• Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid System 1
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Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid

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Grille ceiling system enables open ceiling plane constructions, offering a wide variety of cells and patterns for maximum freedom of design. Our panels are created with a proprietary manufacturing process that ensures clean lines and durability.


Product Applications:

1) Supermarket, marketplace
2) Service station, toll station
3) Underground, air port, bus station 
4) School, office, meeting room
5) Hall, corridor and toilet
6) Sport center
7) Office, store, plaza 
8) Hotel, restaurant, kitchen
9) Hospital


Product Advantages:

1)easily assemble, fast and convenient for installation/uninstallation.

2)light weight with high strength

3)more elegant in style and beauty, easy match to decoration

4)waterproof, shockproof, rustproof, fire resistance,cauterization-resistance,thermostatic

5)safe, firm and easy to match with all kinds of mineral fiber board, aluminum ceiling and gypsum board



Main Product Features:


The grid ceiling that has ventilating function and transparent construction; The outline of series is clear and natural and graceful, people like it very much! The hose carrier and vice-carrier adopt the fine aluminum alloy material. This grid ceiling can be used in the extensive places.


Product Specifications:

Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid




Q:How many the warranty years of your products?
A:15 years for indoor used,20 years for ourdoor used.

Q:Can you show me the installation instruction?
A:Yes,our engineering department is in charge of helping your installation.any question,you can let me know.



Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid

Ceiling Grid  Ceiling Light T Bar Suspended Ceiling Grid


Q:Rush! Light steel keel ceiling how to determine the ball line?
Suspension point line and ceiling height line First to find the indoor level, pop 50 (read: five) horizontal line (500mm from the ground level) For example, if the ceiling is 2.8M high, then from the 50 line up 2.3m, (horizontal allowable deviation of ± 3㎜) [PS: 2.8M is the completion of the surface size, meaning the ceiling when the size of finished, measured from the ground is 2.8M Need to deduct the hanging stalk, hanging pieces, the main keel vice keel, ceiling material. Completed surface maintained at 2.8M
Q:Light steel keel and metal corners, where to use ah!
Kitchen and bathroom used, because there is a waterproof effect.
Q:Light steel keel welding between what method?
Ceiling, such as the installation of a walkway, should be attached to the additional hanging system, with lOmm boom and the length of 1200mm L15 × 5 angle crossbar with bolts, cross the distance of 1800 ~ 2000mm, in the crossbar laying aisle, Can be used 6-channel two spacing 600mm, between the steel with lOmm welded, the spacing of steel lOOmm, the slot ? Steel and cross-angle steel welding firm, in the side of the aisle with railings, height of 900mm can be used L50 × 4. Angle steel column, welded in the aisle channel, between the 30 × 4 flat steel connection. The ceiling plate should be separated in the middle of the room, so symmetrical, light steel keel and board arrangement from the middle of the room to the two sides in turn installed, so that the roof layout neat
Q:I currently have gold fiberglass, paperbacked insulation under my first floor/ on basement ceiling. (Between the joists of course) I was considering replacing it with rigid styrofoam board (blue or pink) insulation for a cleaner more attractive appearance that can even be painted. i realize this wouldnt be cheap and there would be a lot of cutting involved, and then a lot of sealing up gaps with foam spray and such. I was wondering how good the insulating properties would be as well as the sound insulation properties. Could the styrofoam insulation perform better than the fiberglass bats i have now? I'm also not sure what thickness I would need to do the duties of the fiberglass. The fiberglass is about 6 thick. What are the potential positives or negatives i could gain from the installation?
You okorder /... Hope this helps.
Q:I have recently adopted 2 female guinea pigs. They came with a cage, feeding bowl, water bottle (that leaked and I replaced) and a sleeping house. It looks too small to me and I would really like to get them more room to run around and play. I also have inside dogs that are interested in them. I am sure they will not hurt them intentionally, but might let them out or injure them while trying to play, so I have to have a lid. Also, I bought treat and timothy hay for them plus a salt wheel. Is there anything else I need to provide for them?
no okorder / I have noticed that many of the commerically made cages that are advertised as My Guinea Pig's First Home are by and far way too small for even one fuzzbutt.
Q:75 light steel keel wall below to do a guide wall?
No special requirements, and now generally do not do this wall, light steel keel directly to the ground.
Q:What is the paint keel
It is clear that the aluminum alloy keel, because the aluminum keel after treatment, paint is not bleaching, no rust, no discoloration, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, even for the outdoor corridor ceiling, there is no quality problems. And paint keel, paint keel its raw material is iron, easy to rust, change, Diaoqi, a long time the problem has all appeared, especially can not be used in wet places, so the general bathroom are used aluminum alloy keel as And silicon calcium board supporting. Because the aluminum keel can be waterproof and moisture. But the only point is that you can not deny the advantage of the paint keel! The price of the paint keel is cheaper than that of the aluminum keel, which is between 6 and 12 per square, while the price of the aluminum keel is between 6.5 and 15, and the advantage is that The
Q:Light steel keel partition keel spacing 300, the number of meters per square meter vertical keel?
The main machine DC welding machine, electric toothless saw, hand drill, screwdriver, nail gun, line fall, by the foot and so on.
Q:I am finishing my basement and want to install a drop/suspended ceiling instead of drywalling it. I want the ceiling to be as high as possible but have a bunch of large ducts in the middle of the room. Do I just build a bulk head around the duct work and then put tiles around it or are there a bar system that will do that for me? I just don't want my whole ceiling at the height of the duct work.
Ceilingmax Suspended Ceiling
Q:I'm in the process of finishing my basement and only have the ceiling left to complete. I used metal studs for the framing and am using a metal grid system for a drop ceiling. How should I attach the wall molding to the walls? The manufacturer says to use nails, but that's obviously not an option with the metal studs. Would a drywall screw meant for metal framing work?
There okorder /home.do

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