Sand Epoxy Paint Oil Based Scratch Resistant Color

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Product Description:

1.Structure of  Epoxy Paint Description

CP-6000 is a type of two-component clear epoxy floor paint. With the combination of colored quartz sand, you can achieve a bright & colorful surface with different patterns. The coating is hard and wear-resistant. It is mainly used for the floor ofshopping mall, hotel, café, restaurant, office building etc.


2.Main Features of the Epoxy Paint

•  Dust-proofing

• Stong adhesion

• Chemical resistance

•  Durable


3.Epoxy Paint Images


Sand Epoxy Paint Oil Based Scratch Resistant Color

Sand Epoxy Paint Oil Based Scratch Resistant Color



4. Epoxy Paint Specification


CAS No.:


Other Names:






Place of Origin:

Guangdong China (Mainland)

Main Raw Material:



Building Coating

Application Method:

Roller & Trowel


Liquid Coating

Brand Name:


Model Number:


Service life:


Shore hardness:


Tensile strength (Mpa):


Flexural strength (Mpa):


Impact resistance strength (


Compressive strength (Mpa):


Drying time:

Touch dry: 8-12 hours,Hard dry: 2 days

5.FAQ of Epoxy Paint

①Requirements for the base?

1. Concrete strength≥C25;

2. Flatness: the maximum altitude difference of 2M running rule<3mm. 

3. The moisture content of the base<4%. Water-proof layer is recommended under the concrete floor.

4. Press polish of the concrete base with cement mortar is recommended.

②The advantages of the product

 1.100% acrylic resin   2. fast dry   3. be used in surface finishing and mending   4. interior-exterior use  5. Low chemical odor  6. Last for 2 years

③What's the usage?

Can be widely used in surface finishing and mending of metal, wood, glass, leather, ceramics and plastics.Quick Details.

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Q:Who is the paint in which the invention?
Paint is made of iron oxide or resin and other raw materials used to decorate and protect the goods of the paint. The origin of the paint is inconclusive. In 1500 BC, in French and Spanish caves, paint was used for painting and decoration. BC 6000 years, China has been using inorganic compounds and organic pigments mixed roasting to improve the paint. In 1500 BC, the Egyptians made use of dyes such as indigo and madder blue and red pigments, but this paint is still very imperfect. 18th century, due to the development and utilization of linseed oil and zinc oxide, the rapid development of the paint industry. In the 20th century, the paint process has been a major development, there has been a greater adhesion, higher gloss, flame retardant, corrosion resistance and high thermal stability of the various colors of paint
Q:What is the smell of paint?
All kinds of paint are composed of film-forming substances (various resins), solvents, pigments, desiccants, additives. Ordinary paint is usually used as a solvent for gasoline, epoxy iron red primer with a small amount of xylene, dipping mainly containing toluene, there are a small amount of benzene. Spray paint (nitrocellulose) and its thinner (banana water) contains a lot of benzene or toluene, xylene, paint in the absence of protection, workplace air benzene concentration is very high, great harm to the paint workers. The production of furniture should be painted, no this process and then the United States and the furniture is not shiny. All kinds of paint contain a variety of harmful substances in the human body, in the paint furniture should pay attention to prevent pollution.
Q:Is Dorothy Paint Good?
Oh, in fact, I think the home with three tree paint good, for example, it's fresh breathable wall paint, can effectively release negative ions, reduce indoor odor. Also has a fine paint, scrub resistance, feel fine and smooth, mildew and other functions, with more comfortable and comfortable.
Q:What kind of dye do you want?
The main materials are: egg (egg yolk or egg green), linseed oil, water, peppermint oil, dama resin, where the water, alcohol, vinegar Juice, etc., the preparation of more complex. Different recipes, the use of methods and effects are also different.
Q:Is ICI paint a latex paint?
ICI (Imperial Chemical Industries) is the British Imperial Chemical Industry Group referred to, we usually see the ICI products generally refers to its famous brand Dulux latex paint, for the wall paint, not waterproof coating.
Q:Is PMMA a polymer?
Is the polymer, the Chinese called methyl methacrylate, is acrylic acid and its ester polymerization obtained by the polymer collectively referred to as acrylic resin, the corresponding plastic collectively referred to as polyacrylic plastic, with polymethyl methacrylate The most widely used. Poly methyl methacrylate abbreviation for the PMMA, commonly known as plexiglass, is so far synthesized transparent material in the texture of the most excellent, the price is more appropriate varieties. Application: PMMA dissolved in organic solvents, such as phenol, anisole, etc., through the spin coating can form a good film, with good dielectric properties, can be used as organic FET (OFET), also known as organic thin film transistor (OTFT) Of the dielectric layer.
Q:The original wall on the paint and then on the powder will have a chemical reaction?
Latex paint latex paint commonly known as the current popular interior and exterior architectural coatings latex paint called resin emulsion coating machine coating compound resin emulsion base material by adding pigments, fillers and various additives preparation of water-based paint latex paint, including latex paint and latex paint Topcoat Paint Primer Finish Latex Paint Primer Anti-Alkali Moisture Enhancement Topcoat with base layer recommended as a primer first; topcoat finish, beautiful latex paint latex primer latex finish
Q:Paint wastewater treatment
The removal efficiency of CODCr was about 30%, and then PAC and PAM were used to coagulate and precipitate. The two-step process was carried out by using Fenton reagent (H2O2 + FeSO4) Treatment, CODCr total removal rate can reach 60% to 80%, from 3000 ~ 20000mg / L down to 1200 ~ 4000mg / L. The effluent is drained into a mixed wastewater.
Q:Chemical fiber dyes toxic
You said the insurance powder and caustic soda, Yuan Mingfen, soda ash and other substances should be said to be non-toxic.
Q:Huang Meitian brush paint and paint what impact?
High humidity is likely to cause paint sagging, blistering

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