Refrigerator Shaded Pole Motor / Refrigerator Motor / Shaded Pole Fan Motor

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ac shaded pole motor 
1,Ac shaded pole motor used for fan-heater,oven,humidifier 
2,High quality and reasonable price

Product characteristics

Ac shaded pole motor

1.Ac shaded pole motor is safe and reliable,low noise,characteristics hard,good staring,long life,etc.

2.Ac shaded pole motor is widely used in fan heater,washbasin,pencil sharpening,mosquito epellent machine,electric toaster,firplace and other household appliance.

3. Ac shaded pole motor can be designed into four insulation class according to user requirements:that of E,B ,F,H

4.Motor rotation and size"L1,L2" can be produced according to user's requirement.

motor size

1.Stator diameter: 61.5mm
2.Shaft diameter: 4.5/5/5.5/6mm
3.Shaft length: As your request
4.Lead wire: 2*300mm, also can be made according to your demands
5.Number of pole: 2 pole
6.Rotation: CW/CCW

7.Insulation class:E/B/F/H

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Q:What are the differences between AC motors and DC motors?
The same thing is that their principles are the same, using the laws of electromagnetic inductionDifferent is the DC motor through the commutator to change the direction of the current. To get a transfer from the principle, I will not say, junior high school. It is through the AC motor into alternating current to produce a rotating magnetic field, in the motor, and then the law of electromagnetic induction.
Q:Causes of insulation breakdown in AC motor voltage withstand test
For various reasons, the insulation parts are weak in AC motor, and the breakdown of the weak parts of the insulation in the withstand voltage test
Q:What's the difference between an AC motor and a direct current motor?
Alternating current dynamo:1. AC motor with frequency device, there is a wrong display window, will automatically detect the fault and display the corresponding code, what problems will be clear2. compared with the DC motor, the output power of the same number of AC motor will be greater than the DC motor3. AC motors do not have carbon brush, so they will not produce DC motor those disadvantages
Q:Why is the rotor of an AC motor neither magnetic nor can it rotate?
The DC motor and AC synchronous motor works as follows: the stator or rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, while the secondary winding forms polarity. Since the two poles of the stator and rotor are attracted or repelled by each other, the rotation is generated.
Q:What about a single phase AC motor reversing?
(1) the split phase motor consists of two sets of coils, one is a running coil, and the other is a starting coil with higher resistance. Reversing the two line ends of any of the two sets of coils allows the motor to rotate in reverse direction.(2) there is a set of armature coils, a commutator and a group of brush holders, which are approximately the same as the direct current motor, but the brush is shorted by the centrifugal switch. Usually, the relative position of the moving brush on the commutator can change the rotation direction of the motor.(3) since the pole motor is operated by only one set of coils on the AC power supply, the rotation direction of the motor can not be changed by reversing the line ends. Usually, the stator core is removed and the motor is reversed in one direction.(4) the rotation direction of the motor can be changed by changing the power head of an armature or a magnetic field of an ordinary serial excited motor, and the principle is the same as that of a serial excited DC motor.
Q:Working principle of AC motor
Therefore, as long as the electromagnetic force direction, the motor will rotate continuously. This is the application of AC motor. The AC motor consists of stator and rotor, you said in the model, the stator is electromagnet, rotor stator and rotor coil is. While using the same power source, so the current in the stator and rotor the direction of change is always synchronized, i.e. the current direction in the coil is changed, and the direction of the current in the electromagnet, according to the left-hand rule coil magnetic force direction, coil can continue to turn down.
Q:Which price is higher, AC motor or direct current motor? Which one has a longer service life?
It can only be said that the cost of DC is higher (in comparable conditions)AC motor life, a little bit of the conference room
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
Three phase asynchronous motor speed formula is: n=60f/p (1-s) 1, do not change the synchronous speed control method. Winding motor speed control, chopper speed regulation, cascade speed regulation, and application of electromagnetic slip clutch, hydraulic coupling, oil film clutch and so on. 2. Change the speed regulation method of synchronous speed. Change the stator pole count of multi speed motor, change the stator voltage and frequency variable frequency speed regulation, there can be no commutation motor speed regulation, etc..
Q:What is the influence on the motor when AC motor is connected to direct current?.
First of all, the motor will not turn, and the second is to see how many volts you are connected to. If the voltage is high, the temperature of the motor will rise sharply until burned. Of course, you don't have a problem with a dry battery.
Q:The difference and advantage between DC motor and AC motor
Alternating current dynamo:Advantages: 1.. Simple structure2. low manufacturing costs, 3. maintenance, simple economy.Disadvantages: can not speed up their own, you need to use frequency conversion equipment to achieve speed changes.

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