Aluminum Concentric Cable 2*6 AWG 、power cable

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2.we have over 20 years experience on power cable
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Aluminum Concentric Cable 2*6 AWG

1. Executive Standard                                                                                                                                       

Non flame-retardant type: GB/T12706-2002 Flame-retardant type: Q/VAFQ 6-2006                                  

4.power cable for different voltage grade                                                               

1) low  voltage  cable power cable

Low voltage (0.6/1 kv)

single core or multi-core

copper or aluminium conducto

pvc inusulation

steel tape armored or galvanized steel wire armored or unarmored

Voltage grade is up to 35kv,

cross-section area can be up to 1000 sqmm  (copper or aluminiun conductor).

Conductor long-time  operating temperature is 90 degrees.

In short circuit, conductor  highest temperature should be not more than 250 degrees.

1kv-35 kv 


copper or aluminium conductor

xlpe insulation

copper tape or copper wire screen 

galvanized steel wire armored

High voltage (35kv~220kv) 

copper or aluminium conductor

xlpe insulation

metal sheath (lead or corrugated aluminium)

hdpe or pvc outer sheath power cable.

Laying conditions: for lyaing  under ground with large different  altitude, be able to bear external machanicalforceand and moderate pulling force.



1) long time operating temperature for cable conductor is 90 degrees.

2) the highest temperature of the conductor in short circuit (no longer than 5 seconds) in not more than 250 degree

if a joint is in the cable, the temperature of the tinning welding joint is not more than 120 degrees, compressing joint not more than 150 degrees and electro-welding joint not more than 250 degrees.

3) no drop in limited provided there is full mechanical tention when cable is laid. It si forbidden to lay cable in iron-pipe or to fix cable by circling around the cable with iron materials.

4) being laid, the minimum temperature of the cable shall not be lower than zero degree. In the caselowtemperature, heating measures shall be taken.



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Q:Wich power supply cable do i need for Nvidia GeForce 8800gt ?
If you want to find out what cables you need there are two ways. 1. check the manual or guide that came with the device to see if it says what cables you need. 2. take the device with to a hardware or electronics store and ask the clerks there to help you find the right cables for you're device.
Q:Where do I attach the Remote Power cable of my Amp to my Kenwood Radio?
Kenwood Kdc-mp245
Q:I need to know if i can use 550 watt power cables from my old amp to power my new 700 watt amp?
No, you don't have enough power, but you can sure as hell try.
Q:Where can I buy new Xbox 360 cables?
gamestop or OKorder maybe walmart and places like best buy
Q:New Build PC. Turns off after 2 seconds when power turn on.?
It could be 1 or multple issues. You can also be one of the few of the DOA (Dead On Arrival) products. My best suggestion, is to take out the graphics card first, then try to boot it up. IF no go, then try taking out 1 stick of ram, then the next. Also, ensure you have your heatsink/fan sitting on that processor with some Thermalpaste making contact. You may have your heatsink and fan is not properly seating right on the processor. last but not least, could be the PSU is just dead. Make sure you have it set to 115v as well. If you have tried all of these and still nothing, then you either have a Dead Motherboard or Dead Processor.
Q:computer power supply cables?
in case you're blowing 13amp fuses then you definately've a defective PSU. It desires repairing or changing. EDIT: Makes somewhat extra experience now. might no longer be PSU that's defective it would purely be doing that's job and closing down because of the fact something on board is overloading it (defective). in case you're no longer skilled this is suited which you have it regarded at via expert. or you could attempt to coach one way or yet another whether this is PSU or no longer. Like disconnecting some factors separately, to any extent further HDD or photos card etc. the least complicated attempt of coarse is to aim yet another PSU. purely some techniques for you, yet as I say if no longer skilled suited go away to specialists. ' '
Q:Two weeks ago, my 1 yr 19 lcd monitor began to flicker? Why? The power cord and usb cable are secure?
Its possible that the graphics card or the monitor itself are malfunctioning. Try plugging the monitor into another machine to test it. Its also possible the VGA/DVI cable is bad and that is causing the flicker.
Too hot means the current is very high. Probably in excess of 200 amps. I suspect there is a short in the amp, specially if you tried to connect it hot and drew a spark. That will kill a lot of electronics. .
Q:Amp/Sub question; power wire/RCA Cables/speaker cables placement?
Well....That is determined by how colossal the amp is. An extension wire has either 2 or three wires inside of at someplace between sixteen and 12 gauge wire. You could twist the entire conductors together and be excellent up to about 40 amps with three 12 gauge wires. The quandary with amplifiers is current no longer voltage. The thicker the wire the more present it will handle. Most any wire you purchase is rated as a minimum 120V. Check what dimension fuse the amp requires, whether it is more than 30 to forty amps i would purchase the correct size single wire for the amp. Also, fuse the wire at the battery. Fire is just not our pal. :)
Q:Switching my PS3 power cables?
It won't short out, cause it will only take certain power

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