Refrigerator Shaded Pole Motor / Refrigerator Motor / Shaded Pole Fan Motor

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ac shaded pole motor 
1,Ac shaded pole motor used for fan-heater,oven,humidifier 
2,High quality and reasonable price

Product characteristics

Ac shaded pole motor

1.Ac shaded pole motor is safe and reliable,low noise,characteristics hard,good staring,long life,etc.

2.Ac shaded pole motor is widely used in fan heater,washbasin,pencil sharpening,mosquito epellent machine,electric toaster,firplace and other household appliance.

3. Ac shaded pole motor can be designed into four insulation class according to user requirements:that of E,B ,F,H

4.Motor rotation and size"L1,L2" can be produced according to user's requirement.

motor size

1.Stator diameter: 61.5mm
2.Shaft diameter: 4.5/5/5.5/6mm
3.Shaft length: As your request
4.Lead wire: 2*300mm, also can be made according to your demands
5.Number of pole: 2 pole
6.Rotation: CW/CCW

7.Insulation class:E/B/F/H

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Q:Why doesn't an ac motor need a commutator?
an ac motor doesn't need a commutator because unlike the dc current a commutator is not needed to reverse the polarity of the current as it is already alternating, hence why it's called an alternating current. This is also because a dc motor works by changing the polarity of the current through the rotating part of the motor whilst the ac motor does the same thing but through the STATIONARY part of the motor. so there you go, hope that helped.... :) - nickie xx
Q:Hw do i control the speed of an AC motor?
Use a fuse in series with whatever you apply so that the motor is safe. If it is acdc, then applying a dc will also get it going. You can convert an ac of 12V to pulsating dc if you use a bridge rectifier rated for say 200V and 10 amps. if vacuum motor is rated for less than 1.2kW. If it is not an ac dc motor, most likely the fuse (say 15 amps) will save it. Get somebody who knows all this, just to make sure you do not have to buy a new vacuum motor..
Q:If you put a magnet next to an electric motor?
You do not specify if it is a DC or AC motor, but that should make no difference. Yes it will slow down faster and No you can't do it with out damaging the motor. You will likely cause the rotor to hit the armature damage the bearings. Also there the question of interfering with the current generated with the still spinning motor rotor, Those could be high enough, if the magnet is large enough, to exceed the insulation capacity and short the armature.
Q:Can I convert a electric motor into a generator suitable for use in wind energy production?
Maybe try Popular Mechanics or another such source. Don't forget that you actually want to construct this thing in a safe and suitable manner. Maybe place some calls to companies that make wind energy windmills for personal usage, such as powering a small house, etc. Say that it us for a small school project. You might be surprised, as they might want to help you out with suggestions and the like.
Q:slowing down an ac electric motor?
It sounds like you need a 175 rpm motor, or there abouts. It is not practical to slow that motor that much, by supplying it with 6 hertz ac, or by cooling the motor. You need a gear motor or a pulley system; perhaps a worm gear. PWM = pulse width modulation is for DC motors. Neil
Q:how come the rotation direction in AC motors doesnt change ?
Your question is why does the motor spin instead of vibrate back-and-forth. The answer is that when the voltage is changing to negative, the motor rotor has spun half-way around so that the rotor is presenting the opposite magnetic polarity to the stator coil, just in time as the coil reverses its magnetic polarity. If it's a single-phase motor, the motor could run in either direction except that either the stator has one pole shaded, or a capacitor is added, so that there is a slight tendency for the motor to always start rotating in the same direction.
how do you know its not the resistor or something more simple?
Q:ac motors vs dc motors for electric car?
The ac motor used less wicky math than the dc motor to look cool in their science fare, ac motor. But you get that just running a current in a circle works great?
Q:what would happen if I connected an electric motor rated for 220volts up to a regular 120volt house circuit?
poorly. It will rotate slowly if at all, and may overheat. .
Q:Electric Motor types for a conveyor system?

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