concrete pump snap coupling

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Concrete Pump Coupling

Concrete Pump Coupling- snap coupling

1. We are a professional manufacturer of concrete pump couplings in China. Our products include delivery pipes, elbows, reducers, couplings, rubber hoses, cleaning balls and so on.

2. Our products are Top quality in china which can be used on SCHWING, PM, KYOKUTO, SANY, ZOOMLION and have been recognized by them.

3. OEM available from us.

1. Sermac Concrete Pump Pipe Snap Coupling
2. Size:DN 125,DN150, DN100 ,DN175
3. Brand:Sermac/PM/Schwing/Sany/Zoomlion...etc


2.size:from 2 to 6inch,DN125mm and  DN 150mm is the common size,other sizes like

DN80,DN100,DN175 are  upon to your request

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