ceiling T bar t runner cheap drop ceiling grid

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Material: Steel System: Groove,Plane

Product Description:

Lucy lin  

Essential details

  • Warranty:

  • More than 5 years

  • After-sale Service:

  • Online technical support, Onsite Installation, Onsite Training, Onsite Inspection, Return and Replacement

  • Material:

  • Galvanized steel

  • Project Solution Capability:

  • total solution for projects

  • Application:

  • Hotel,Office,Shop, Office,shop,school,supermarket,factory and so on

  • Design Style:

  • Modern

  • Place of Origin:

  • Jiangsu, China, Jiangsu

  • Brand Name:

  • Saintec,Sunshine

  • Model Number:

  • S-SG-01

  • Series:

  • 38H,32H

  • Width:

  • 24mm,15mm

  • Thickness:

  • 0.18-0.5mm

  • Certificate:

  • ISO9001-2000

  • Type:

  • Flat,Black line,Fut

  • Package:

  • Carton

  • MOQ:

  • 1000pcs

  • Installation:

  • PVC gypsum board,Mineral ceiling board,PVC ceiling,fiber cement b




Raw materials

Galvanized steel strip

Prepainted steel strip


Good strength

Different type




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Q:100 * 30 * 20 * 0.8 light steel keel refers to what it means
Cross-section width of 100mm, both sides of the height were 20mm and 30mm, wall thickness 0.8mm
Q:We are working on a store front which has ceiling tiles in it. However we wanted an open air look, maybe leaving the grids, but no tiles. We were going to paint the grids and tiles, but have discovered that it would be too expensive, because we would have to paint them back before moving. My question would be, above the tiles is just a metal roof, which is a flat roof, so it would have the tar on top of the metal I think, is it a good idea to just remove the tiles for the open air look? or would that make the building too inefficient during the winter and summer?
yea it would be cold but even more the tar tens to wear away and a little at a time it will fall. Plus have you ever smelled tar in summer. It will come into the seating of the building. yuk
Q:While I won't get into the reasons why, I ended up drywalling my walls in a small sitting room in my basement before doing the ceiling. The walls have since been painted. What are my options for installing drywall in the ceiling and what types of roadblocks may I encounter when doing so?
Wall studs in a new home are 16 on center. Studs in an older home were arbitrary. Since the studs in 1900 were a full 2 by 4 and made with Douglas Fir or Southern Yellow Pine which was more abundant and harder than the new whitewoods, in less expensive homes the spacing was as much as 24 apart. But in the more expensive homes the spacing could be as close as 12. It all depended on how much you were willing to spend. To find the studs in a wet plaster wall you need to buy the more expensive stud finder that penetrates deeper. Metal lathe can really complicate things too. I've had to go as far as driving a finish nail in every 1 till I ran across it.
Q:Light steel keel or paint keel good kitchen ceiling, light steel keel and paint keel, I do not know which is good?
Surely it is paint keel
Q:The old ceiling that is there is holding all the blown in, insulation.
Yes, if the ceiling/roof appears structurally sound for the added weight. I would use lighter weight thin drywall with screws into the ceiling framing with glue also.
Q:Describe your system and architecture. How do you COOL your house? My biggest concern is how to cool a home off the grid.
the two sites below might give you some ideas.
Q:Light steel keel gypsum board ceiling, hanging bar, the main keel, sub keel, cross-keel spacing is how much
The distance between the main keel is generally between 80 and 120 cm, depending on the use of thick gypsum board, if the gypsum board thick, or double gypsum board, the main keel spacing is small, and vice versa can be appropriate Enlarge the number, but not more than 1.2 meters; hanging bar spacing, is the same, according to the size of the main keel to determine the distance between hanging bars and hanging bars, but the same can not exceed 1.2 meters; sub keel (50 keel ) Spacing, the general use of 9.5mm gypsum board when it is 30 cm, if the thickness of the gypsum board is 12mm, the distance between the vice keel can be enlarged to 40 cm. But here we are basically using 30 cm spacing of.
Q:Light steel keel ceiling in the card type of the main keel what model
Cartoon keel is divided into: 23 25 28 32 38 These specifications, the height is generally increased with the model and increased, but because the manufacturers are different models, but the size of the gap is not, should be reasonable Dependable All of the market are these models, but also because of the geographical difference is the selective operation of several.
Q:Introduction of paint keel
Its role and aluminum keel is the same, but also for the beautiful, from a stent role. With supporting the silicon calcium board and mineral wool board and so on.
Q:Light steel keel manufacturers is not only the production of light steel keel?
In addition to our light steel keel will produce paint keel, triangular keel, stone and so on. But small factories are generally only the production of light steel keel.

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