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Is the pyramid selling instrument?
Which is useful for the second category of medical equipment engage in pyramid schemes, food and drug supervision, Trade and Industry Bureau of regular inspection every year, the title of the problem is really ...
Will the treatment of hemorrhoids in which hospital optimistic
Beijing has a good anorectal hospital Yes, the doctor can use a good health insurance
Lumbar disc pain can not be under the bed, what physical therapy can ease it
In the high school science subjects, the physics is relatively difficult to learn a section, learned most of the high school physics students, especially in the physical performance of poor students, there is always such a question: "class hear, hear Clear, that is, in the class to do the question will not.
Our main products are rehabilitation therapy medical equipment (hyperthermia, magnetic therapy, electrotherapy, medical therapy), such as Heating Therapy Unit, Compression Therapy Unit, Instrument (Magnetherapy Unit), etc. At present, the company is ready to do export, would like to ask if any of these products have done, can help inform the customs code? Thank you
These medical equipment exports, commodity inspection is very strict management, inspection and quarantine institutions, certification and accreditation agencies will manage the quality. Product exports in the event of a problem, will have an impact on the country's international image
I sell two types of physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment 6826, there is no medical device business license, can we use the manufacturer's business license?
Unable to have a medical device operating permit on the address
Urine frequency Urine how to treat
It is recommended that you can try the diet method, nutrition recipes, you can also insist on drinking the music of the rice foil, two cups a day, you can add the necessary nutrition, no longer frequent urination, urgency, urine, dysuria 1. Jujube ginger soup: red dates 30, washed; dried ginger 3, add appropriate amount of water into the pot, with the slow fire red dates boiled, add 15 grams of brown sugar once served, even served 10 times (daily or every other day service 1 Times). 2. Turtle meat swim bladder soup: turtle meat 150 grams, 30 grams of swim bladder, add appropriate amount of water, turtle slices and swim swamps, less salt to seasoning, and then soup and meat, eat fish swim bladder. 3. Lamb shrimp soup: 150 grams of mutton, shrimp 30 grams, 40 grams of garlic. Wash the lamb into thin slices. First with the amount of boiled shrimp, add garlic, onion and the amount of fine salt
Severe depression hospitalization to do physical therapy rehabilitation fast?
According to the guidelines, the first onset of acute treatment for 12 weeks, the symptoms disappeared after the maintenance treatment to more than six months, the cost of treatment varies from person to person, in general, if the hospital is relatively expensive, outpatient medication may be cheaper.
Cold caused by nasal congestion, what physical therapy can be used
It is recommended that you hand massage Yingxiang points, and with hot water cups under the nose to improve the symptoms