Oil-Base Acrylic Exterior Paint for All-Weather

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Basic Info.

Components:Acrylic Emulsion
Drying Method:Air Drying
Formation Mechanism:Non Conversion Type
Main Raw Material:Acrylic
Certification:ISO14001, CCC, ISO9001
Level:Finish Coat
Substrate:Concrete Mortar
Usage:Building Coating
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

HS Code:32091000
Production Capacity:50, 000 Tons

Packaging & Shipping

Size:6kg, 20kg, 22kg, 24kg, 180kg  Plastic can,Metal cans, cartons

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Q:What dispersant can disperse the dye?
There are dyes dedicated dispersant Deqian there are several you can look at
Q:Why some of the polymer strength exceeds the rugged alloy
Q:What kind of pen ink?
Pen ink is divided into two kinds of pigment ink (also called carbon ink) and dye ink.
Q:Polymer cement waterproof coating reaction type and volatile type What is the difference
Generally refers to the polymer cement waterproof coating is composed of polymer emulsion + inorganic powder compound, the polymer emulsion is water-based, the construction can be appropriate to add water. After the paint is painted on the base surface, the moisture evaporates to form the coating. So the polymer cement waterproof coating is usually volatile curing type.
Q:Furniture, paint on the human body what harm?
Heavy damage to the human body, mainly long-term exposure to benzene, aldehydes on the human body great damage, it is easy to suffer from leukemia, etc., you should wear labor protection equipment, if necessary, can check whether the occupational disease, , The boss will not feel bad for your door
Q:do birds like painted or un painted houses?
Paint or no paint on the outside is fine...just leave the inside bare.
Q:Carbon black is a pigment or a dye
Carbon black has pigments and dyes. Distinguish them from hue, but in ingredients.
Q:does wall paint dry darker or lighter?
I'm pretty sure lighter...My parents bought a light brown/sandy sort of color to paint their dining room and were really disappointed when it dried the exact same shade it was before - really really light, 'creme' white. I'd go at least a shade darker than what you want..
Q:How do I extract colors from plants?
Plant dyes are derived from the roots, leaves, trunks or fruits of plants. It is estimated that at least 1000 to 5000 species of plants can extract the pigment. Such as calamus, Lithospermum, hematoxylin, indigo, safflower, pomegranate, holly, bayberry, persimmon, yellow gardenia, mulberry, tea and so on. Plant dyes are mainly used for food and cosmetic coloring, China in recent years has also developed dozens of different sources of plant pigments. Textile dyeing as early as thousands of years ago has been the use of plant pigments, minority areas so far batik, tie dye also applied natural plant pigment.
Q:Ink, paint, paint the difference
Ink can also be understood as a paint, but it is mainly to color-based, not to provide some kind of protection-like, like the temperature coating is the same display temperature.

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