Automatic Rechargeable Intelligent Cyclone Robot Deebot D76 Vacuum Cleaner

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The first multifunction cleaning station:
Is a vacuum, is a a robot, is simply what you always wanted!

Robot vacuum cleaner Deboot is the first robot equipped with an automatic station cleaning ribbon. Deebot is activated at the programmed time and cleans the area allocated respecting the cleaning program set. A full tank Deebot falls to the charger and automatically downloads the dirt.


The Deebot comes with an extra cleaning kit:

  • Brush for ceilings and walls : to complete the cleaning of ceilings, walls , closets and cabinets ;

  • Brush 2 in 1: with soft bristles for cleaning delicate surfaces ;

  • Brush spear : for cleaning tough spots such as keyboards or radiators ;

  • Optional additional accessory kits that transform the station into a portable vacuum cleaner with cyclonic filtration to clean surfaces such as mattresses, sofas, car interiors etc. .



  • 2 side brushes for cleaning corners , 1 main brush for cleaning carpets .

  • 4 cleaning programs : clean edges , dirt concentrated , automatic spiral .

  • Auto Start: 2 day programs for automatic start cleaning .

  • Sensors fall , collision and surface cleaning of very dirty .

  • Virtual Wall to mark areas where you want the robot to do a more thorough cleaning .

  • Remote control to guide the robot in particular points to be clean .

  • ANTIGERM function antibatteria certified for the removal of fine dust , ideal for allergy sufferers .

  • Demo Mode : a voice guided robot helps the user to know all the features in detail .



Weight3.4 Kg
Dimensions30x9 cm
Duration60-80 min
Navigation Sensors28
Voice Control
Suction Power (robot)30 W
Suction Power (portable)300 W
Work surface Daily120-150 sq. meters
Suction Speed0.25 m/s
Fuel Tank Capacity0.7 lt
Noise Level<60 dB
Power Supply12 V Battery 2500 mhA
Battery TypeLi-ON
Charging Time3 hours



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Q:Are you scared of vacuum cleaners too?
Of course, I need a good excuse not to have to vacuum around here ;-)
Q:Who has owned and recommends Electrolux vacuum cleaners?
I have never had one, but my sister did. It was a way over priced pile of junk, and really not as good as the $100.00 vacuum she had before the electrolux, and still has now that she has given the electrolux to the Salvation Army. Silly woman fell for a line of crap some slick door to door salesman laid on her, and regretted it from about the second time she used the electrolux.
Q:cannister vacuum cleaner cheap?
there is a kone one at big lots that is great and decorative when not in use. i use it and it does great! it was 18 bucks! and it was eureka i think!
Q:where can i buy a kirby vacuum cleaner for really cheep price?
Estate sales and Auctions getting rid of family possessions. Also, stores that sell new and used vacuum cleaners will have them for sale. New machines are grossly over priced as huge commissions are involved for the sales person.
Q:Who else babies love vacuums?
just to be secure, positioned him in yet another room, my mom has hypersensitive reactions to dirt and whilst we vacuum she gets all sneezy so the vacuuming might like hearth up dirt and stuff that could subject him, sturdy success (=
Q:do Dyson vacuums need yearly maintenance?
We have a Dyson and this is the first I have heard of it. I read the manual when we got it too. Is this guy trying to drum up business? Most vacuum cleaners you can do your own maintenance by keeping them clean.
Q:Does anyone like the sound of vacuum cleaners (hair dryers, etc.) ?
Nope, not me! I find that wierd! I'm wierd too i guess any insect buzz makes me itchy
Q:Does a professional manual and parts list exist for repairing old Hoover upright vacuum cleaners?
I even have had the wonderful success with a Hoover vacuum. My first one lasted incredibly much 7 years till now it particularly does no longer %. up lots. I might desire to do particularly some vacuuming when you consider that I even have 2 canine and a couple of cats and it does an fairly good activity choosing up each and all of the hair. Bissell is likewise a good kind to get yet i could advise staying removed from Kirby. I even have had no longer something yet issues when I had one. no longer choosing up puppy hair and having to hoover the comparable spot for what looked like continuously for it to %. up something. i'm no longer probable valuable approximately Shark however. i haven't heard something approximately them. I at present very own a Hoover Bagless vacuum and purely like it. i think of if and while i might desire to get a clean vacuum and decide to pass with a distinctive kind, i could might desire to get a Dyson.
Q:consumer reports vacuum cleaners?
Q:Has anyone heard of Patriot Vacuum cleaners?
Have not heard of this brand. I have a commercial cleaning service and the most that I have spent for a commercial strength, dual motor, extra wide vacuum is barely over $700. The only way that I would spend $3000 for a vacuum is if it included someone to also do the vacuuming for me Higher price doesnt necessarily mean better quality

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