• Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK) System 1
  • Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK) System 2
Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

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Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:ZZ


Transmission Type:Manual



Load Capacity:11-20t

Emission Standard:Euro 2


Tank Volume:15001-30000L

Drive Wheel:4×2





Engine Capacity:6-8L



Tire Type:Inner Tube

Tire Certification:ISO


Tire Design:Tubeless



Note:Tank Capacity:6500L

Water Tank Capacity:5000L


Foam Tank Capacity:1500L




Engine Type:4 Stroke



Type:Fire Truck



Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.







Production Capacity:200units/Month

Product Description

Technique parameter
Name: Howo 1167M4617C5L× W× H mm: 7990× 2496× 2958(mm)
Chassis Model: EQ1141KJCargo body Dimension(mm): × × (mm)
Total mass: 16000Approach/Departure angle: 16/23
Rated mass: 6950front/rear suspension: 1500/1890
Curb mass: 8380Max. Speed: 90(km/h)

ISDe180 30

Emission standards: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005
Axle: 2front tread2022/2041(mm)
Wheelbase4600rear tread: 1830(mm)
Tyer: 6Tyer size: 12.00R20
Fuel type: Dieselspring: 10/9+6
Axle load4900/10000cab passenger: 
Note: Tank Capacity: 6500L
Water tank capacity: 5000L, 
Foam tank capacity: 1500L

Fire pump
Model: CB20.10/15.30 water drawing time: ≤ 35s(7m depth)
Flow: 30L/s/1.0MPa/ flow: 15L/s/2.0MPa
Fire monitor
Model: PP24
Foam range≥ 50m/1.0MPa water range≥ 55m/1.0MPa


Best Quality SINOTRUK 8X4 25cbm water/foam Fire Truck


crew cab, four doors, rated passengers 6


Water tanker 25000L




Chassis model


Drive type

8×4, LHD/RHD


12.00-20 18PR

Tire No.


Braking System

Air braking


Uniwafer, dry clutch, hydraulic remote control


10 forward gear ,2 reverse gear , manual mechanical type




Horse Power(hp)





Euro 2,Euro 3

Main Parameters

Overall dimension (L*W*H/mm)




Axles No.




Curb Weight(kg)


Leaf spring No.


Approaching/Departure Angle(°)


Front/Rear trace(mm)


Front/Rear suspension(mm)


Max speed(km/h)


Front/Rear Axle Load(kg)


Fire Pump

Atmospheric pressure pump

Type:BS30 firefighting pump,Flow capacity:30L/s,Pressure:1.0MPa

Medium-low pressure pump

 Type:CB60/10:low pressure Flow capacity:40L/s/1.0MPa;medium pressure Flow capacity:25L/S/2.0MPa

Fire Monitor



Shot Range

≥60 m

Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

Fire Fighting Truck 6*4 Fire Truck/ (Water Tank, Foam Tank, COLD FIRE TANK)

Q:In the fire code, what is the definition of trees that hinder fire engine operation? "Should not be planted between fire lane and building, set up trees that hinder fire truck operation?"
And now this provision is a normal person can be understood as you can set the trees, as long as not to interfere with the operation of fire truck can do, but this is how the definition of trees, speculation does not come out, can only ask the experts. Individual understanding, this can be more optimized for "fire lane and building should not be set up to hinder the operation of fire engines", and then in the corresponding provisions of the description of what the obstacles include. The standard design is bad and indirect, which brings difficulties to the architectural design work.
Q:How much is the height, width and turning radius of the fire lane
(4) the fire lane pipe and drain should be able to withstand the pressure of large fire truck.(5) the fire lane through the building of the door, the height and width of not less than 4 meters; gate stack between width of not less than 3.5 metres.(6) there should be an annular fire lane around the high-rise building. When there is difficulty in setting the ring fire lane, fire lane can be built along the two long sides of the building.
Q:How can I get the buzzer out of the fire engine?
The electronic buzzer buzzer is an integrated structure, using the DC voltage power supply, are widely used in computers, printers, copiers, alarm, electronic toys, automotive electronic equipment, telephones, timers and other electronic products for sound device. Buzzer is mainly divided into piezoelectric buzzer and electromagnetic buzzer two types. The buzzer is represented in the circuit with the letters "H" or "HA" (the old standard uses "FM", "ZZG", "LB", "JD", etc.).Product categories: active buzzer and passive buzzerConstruction principle: electromagnetic coils and magnets periodically vibrate and soundDrive circuit: use triode to enlarge current
Q:What kind of driving license can drive a fire engine?
B2 driver's license, you can apply for a direct admission, you can also apply for additional driving on the basis of the C1 card.The following conditions are required to apply for a B2 driver's license:1, over 20 years of age, under 50 years of age;
Q:Fire engine high-rise fire what are the frustration?
The fire inside the car there is a reserve water tank, fire hose, fire is also equipped with special equipment such as fire axe, fire wrench, shovels, buckets, fire extinguishers, and a series of emergency equipment, fire vehicle is also equipped with a ladder for high-altitude rescue.Stationary fire pump, mobile fire pump, water hose, water gun, fire hydrant, spanner, shaped water hose, water separator, lighting lamp, etc.. Above are ordinary equipment that can not be used in ordinary water tanks and fire engines. Like rescue cars, foam fire engines...... And other sophisticated equipment, there will be many.
Q:What is the time limit for fire engines to arrive at the scene of fire?
The fire brigade after receiving the alarm fire alarm in the car to a minute out of the garage door to the fire, there is no specific time, according to the distance, but we will be the fastest speed to arrive at the scene of a fire, all vehicles are on the way to make way for a fire engine, in our eyes, there is no traffic lights from the rural fire brigade too. Far away for a long time there is no way, so or promote the prevention.
Q:What is the standard slope of the fire lane?
Other specifications provide for the road. The fire lane is the same as other lanes. There is no special regulation for the lane slope in the fire codeSuggest that you design according to < < national civil engineering design technical measure > > construction (2003) Regulation DesignOther specifications also have requirements, but are too scattered to find easily
Q:What is the fire distance now?
(4) the fire lane high-rise building and building exterior wall spacing should be greater than 5 meters, the fire lane pipe and drain should be able to withstand large fire pressure (32 tons). Fire climbing surface should be close to residential public staircase, when there are difficulties, the climbing surface should be close to each residential balcony or main window, fire climbing surface of 18 x 18 square meters.(5) the fire lane through the building of the door, the height and width of not less than 4 meters; gate stack between width of not less than 3.5 metres.(6) the surrounding high-rise buildings should be set fire ring road (for multilayer should be established), when there are difficulties in setting a fire ring road when the building two long side fire lane when the buildings along the street is part of the length is more than 150.0m or the total length
Q:Why did the lieutenant order the fire engines to stop whistling in turn?
Because of such a pass, you can find the dying old lady by phone
Q:What is the width of the construction fire lane?
A closed courtyard or patio high-rise buildings along the street, should be pedestrian streets and communicated inner courtyard (use staircase), the distance of not more than 80m.4.3.2 high-rise building courtyard or patio, while the short side length of more than 24m, should be equipped with fire lane into the inner court or patio.4.3.3 fire water should be provided for natural water sources and fire pools for fire engines

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