's earliest fire forces originated in the Northern Song Dynasty, indicating that more than one thousand years ago, although there were no fire engines, but our residents have the prevention and awareness of fire. The Northern Song Dynasty fire force than in 1666 London Fire Brigade as early as 600 years, more than 1853 New York full-time fire brigade as early as 800 years.Learning to use fire is a crucial step in the history of human evolution. With the use of fire more and more widely, fire has become a major problem that people must face and overcome.
Q:What's the width of the fire engine?
The length, width and height of fire engines are a decisive factor affecting the capacity of fire lane. The length of the general fire engine is greater than or near 10m, the height is near 4m, and the width is near 2.5m. "Building regulations" article 4.3.4 and article 6.0.2 of the "high regulation" provisions of the fire lane through building the height and width of not less than 4m, is in accordance with the various dimensions of fire vehicles for domestic use and determined. Taking into account the speed of fire engines generally faster, through the building, the width should ensure a certain safety factor, to facilitate rapid access to vehicles, arrived at the fire, and successfully put into battle.
Q:What is the standard slope of the fire lane?
4 when the terrain elevation large base road longitudinal slope and slope length is more than 10%, more than 30m, should be set on foot ladder on one side of the road, every step of not less than 3, each stairway rose 1.2 ~ 1.5m should set the rest platform width not less than 1.5m; ladderway continuously increases more than 5m, should be set the rest of the platform. Should also set the turning platform, its width is not less than the width of the ramp stairway, and attached to a bicycle ramp beside.5, the pedestrian road at all levels of the residential area should consider barrier free design, the sidewalk longitudinal slope should not be greater than 2.5%, in the pedestrian walkway, steps should be equipped with wheelchair ramps and handrails.There is a table in the above regulations, can not paste
Q:Fire truck heightWhat is the height of a fire engine?Body height of fire engines
4 CG636 / 42 tank pump 7.20, 2.50, 2.705 CGG40 / 42 tank pump 7.20, 2.40, 2.606 C660 / 50 tank pump 7.60, 2.60, 3.107 CG70 / 60 tank pump 8.40, 2.60, 3.308 CS3 fire water supply vehicles 6.70, 2.40, 2.509 CS4 fire water supply vehicles 6.50, 2.30, 2.3010 CSS4 fire sprinkler 6.70, 2.40, 2.3011 CST7 tank trailer 10.04, 2.40, 2.4012 CS8 fire water supply vehicles 8.30, 2.60, 2.80
Q:Fire lane width should be no less than meters
4 for fire engines to take in natural water, fire pool should be equipped with fire lane.5 width of fire lane should not be less than 4.00m. Fire lane from high-rise building exterior wall should be greater than 5.00m, fire lane above 4.00m within the scope of the obstacles should not be.6 end fire lane should have back lane or return field, enter the field should not be less than 15mx15m. The return field of large fire engines should not be less than 18mx18m. The fire lane pipeline and Angou, should be able to withstand the pressure of fire fighting vehicles.7 through the fire lane of the high-rise building, its width and height clearance shall not be less than 4.00m.8, between fire lane and high-rise building, should not set up hinder climbing fire truck operation of trees, overhead pipelines.
Q:Can individual detention block the passage of fire engines?
(seven) failing to take timely measures to eliminate the fire hazards after being notified by the fire protection institution of the public security organ.Individuals who have one of the second items, third items, fourth items or fifth acts mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be warned or fined not less than five hundred yuan.Where the first paragraph, the third item, the fourth item, the fifth item and the sixth act of this article are ordered, the party shall be ordered to make corrections and refuse to correct it, and the enforcement of the expenses shall be borne by the illegal actor.

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