• 4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm System 1
  • 4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm System 2
  • 4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm System 3
  • 4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm System 4
  • 4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm System 5
  • 4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm System 6
4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm

4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm

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1.        Product Introduction

PVC foam board is made from polyviny chloride, with flat plate surface, it is widely used in construction, advertising display boards, mounting board, screen printing, carving, etc.

PVC foam board / sheet / pallet is the best material in block making industry as the carrier of the green blocks, it has the advantages of highest strength with smooth surface, moisture proof and heat-resistant, it can maintain stable performance under high temperature. Waterproof,anticorrosive,ametabolic and recyclable,moisture resistant,lightweight.

2.        Product Specification

Regular size: 1220*2440mm,1560*3050mm,2050*3050mm



 3.        Product Features

(1) Light weight, waterproof, fire retardant and self-extinguishing 

(2) Sound insulation, heat insulation, noise absorption, heat preservation and anti-corrosion. 

(3) Tough, rigid with a high impact strength, not easy to age and can keep its color for long

(4)Easy to clean and maintain. 

(5)Envioronmental-firendly green and lead-free.

4x8 waterproof pvc foam board for boat/ building material 1-40mm

Q:I want to insulate my floor in my house if i do so do i put up a plastic sheeting after i put in the insulate?
If you are insulating a ground level or below grade floor you need to build a frame from 2x2 strips and then fill in the spaces with styrofoam about 2 inces thick then lay wooden sheeting over the strips then nail the sheets to the 2x2 strips (which are anchored to the floor using tapcon anchors). No plastic is needed.
Q:the upper plastic sheet is bendable and the lower sheet is rigid. I need some type of glue that I could brush on easily to stick them together.. Since I may need alot of that glue, are there cheaper options for me?
Not knowing what type of plastic it is, the only two glues that may work are; Superglue; if it doesn't work, then try; PVC plumbers glue. Both can be purchased at a Big Box home Improvement Store for cheapest prices, or your local hardware store. Vapors from the PVC glue are flammable and toxic, so use in a well ventilated area only. Work safe, be safe. Good Luck with the project.
Q:Are plastic sheets suitable for laser cutting?
Yes, plastic sheets are suitable for laser cutting.
Q:What are the different types of plastic used in plastic sheets?
There are various types of plastic used in plastic sheets, including acrylic, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polypropylene, and PVC (polyvinyl chloride). Each type of plastic has its own unique properties and characteristics, making them suitable for different applications such as signage, packaging, construction, and more.
Q:Can plastic sheets be used for stage props?
Yes, plastic sheets can be used for stage props. They are lightweight, versatile, and can be easily shaped and painted to create various stage elements such as scenery, backdrops, or set pieces. Additionally, plastic sheets are often more cost-effective compared to other materials commonly used in stage prop construction.
Q:Are plastic sheets resistant to scratching from abrasive materials?
Yes, plastic sheets are generally resistant to scratching from abrasive materials.
Q:I recently got a (Guitar) Pick Puncher for someone, and I want to supply them with some plastic sheets to punch them out of... I have come across the name Plike but I don't know if that's just one specific name brand. I would like to know where to get it also, and assume I might be able to go to michaels craft store.. I would like to have a name for them to search in the computer database in case I walk in, can't find it, and then the person I ask has no clue either.. Any help is appreciated. Thanks a bunch!
You can make guitar picks from many things that has the strength for the job. Can even do it with old LP records, cd/dvd, hard vinyl/plastic sheets you can get from hardware stores, credit cards, other polycarbonate sheets... Or the harder to get stuff like ultem or derlin sheets, tortoise shell... If you are crafty, buy sheets of colorful thin vinyl sheets, decorate them, then glue them together with epoxy/resin to the thickness of the puncher (this requires experimenting to get the right thickness/toughness)
Q:I'm looking for thinner, colored, plastic sheets that I can use to punch my own confetti with shape punches. Something similar to the thickness you get when you buy plastic confetti. Any idea where I can find those, or if there is a specific name for them?
I've never seen the sheets sold specifically for that purpose. My suggestion would be to use the plastic sheet tab dividers that you can get in office supply stores. It'd be 5-8, 8.5x11 sheets per package for $2-$4. Try Staples, Office Depot, or even Walmart.
Q:Can plastic sheets be used for skylight domes?
Yes, plastic sheets can be used for skylight domes.
Q:February 11, 2003: On Tuesday, less than 24 hours after U.S. Fire Administrator David Paulison described a list of useful items, stores in the greater Washington, D.C
Go live with some Israelis for a while. Duct tape and plastic sheeting won't sound so amusing.

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