Cummins Diesel Generator 500KW/625KVA C48

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Manufacturer:Chongqing Cummins Engine
Model:Original Cummins KTAA19-G6A, 4-cycle
Air Intake System:Turbo, Water / Air Cooling
Fuel System:Fuel Pump, EFC
Cylinder Arrangement:6 in line
Bore and Stroke:159X159(mm)
Compression Ratio:13:1
Max. Standby Power at Rated RPM:610KW/830HP 
Governor Type:Electronic
Exhaust System
Exhaust Gas Flow:2054L/s
Exhaust Temperature:584
Max Back Pressure:10kPa 
Air Intake System
Max Intake Restriction:6.23kPa 
Burning Capacity:750L/s
Fuel System
100%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
75%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:205 g/Kw.h
50%(Prime Power) Load Consumption:206 g/Kw.h
Oil System
Total Oil Capacity:50L 
Oil Pressure at Rated RPM:345-483kPa
Cooling System
Total Coolant Capacity:116.5L 
Max Water Temperature:104℃
Manufacturer:Original STAMFORD ,Marathon,MECC,Kaijieli
Frequency and Speed:50Hz/1500rpm
Connecting Type:3 Phase and 4 Wires, “Y” Type Connecting
Power Factor:0.8
Protection Grade:IP23
Exciter Type:Brushless, Self-Exciting, with AVR
Insulation Class, Temperature Rise:H/H
Voltage Regulation, Stead State:±1%
Volts Warp(Sudden Reduce):+25%
Volts Warp(Sudden Increase):-20%
Frequency Regulation, Stead State:5% 
Frequency Warp(Sudden Reduce):+12%
Frequency Warp(Sudden Increase):-10%
Frequency Recovery Time:5S
Open Type Size:3700(mm)X1570(mm)X2080(mm)
Open Type Weight:4820kg
Control System:Original Uk deep sea auto controller 
Standards: ISO9001, ISO14001, European CE

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Q:Should I buy a home standby generator?
particular. incredibly costly. at the beginning they must have starters and the coolest judgment to fireside them up, at the same time with attempting back. 2d, till you purchase a monster which could run something you have gotten on on your place, you need to rewire your place panel so the circuits which you come to a decision are needed - like freezer, frig and heating would be on the gadget that switches over from line ability. and you need to have a gadget that switches over so as that a million. you're actually not attempting to feed ability to the entire grid 2. you're actually not powering lines that electric enterprise everybody is working on, subsequently adverse them. And in case you elect on the spot change over, it gets lots greater costly - that's greater fee-effective to place Uninterruptable ability factors on the few issues that choose it to hold on an identical time as the generator comes as much as velocity.
Q:how do i run electric in the woods with out a generator?
Your choices are limited. You can get a bunch of auto batteries and an inverter. How many batteries and the size of the inverter depends on the load of the pump, which you don't mention. Or a long extension cord.
Q:self build generator AVR problem advice and componants please?
The alt is what RPM you will set the engine atMost 120-240 volt are 50 HRX and run at 1800or 3600 so if it's the 3600 back end your using the wrong engineUnless you use a pulley and belt to get the correct RPMMY 8K Diesel marine ONAN direct drive 3cyc runs at 1800 Rpm If your over loading the genset than no engine will workwhat is the load your pulling as 8K is 80 amps Max single 240V or 40 amp double 120V
Q:How big a generator do I need.?
Your okorder
Q:About using motors generators to generate electricity?
Definitely, Not. In simple terms, the small motor would not turn the large power generator.
Q:I'm looking for a mechanical IP switch that would allow me to remotely toggle a tangible switch.?
Should be doable, except I can see a problem - How will you know if the thing started or not ??
Q:What is the story behind the Diesel-Electric Concept?
Well. first insight. If by new you mean the 1940s you are dead nut. Pretty ALL of the trains you see are diesel electric and have been since the 1950s. Here's how any Fuel-electric system works: You have a fuel. In the case of a diesel engine your fuel is Any stable liquid that burns. You burn that fuel in a chamber of some kind such that you create a physical motion. Pistons and cranks is the rule of thumb. You take that motion usually in the form of rotation, and you use it to move a magnet past a coil of wire. A magnet moving past a coil produces electricity, which you can now use to drive an electric motor, or charge batteries, or play Youtube or whatever. Diesel engines have a huge advantage over traditional internal combustion engines, (although diesel came first by like 12,000 years :). They require no spark, and they can burn darn near anything. The whole concept of a Diesel engine is that when you compress something, it heats up. If what you are compressing is flammable, and you compress it enough, it will ignite and burn. This turns out to be exactly true, and why you can run your 1982 VL Golf Diesel on a bottle of corn oil in a pinch.
Q:Any one know about China Nitchen Equipments Group Limited? I heard it is a great business agent in china.?
Q:Are steam locomotives more energy-efficient than diesel, dieselectric or electric?
The advantages of dieselelectric outweigh steam, mostly due to the high maintenance required on coal-fired steam engines. Another large factor is the ability of electrical generator to drive the traction motors required to overcome the inertia of the enormous mass of the freight when the train is starting up. Efficiency is not simply the mechanical efficiency of the system, but the ability to maintain the system and adapt it to various tasks.
Q:backup generator maintenance tutorial required?
I am generator technician, what specific things are you looking for?

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