Compensative wire and compensative cable

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Compensative wire and compensative cable

 Compensative  cable and wire match thermocouple, and is suitable for temperature  measurement and control in the field of  electrical.metallurgical,petroleum.chemical and scientific research.

  Our company can manufacture in accordance with GB/T4989-1994.

  The  compensative wire can be divided into extended type and compensative  type, extended compensative wire is marked "X" after the thermocouple  index, and the compensative cable should mark "C" after the thermocouple  index.


1 Commonly used symbols


G-common compensative wire

H-heat-resistant compensative wire

R-polystrend flexible compensative wire

P-Compensative wire with screening layer

V-PVC material

F-PTFE material

B-Alkali-free glass


2 products' variety and basic type



Heat thermocouple

Thermocouple index

Iron-copper nickel 0.6 compensative wire

SC or RC

Platinum and rhodium 13—platinum thermocouple

S or R

Iron-copper nickel 22 compensative wire



Ni-Cr-Ni silicon thermocouple




Copper -copper nickel 40 compensative wire


Ni-Cr 10—Nickel-silicon 3 extended wire


Iron-copper nickel 18 compensative wire


Ni-Cr-Si-Ni-Si thermocouple


Ni-Cr 14 Nickel-silicon extended wire


Ni-Cr 10—Copper-nickel 45extended wire


Ni-Cr-copper-nickel thermocouple


Iron-copper nickel 45 extended wire


Iron-copper nickelthermocouple


copper-copper nickel45 extended wire


copper-copper nickelthermocouple







Product specification

Core type

Nominal cross-section area of core mm2

The strands of the core

The diameter of a single line mm

Single strand core
















Strands core(flexible wire)



















Main technical explanation

(1) PVC  is used as the main material of insulation and sheath of compensative  wire, and poly tetrachlorethylene is used as the main material of  insulation and sheath of heat resistant compensative wire.

(2) The common products includes cable at the highest temperature of 70 and 100℃. The heat resistant products can work below the temperature of 200℃ and 260℃.

(3) The minimum bend radius

The armoured cable is not less than 12 times of outer diameter of the cable

PVC insulated and sheathed unarmoured cable is not less than 6 times of cable's outer diameter.

Fluoroplastics insulated and sheathed cable is not less than 6 times of cable's outer diameter.


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did you try a different CD rom? might just be broken.
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Q:Buzzing noise made by power cable?
The buzzing noise is not that of a Laptop its rather that of the Power adapter of the Laptop so there is nothing to worry about it you laptop is as good as it can be. But i would suggest not to use that adapter for a longer time because it may cause trouble in voltage fluctuations .
Q:Pvc threading tube packaging film how to do attractive, on the grade it? Thank you great god
ZR-KVVRP-500 is mainly used for transmission control, measurement signals and other cables. ZR: Control cable KVVRP: PVC insulation 500: Rated voltage 500 V or less 1 × 2: Two core 1.5: Wire diameter
Q:What amp rating fuse do I use on the power cable for my Belkin TuneCast II?
Those transmitters are very low amp draw... as you noted 0.5 amps, which at 13 volts is about 7 watts of power... and even that sounds high for a portable electronic FM transmitter. With that little power, you probably have a faulty unit for a fuse to blow. I assume you are using an aux 12v power source in your car and the (cigarette lighter) adapter that came with the transmitter. Now most adapters are not fused, but yours might be, and you could open it up and just see what the number on the fuse is - probably 2.5 amps max. Radioshack carries replacements for those small fuses. Considering that the car's fuse rating on most aux power sources is about 15 amps, your transmitter could not possibly draw that much unless there were a problem. The problem may lie in the aux power socket or in the adapter itself. I'd start by trying something else with an adapter - such as a cell phone charger. If plugging that into the same socket blows the fuse (in your car's fuse panel) then its probably the socket. If however it works fine, then the problem lies the adapter on your transmitter; which = return that and get a new one. I have seen many adapters with bad design that shorted easily and blow the car's fuse. Pray that its the adapter and not the socket.
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Q:how do i find a power cable for ViewSonic?
I believe viewsonic uses a European cable or regular computer power cable at least most of the ones I have repaired.

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