Cuplock Scaffolding TUV/GS Certificate ISO9001:2008 Standards Aluminium Best Price

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1000 kg
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100000 kg/month
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Cuplock Scaffolding TUV/GS Certificate ISO9001:2008 Standards Aluminium Best Price

Quick Details

Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)

Brand Name:


Model Number:



Q235 steel tube







surface finished:




life span:

about 6--8years

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:

loading in container.or as your request

Delivery Detail:

after deposit 15days

Cuplock Scaffolding TUV/GS Certificate ISO9001:2008 Standards Aluminium Best Price


Quicklock Scaffolding 
1.good bearing capacity 
2.durable & stable 
3.easy to assemble & dismantle 
4.quite flexible


Heavy load Cuplock Scaffolding System for bridge, tunnel, metro station  

1.One set of  Cuplock Scaffolding usually include 4 standards and 8 ledgers. 

2.Cuplock Scaffolding is easy and quick  to install and strip.which can save your time. 

3. Cuplock Scaffolding provides high loading capacity while its structure is quite flexible. 

4.All the Cuplock Scaffolding parts are dealt with CO2 arc welding, the surface is galvanized. As a result, it is more durable and has a longer working life. 

5.There is small lock pin on Cuplock verticals to restrict the cups from moving out. so you don't worry to lost ancillaries

Specification of cuplock standard and ledger:















Q:How can you scaffold so that they construct their own meaning about a religious perspective on current events?
Introduce the basic tenets of several major religions, then work through the historical contexts, and finally, explain your religion's belief system. Good Luck....
Q:What are scaffolding poles usually made of?
They are usualy made form Aluminium.
Q:What are the requirements for fastener type scaffolding? How to calculate
5, the safety net to the floor construction progress by layer by layer. ?6, high scaffolding must have lightning protection facilities.
Q:What is the tension in each wire?a.Left wire = 40 N; right wire = 160 Nb.left wire = 200 N; right wire = 80 Nc.Left wire = 160 N; right wire = 40 Nd.Left wire = 240 N; right wire = 120 NThank You!
The sum of the two tensions must equal the total weight supported so Tl + Tr = Wb + Ws = 200 + 80 where Wb is the weight of the box and Ws the weight of the scaffold. That's enough to choose the right answer, but to actually compute the tensions, you also need the torque equation. The sum of the torques around the left end of the scaffold must be 0 since the scaffold isn't moving. That means: 0 = (1.0) Wb + (2.5) Ws - (5.0) Tr where 1.0, the 2.5, and the 5.0 are the radii corresponding to the forces. So you can solve for Tr and then Tl.
Q:I'm not worried about the pain and whatever, but I've been told that it deforms your ear. I really like the piercing and want it pierced, but not if it's going to deform my ear. Will it?
It can collapse your cartilage, if you get it done with a gun. If you go to a professional, and they do it with a needle, you'll be fine.
Q:It's like they just disappeared
Nidia was released as a cost-cutting measure just after she had bought herself a new pair of breasts to try to fit in better on WWE programming :) I would love to see her back with Jamie Noble again! The storyline of when she and Jamie won the lottery was superb :D
Q:I got it done MONTHS ago and the bar is so tight on it,i have space in it, like i can move the bar up and down..just i cant get it out and its beginning to hurt me if i sleep on the side its on.. advice please?
Try wearing latex gloves (if you aren't allergic to latex.) This can hep you get a grip on the ends. You can go to your piercer and they will help you take it out. If you don't want to lose the piercing altogether, you can ask them to put small rings in it. This should ease and pressure and discomfort you are having.
Q:A few days ago, I posted a question asking if getting a scaffold piercing was a good idea. After the comments i got back in, i decided i was going to get one. I asked my parents and my dad said it was okay with him. My mom however needs a little more convincing. She had a few questions that caught my attention..~Can you put regular hoop earrings in the scaffold piercing? --Like after it is healed, can you take the barbell our and put in normal earrings. (Not that I would want to) I know that the piercing goes through the 'rim' of your ear, but still..??--~Will long hair interfere with the healing process?--I have a little longer then shoulder length hair and I straighten it, I usually wear it down. Will i have to wear it up while it is healing? or just be careful and not get it caught in the barbell?--~-~Any Extra Information, or After Care Tips Would Be Appreciated! Thanks A Ton!!~-~
1) well yes you can, but it is best not to, as it could change the shape of the hole of the piercing, and the scaffold might not fit properly afterwards, i mean if you wore hoops for a short amount of time then sure, but if you kept them that way for a few weeks/months i think it could change the shape 2)well i have short hair, and omg it is a pain in the ***! so long hair would too, all hair would, but its totally worth getting the piercing, after a week the hair stops getting in the way :) it is best to wear your hair up though through the healing process, i clipped mine back and it was so much better I would just like to say the first few weeks are a pain! you cant sleep on the side you get it pierced for weeks, and if you knock it it kills so much, but it is totally worth it, my favourite piercing so far, and ive had 17! :D
Q:Hey, ive just had the scaffolding piercing ( think thats how you spell it :P ) and i just wanted to know, is there any special way to look after it? any special way to clean it? or is it just like any other piercing?How often should i clean it? and is it wise to wear gloves when cleaning it? to keep any bacteria off it? Or what?Thankssssss :)
Vist the store you got it and tell them instead of us
Q:is both 1 m farm from the scaffold. if the boeard is 20 kg in mass, how close to the end can the painter stand w/out tipping the board over?
1.692m, but you should have included a diagram, I am still not sure if you are talking about a cantilever force couple or a simple lever pivot..

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