Construction for XLPE Insulated Corrugated Aluminum Sheath Cable with 64/110kV

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Product Description:

Wind energy cable


It is used for wind-generated electricity transmission system, voltage up-to 1.8/3 kV or below.

2、Type & Specification


300/500 V、450/750  V、0.6/1 kV、1.8/3 kV






300/500 V:

1~61 Cores:0.5~2.5

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV:

1 Cores:1~400;2、5 Cores:1~25;3、4 Cores:1~300;3+1 Cores:4~185;6~36 Cores:1.5~4

1.8/3 kV:

1 Cores:10~400;3 Cores:10~240


Q/XL J0230-2014、GB/T 29631-2013

2. Type and Sizes

   Voltage:   300/500 V、450/750 V、0.6/1 kV、1.8/3 kV



     300/500 V:1~61Cores:0.5~2.5 mm2

450/750 V、0.6/1 kV:1 Core:1~400 mm2;2 to 5 Cores:1~25 mm2;3 to 4 Cores:1~300 mm2;3+1 Cores:4~185 mm2;6 to 36 Cores:1.5~4 mm2

1.8/3 kV:1 Core:10~400 mm2;3 Cores:10~240 mm2

3. Characteristics

  ① Rating voltage is 300/500 V,450/750V、0.6/1kV、1.8/3kV

  ② The minimum permissible bending radius of cable is 5 times of overall diameter.

  ③ Installation ambient temperature should be no lower than -30℃.



1.Conductor  2.Conductor lapped covering 3.Insulation 4.Filler 5.Cabling lapped covering

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Q:My laptop lags when the power cable is unplugged?
Do you mean lag as in a slow OS. Well- Where is your SPEEDSTEP set at in your BIOS? You may have 3 or 2 settings which ARE affected when your Cable Power is removed it will go to a Bit Slower Processor Speed to prolong the battery. If after you change the settings in BIOS and it does this again, its likely need to be sent back for repair under Warranty as this is NOT Normal...
Q:Can you use any power cable with any amp?
It means that it has 300 watts of power . Thats a lot of power. 120VAC means that you connect it to a regular wall plug. If you can connect it to the amp and the wall socket , you got yourself an amp.
Q:How do I connect this unit to my cd player? Splicing power cables? not too detailed in the manual.?
im sure it comes with a power harness(plug) you prob have to do some splicing just connect it t0 the same place where you get power for the cd player your probably going to get a wire harness for your cd player right? just match the wires from your cd to your ipod thingy before you solder or crimp your connections
Q:Wiring route for amp power cable?
Look for where the factory wire harness goes through. there's usually enough room to cut or drill a whole and pass your power wire through. If not, you'll have to make your own hole in a safe place.
Q:Logitech Rechargeable Speaker S315i Power Supply cable.?
There is no direct benefit for the operation of the speakers by upgrading to a 750 watt power supply. The amplificatiion power is external. Only a small relatively small power signal is delivered by the computer
Q:is it good to leave the power cable plugged in your laptop always?
When I first bought my laptop I tried to research this. Keep the battery in and keep the ac adapter hooked up. Use the ac adapter and take the battery out. Just charge with the ac adapter and run off the battery when fully charged. Everybody had an opinion on what to do. The confusing thing is that they all made sense. So I decided to stop driving myself nuts. I leave the battery in. The ac adapter is always hooked up. I leave my laptop on pretty much 24/7 and have done so for over a year now. Once a month as part of my maintenance I unplug the ac adapter and let the battery run down till the warning pops up. Plug it back in and do the same next month. I keep track of how long the battery lasts without the ac adapter on. It always charges back to 100% and if the life is decreasing it is so minimal that I am not noticing. Is this right or wrong? Depends on who you ask. Hope this helps. Good Luck.
Q:2 sata to 2 molex to 1 pci -e power cable?
It is quite stable otherwise they couldn't sell the adaptors. I have a similar set-up and it works fine so don't worry about it.
Q:Amplifier power cable?
I love bass. But don't put a system in that car. I don't believe in doing that to classic cars.
Q:PC power cables question?
Yes. it is the same cable that comes with every computer, printer, monitor. OK it's the same cable that comes with 95% of them
Q:Car Amp Power Cable Help??!?!?
The fuse should be within 18 of the BATTERY!!! I cannot stress this enough. Amplifiers have built in devices which protect the amp, the in-line fuse's sole purpose is to protect the wire in case of a short. Put that fuse close to the amp, and all of that wire feeding from the battery is unprotected; and any part of that wire that shorts to the car can, and continues to pass current to the chassis, until something catches fire due to the tremendous heat created from the short. Mount it as close to the battery as possible.

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