D2s bulbs ,12V Plastic and Metal stand bulbs,HID xenon kits,HID bulbs ,HID ballasts 12V 35W

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100% Shockproof

100% Waterproof

Model: AC12V/35W

Working Voltage Scope: 9-16V DC  9V-32V

Rated Voltage/Current: 12.5V/3.2A -+5A   3.5A

Operating Temperature: -40 ~ 105°C, ≤3000M Altitude

Store Temperature: -40 ~ 150, ≤3000M Altitude

Max. Start Voltage: 23kV

Switch Time : >100000 Times

Working Output: 35W±3W

Working Efficiency: ≥97%

Working Load Output Voltage: 85Vdc±10Vdc

Luminous Flux: 2500-3500LM (3X More Luminous Flux Than Halogen)

Lifespan: Above: 2500h (Up To 5 Times Longer Than Halogen)

Power Consumption: Saves You 57 Over Halogen

H3, H4, H7, H8, H9, H11, H13, 9004, 9005, 9006, 9007, 880/881, H4L, H13L, D1S, D2S, D4S etc. Are the types of our bulbs. We just listed one model

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Q:Does the car headlamps hurt the baby's eyes?
Hi teacher. It is certainly hurt, because the baby's eyes are not fully developed
Q:need diagram for chevy cavalier light system?
You can pick up a Haynes repair manual at most auto parts stores, and they will have the wiring diagrams you need in them.
Q:What is the reason why the car headlamps are yellow and green?
There is the effect of penetrating ah
Q:Car headlight manufacturer profit
Can do the production of lights must be large enterprises, first of all have R & D center, then the factory, need to find suppliers to buy mold, have to spend a lot of money, inexperienced lamp manufacturers a few years ago will be more difficult. Domestic lights are famous Marelli AL, small solo lights, hippocampus lights, Valeo lights, Changzhou Xingyu, etc., as well as the profit is not good to say, operating in different ways, each have their own profits.
Q:How to check the car lights
First, the headlamps should have enough brightness and intensity, the car headlamps luminous intensity, full brightness, in order to ensure that drivers driving at night to identify the road in order to enable us to observe the first time in the road unexpected situation, so that we Stay away from danger. In general, each driving fifty thousand kilometers or two or so, the brightness of the headlamp bulb will be weakened, then if the lights are not enough light, you need to replace the lamp in time. In the replacement of the car light bulb should pay attention to is not to use inferior products, but should choose the original matching lights, because only the original matching lights, its quality and safety can be guaranteed.
Q:Car headlight dust
Wire on the point of cotton, and then put the water into the headlamps inside slowly cleaning, rubbing time to be very careful, light bulb reflective material fragile beyond our imagination, a little hard will have scars. After the cleaning with the hair dryer hot air headlamps outside, until the inside of the water dry.
Q:Check engine light and Advance Auto Parts said it is saying "system to lean"; Get it diagnosed the DEALERSHIP?
I guess your system too lean is: P0171 System Too Lean Fuel Side. To be sure, better get the code from the Advance Auto Parts, or otherwise get the code read at a dealer. System too lean is in the engine control part, has nothing to do with the catalyst converter, which is a part of the emission control. System too lean means the air/fuel ratio is not correct, here is too much air in the A/F mix. But I am afraid you need to get the exact code before trying to make any diagnose or repair. The Toyota dealer I work with charge $49.95 for check engine light scan. But if you can get the code for free from a auto parts store, you do not have to go to a dealer. A car will surely cost some money for maintenance. System too lean is rather a common problem. Replace air filter and spark plugs will not fix this problem. But they are part of regular maintenance, and should be replaced at intervals. Before you get the exact code, I can not make any suggestions. Good luck.
Q:how easy is it (and expensive) to fix or replace a cars cigarette lighter...just bought a GPS system and well.
I have a Motorola RAZR, and through Verizon, I get maps, turn by turn directions, and the ability to search for stuff (restaurants, hotel, dry cleaners, etc.) near a destination. It was very helpful on a recent NYC trip, and I didn't even drive there! The extra cost was $10 a month, which is cheaper (and with the search function, more useful) than the equivalent Garmin or TomTom, which required a few hundred bucks plus a monthly fee. If you are willing to do without turn-by-turn directions, you might consider a hand-held GPS by Garmin. These are normally used for hiking, wilderness, etc. Buying a unit with good memory, along with an extra CD that has all US maps, might be a bargain compared to their Car based units that seem to start at about $400. A cheap GPS costs under $100. A better hand held unit with a map disk should still run about $200, maybe $250. That may be enough to help you get around a new town, or at least give you a clue as to where you are, and where that &*$#@! highway is. Hope this helps!
Q:How much color is the car headlamps
Due to the different color temperature, light color is not the same, such as color temperature at 4300K, the color of light is white in a little yellow; color temperature at 6000K, the color is white, and close to natural light; color temperature at 10000K, light The color is to show a light blue, which can be seen with the gradual increase in color temperature, light color is gradually inclined to cool, that is often said cold light.
Q:2002 BMW E46 318i Auto - AIRBAG Light?
The bumper loose doesn't have anything to do with your Air bag light; the seat belt is. You've said the seat belt doesn't work, either the seat belt pretentioner or the whole seat belt assembly need to be replaced. By all mean: Get the code read out and have someone to help you diagnose the SRS system to find out the cause of the SRS light. Jen.

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