Fire Truck, Fire Fighting Truck 10000L (DFL1160)

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Product Description:

 Fire Truck, Fire Fighting Truck 10000L (DFL1160)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:DFL1160BX



Certification:ISO9000, CCC



Emission Standard:Euro 2


Transmission Type:Manual

Engine Type:4 Stroke





Drive Wheel:4×2




Fire Fighting Truck Chassis Brand:Dongfeng,Sinotruk,Isuzu,JAC,Jmc,Foton


Fire Fighting Truck Capacity:2000L,3000L,4000L,5000L,6000L,8000L,10000L

Fire Fighting Truck Transimission:5 Speed Forward,1 Speed Reverse


Fire Truck Drive Type:4X2,4X4,6X4, 6X6, 8X4

Export Markets:Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East

Additional Info.



Packing:Bulk and Wax Covered

Standard:ISO, CCC



HS Code:87053090


Production Capacity:2000units/Year

Product Description

Fire fighting truck main equipped: truck chassis constitute cab, engine, gear box, steering wheel,beam,tyre,axles,etc.
2.Fire truck upper body with water/foam tank, fire pump,fire monitor,pipe,etc. truck with Water fire fighting tank and foam fire fighting tank .or water fire fighting tank. truck with fire pump is normal pressure or middle-low pressure, made in China or imported. truck with fire monitor is controlled by Manual or Electric.
2.Fire fighting truck series:
fire truck capacity : 2000L,3000L,4000L,5000L,6000L,8000L,10000L,12000L,15000L,20000L,25000L etc.  
fire truck drive type: 4x2,4x4,6x4, 6x6, 8x4 
fire truck tank material: carbon steel, stainless steel, PE. 
fire truck hand drive type: left hand drive , right hand drive 

 Fire Truck (Dongfeng Series)
Chassis brandDONG FENG
Chassis modelEQ1042N14DJ3AEQ1092F19DJ EQ1108KJEQ1141KJDFL1160BXEQ1258
EngineCY4100ZLQYC4E140-20B170 33B190 33B190 33B210 33
Tank capacityWater:2000LWater:4000LWater:5000LWater:6000LWater:6000LWater:10000L

Fire pump
Flux20L/S 30L/S 40L/S 40L/S 40L/S 60L/S 
Fire fighting nozzlemodelPP24PP24PP32PP32PP32PP40


Fire Truck, Fire Fighting Truck 10000L (DFL1160)

Fire Truck, Fire Fighting Truck 10000L (DFL1160)

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Q:Wood fire truck can go?
May not。 The fire truck weighs more than the floor after it is added to the water
Q:Are foreign ambulance and fire engines expensive?
Fire engines, also known as fire engines, refer to special vehicles that are mainly used to carry out fire fighting. Most of the countries, including China, will also use it for other emergency purposes. Fire engines can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for carrying out relief tasks. Modern fire engines usually equipped with ladders, water guns, portable fire extinguishers, self-contained breathing apparatus, protective clothing, emergency rescue tools, tools and other equipment, the part will be equipped with a water tank, water pump, foam fire extinguisher and other large fire extinguishing equipment. Most of the fire truck appearance is red, but also look for the yellow fire truck parts, so it is part of the special fire truck, fire alarm siren, car at the top is usually equipped with lights and flashing lights. Common types include fire water fire engines, foam fire truck, fire engine, aerial platform fire truck ladder truck, etc..
Q:What are the types of electric fire engines and how to use them? What are the advantages of a large fire engine?
Introduction of electric fire enginesElectric fire engines are thin version of ordinary fire engines, also known as small fire engines, mini fire engines, electric fire engines and mini fire engines. They are new energy products that have been newly developed and produced in the latest year. Because the driving mode is DC motor drive, without refueling, you can drive out the train, equipped with high-pressure water pump 1, and equipped with fire ax, fire hammer, fire tongs, and 2 sets of dry powder extinguishers and other fire extinguishing tools.
Q:Obstructing fire engines, fire boats to perform the task of administrative punishment case is hindered and special
If sixtieth units violate any of the following acts in violation of this law, they shall be ordered to make corrections and shall be fined not less than five thousand yuan but not more than fifty thousand yuan:(1) the disposition and establishment of fire control facilities, equipment or fire safety signs do not conform to the state standards or industry standards, or have not been kept in good condition and effective;(two) damage, misappropriate or dismantle or deactivate fire facilities and equipment without authorization;(three) occupy, block up, close the evacuation passage, exit safely or otherwise obstruct safe evacuation
Q:What qualifications do you need to produce a fire engine?
Fire engines, also known as fire engines, refer to special vehicles that are mainly used to carry out fire fighting. Most of the countries, including China, will also use it for other emergency purposes. Fire engines can transport firefighters to the scene of the disaster and provide a variety of tools for carrying out relief tasks
Q:Why do you see fire fighters when they arrive at the scene of the fire? Is it to use the water in the building itself or the water in the car?
In fact, after firefighters to the scene is a clear division of labor, will be responsible for looking for ground fire hydrant and underground fire hydrant, and many of them are directly into the team operation, the first is the use of the water in the tank fire or foam, and then quickly find the alien water for fire fighting
Q:Would like to ask the fire engine turning radius requirements, I checked the "building design fire code", only written "return field" area, did not write the fire engine turning radius requirements. Specific can be found in which norms?
In accordance with the relevant provisions of GJ100 in table 4.1.9 of building design code of buildings and the code for fire protection design of high-rise civil buildings, GB 50045 explains the provisions of 4.3.5,
Q:Fire engine equipmentFire control
Water tank fire engine: besides fire water pump and equipment, it also has large capacity water tank and water gun, water cannon and so on. Water and fire personnel can be transported to the fire site, and independent fire fighting can be carried out. It can also be pumped directly from water sources, or supplied to other fire engines and fire sprinkler systems. In the water shortage area, it can also be used as a water supply and water conveyance vehicle. It is suitable for fighting general fires. It is a standing fire vehicle between the public security fire brigade and the enterprise fire brigade.Foam fire engines: mainly equipped with fire pumps, water tanks, foam tanks, foam mixing systems, foam guns, guns and other fire fighting equipment. They can fight fires independently. The utility model is especially suitable for fighting oil fires, such as oil and the products, etc., and can also supply water and foam mixture to the fire ground. The utility model is an essential fire fighting vehicle for petroleum chemical enterprises, oil transportation terminals, airports and urban professional fire brigades.
Q:What color is the warning light of the fire engine?
4, chased the yellow and blue lights5, the special vehicles use red yellow and blue lights6, engineering vehicles, snow vehicles, sprinkler, tumbril, road wrecker, rescue vehicles, sanitation vehicles, buses and special vehicles use yellow lights
Q:Fire lane width should not be less than a few meters
5 width of fire lane should not be less than 4.00m. Fire lane from high-rise building exterior wall should be greater than 5.00m, fire lane above 4.00m within the scope of the obstacles should not be.6 end fire lane should have back lane or return field, enter the field should not be less than 15mx15m. The return field of large fire engines should not be less than 18mx18m. The fire lane pipeline and Angou, should be able to withstand the pressure of fire fighting vehicles.7 through the fire lane of the high-rise building, its width and height clearance shall not be less than 4.00m.8, between fire lane and high-rise building, should not set up hinder climbing fire truck operation of trees, overhead pipelines.

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