XLPE Insulated Shipboard Control Cables for Construction

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Product Description:

 XLPE Insulated Shipboard Control Cables


Product Introduction:
The XLPE insulated shipboard control cable with rated voltage 250V is applicable for all kinds of shipboards and over-water buildings like petrol platform at sea.


Working Conditions:
Max. allowable continuous operating temperature of conductor: 70℃.
Max. temperature of conductor during cutting-out shall not exceed 160℃(max. duration 5S).


Operating Characteristics:
Rated voltage of cable:250V;
Continuous permissible operating temperature: 85℃;
Min bending radius under installation:
Metal braid armored type:6D;
Non-armored type:4D≤25





1, DC resistance and insulated resistance of conductor

Nominal cross-sectional area    mm²

Conductor structure
Cores/diameter mm

DC resistance of Conductor
at 20℃  ≤ Ω/km

XLPE Insulation resistance
≥ MΩ/km








2, Main Technical Properties


Technical properties

Cable of DA Type


D.C. resistance of conductor(Ω/km)

See above table


Insulation resistance(Ω/km)

See above table


 Voltage test for finished cable

Insulated and no breakdown at 1.5kV alternative voltage( or 3.6kV DCV)


 XLPE Insulated Shipboard Control Cables for ConstructionXLPE Insulated Shipboard Control Cables for Construction

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