Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

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Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

Product Details

Basic Info.




Certification:ISO9000, CCC, TS16949



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Fighting Marierial:Foam and Water


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:500, 000 Unit/Year


Basic Information
Outline size(L×W×H)  (mm)10025 ×2500×3600 Cargo inline size(L×W×H)(mm):/
Rating mass(kg)12350Empty mass(Kg):14800 
Full mass(kg)27600Emission standardEuro 2 /3
Engine Information
ModelWD615.92EType6 Cylinder Diesel engine
Chassis Information
Wheelbase(mm):4600+1350Axle load(kg) F/R7000/18000
Tire11.00-20,11.00R20Max speed (km/h):90 
Front suspension(mm)1500Rear 2445,2420  
Front track(mm)2022,2041Rear track(mm)1830
Approach angel(°)16Departure angle(°)13
SteeringPower steering BrakeAir brake
CabinStraight head ,2 rows , 4 doors, allow 6 people
Special function
Tank capacity(m³)Water:12000 Foam 3000L
Fire monitorModel:PS50  Water range:≥60m/1.0Mpa 
Fire pumpNormal Pressure pump CB10/60  Flow :60L Pressure: 1.0Mpa

Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

Fire Fighting Truck with 16m3 Water Tank

Q:Is there a "fire passage and entrance"?
6.0.9 the net width and clearance height of fire lane shall not be less than 4.0m. For the space where the fire engine stops, the slope shall not exceed 3%.Barriers between fire lane and factory building (warehouse) and civil building should not be set up to hinder the operation of fire engines.The 6.0.10 ring fire lane should have at least two lanes connected to other lanes. The end of the fire lane should be back lane or return field, the return area should not be less than 12.0m * 12.0m; for large fire engines, it should not be less than 18.0m * 18.0m.The fire fighting work site and road surface, the pipes and drain etc. should be able to withstand the pressure of large fire truck.Fire lane can use traffic road, but it should meet the requirement of fire vehicle passing and stopping.You look at you with the actual area above can meet, join can not meet, you can complain to the local public security fire department, fire department after receiving complaints, should immediately check to the scene, at the same time to reply to the complainant.
Q:Article 2 of the fire law stipulates that no parking is allowed on the fire passage
Best answerThe "People's Republic of China fire" sixteenth organs, organizations, enterprises, institutions and other units shall perform the following duties: (four) the fire safety evacuation passageway, safety exit, fire channel unimpeded, the fire and smoke compartmentation and fire spacing comply with fire technical standards;If sixtieth units violate any of the following acts in violation of this law, they shall be ordered to make corrections and shall be fined not less than five thousand yuan but not more than fifty thousand yuan:
Q:Is the fire engine charged?
If there is a fire accident, call 119, the alarm is the public security fire brigade, fire engines are free of charge.If you dial "119" alarm, then the general alarm and rescue is the public security fire, which is the traditional sense of the fire brigade, they are armed police sequence, fire fighting fees, nor charge any fees.
Q:Is the fire engine carrying water when it goes to fire?
In fact, after firefighters to the scene is a clear division of labor, will be responsible for looking for ground fire hydrant and underground fire hydrant, and many of them are directly into the team operation, the first is the use of the water in the tank fire or foam, and then quickly find the alien water for fire fighting.
Q:What words do police cars, fire engines and ambulances use to describe their voices?
The ambulance is a second tone, flat sound one second, interval of one second, cycle repeated. Ma old man described it: "Alas ~ ~ yo ~ ~!"
Q:The fire vehicle fire when the fire should be charged?
(four) use of adjacent buildings and related facilities;(five) in order to rescue personnel and important materials, to prevent the fire from spreading, dismantle or destroy buildings, structures or facilities adjacent to the fire scene;(six) to mobilize water supply, power supply, gas supply, communication, medical aid, transportation, environmental protection and other units to assist in fire fighting and rescue.In accordance with the urgent needs of fighting fires, the local people's governments concerned shall organize personnel and mobilize necessary materials to support fire fighting.
Q:Fire lane from the outside wall of the building should not be less than 5m, should not be greater than 15m, from what norms?
Following are two rules for fire lane regulations, "no less than 5m", from "high standard", "no more than 15m", there is no relevant provisions.GB50016-2006 code for fire protection of architectural design6.0.1 street should be considered within the road fire trucks, and the distance between the center of the road should not be greater than 160.0m. When the length of the building along the street portion is greater than 150.0m or the total length is greater than 220.0m, a fire lane through the building shall be provided. When there is a problem, the ring fire lane should be provided.
Q:Social morality and fire cut
Forty-seventh fire trucks and boats to perform fire fighting or emergency rescue mission, under the premise of ensuring safety, without driving speed, driving route, driving direction and traffic signals, ships and other vehicles, pedestrians should be given
Q:What is the standard slope of the fire lane?
Other specifications provide for the road. The fire lane is the same as other lanes. There is no special regulation for the lane slope in the fire codeSuggest that you design according to < < national civil engineering design technical measure > > construction (2003) Regulation DesignOther specifications also have requirements, but are too scattered to find easily
Q:Is there a charge for the fire service?
The fire law of the People's Republic of China shall come into force on May 1, 2009, and forty-ninth of which are clearly stipulated

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