API 610 BB2 Centrifugal Oil Pump

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1 Unit unit
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3500 Units/Year unit/month

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Product Description:

1. Basic Info of API 610 BB2 Centrifugal Oil Pump. 

Model NO.: 

AY Series

Working Pressure:

Middle Pressure Pump

Position of Pump Shaft:

Vertical Pump

Impeller Number: 

Single-Stage Pump

Influent Type of Impeller:

Single Suction Pump

Working Temperature:

- 45~400 Degree Centigrade


2~600 M3/H


15~330 M

Export Markets: 



2. Additional Info of API 610 BB2 Centrifugal Oil Pump. 




Standard Export Wooden Case



Production Capacity:

3500 Units/Year


3. General of API 610 BB2 Centrifugal Oil Pump

There are six models of AY series oil pumps differing from their structures as listed in following table:

1) Single stage single suction

2) Single stage double suction

3) Double stage single suction

4) Double stage double suction


4. Performance of API 610 BB2 Centrifugal Oil Pump: 

Capacity: Q = 2~600 m3/h

Head: H =15~330 m

Working temperature: T = - 45~400 degree centigrade


5. Application of API 610 BB2 Centrifugal Oil Pump:

1) Hydro-fining

2) Petrochemical industry

3) Chemical fiber and common industry process

4) Power plants



Centrifugal Oil Pump


Centrifugal Oil Pump

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Q:Bending machine, oil pump motor abnormal sound, what's the matter?
First, the hydraulic oil is not enough, will cause abnormal sound of the pump, check the amount of oil enough;Two, hydraulic oil dirty plug, oil suction port filter will cause abnormal sound, and oil cylinder, motor and other components of the work is not easy, in this case, wash the filter, and filter hydraulic oil or replace hydraulic oil;Three, the pump is damaged, the inner surface of the stator vane pump will wear a different sound, internal plunger piston pump will damage the abnormal noises and vibration of hydraulic system badly, the stress of this situation would not be stable, may be due to a hard object inside the hydraulic oil in the pump caused by card;Basically, these three situations.
Q:What part does the electromagnetic valve connect to?
The external solenoid valve is installed on the oil pump, and the oil pump solenoid valve is used to realize the oil pump two or multistage oil pump pressure, and is in the oil pan, but the position is the external of the engine.Built in solenoid valve installed in the oil pump, usually in the main oil road and oil pump, controlled by ECU, installation position in the cylinder.
Q:The chain pump 2.4 of the modern business did not mark how to install?
This car pump is no point in time, you can install
Q:My motorcycle two pedal 50, the oil pump has broken down, would you please add some bottle cap oil to the gas tank?
You just add 2T oil directly to the gasoline tank. If the smoke is too big, add some more gasoline. If you don't smoke, add some more oil. Try to add a little less, because with it, for fear of inadequate lubrication, easy to scratch. The increase is easily broken a spark plug.
Q:How does the oil pump affect the car?
The state machine does not pump oil pump under high speed 10 minutes out of small tile damage, 15 minutes of crankshaft surface damage. More than 1 hours, damaged cylinder damaged.
Q:Reasons for heating of oil pump in roadheader
If you are using a high temperature oil pump motor may be caused by the following reasons: first, check whether the pump because of overload caused by fever; test method: with a twist of the hand to see if high temperature pump connector flexible operation, such as flexible and can be excluded: Two: check to see how the materials proportion is too large. If too much can cause motor overheating; Troubleshooting: re selection; three: when the working pressure is too large can cause motor overheating and Troubleshooting: can try to use high gear pump should be able to solve the problem of pressure; four: use range (flow head) over high temperature oil pump design requirements? Choose the right motor according to the serial type. Five: high temperature oil pump motor assembly and coaxial pump motor will not only of fever and noise during use will increase, solution: open angle screw, re check coaxiality, and then tighten the screws can be solved;
Q:No oil for automobile oil pump
First of all, are you sure it is the oil pump? Is it a diesel pump?!! The oil pump is a toothed Wendeng. Where can I find a chain?
Q:Volkswagen Polo pump for heating lamp and light machine
Oil lamp light generally has the following reasons: 1, oil pressure is not normal; 2, oil pressure induction plug failure; 3, related lines, bad contact, fault, etc.. Suggest going to the service station to have a check.
Q:The motorcycle oil pump is broken. Can the oil be added directly to the tank?
Motorcycle oil pump broken, oil can not be directly added to the tank.If the proportion of 40:1 in gasoline engine oil, that's not what relationship, does not affect the use, if down a lot, recommend cleaning oil, because the oil will cause the combustion of coke, when the cleaning nozzle is 200 if ovo, higher proportion, even fire are not, ultimately only cleaning.
Q:TOYOTA oil pump not going off
Hello, it may be clogged with oil pump strainer! It is also possible that the oil pump is broken! It is recommended to disassemble the oil drop shell!
The company mainly produces high-quality centrifugal pumps for petrochemicals and related accessory products. Products are used in high temperature, high pressure, high-speed, low temperature, abrasion, corrosion and other media delivery, are widely used in oil and gas, petrochemicals, electric power, steel, shipping and mining and other fields.

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