Oil-Base Acrylic Exterior Paint for All-Weather

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Basic Info.

Components:Acrylic Emulsion
Drying Method:Air Drying
Formation Mechanism:Non Conversion Type
Main Raw Material:Acrylic
Certification:ISO14001, CCC, ISO9001
Level:Finish Coat
Substrate:Concrete Mortar
Usage:Building Coating
Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.

HS Code:32091000
Production Capacity:50, 000 Tons

Packaging & Shipping

Size:6kg, 20kg, 22kg, 24kg, 180kg  Plastic can,Metal cans, cartons

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Q:Giraffe paint and bauhinia paint which brand is good
They belong to the same grade, in the paint industry is second-tier brand.
Q:Can plant dyes be glazed? How to combine plant dyes and ceramics?
Should not, the organic pigments of plants will be decomposed by heat ...
Q:paint pens?
I have bought all my paint pens at michaels you could try that. They are really good too.
Q:Painting tips?
painting trim just sucks and is slow going....are you doing the painting in the right order....ceiling first then trim(two coats) and last are walls. i use a roller on the ceiling, 2 in angled trim brush and paint pads for walls. you shouldn't be dripping a lot of paint unless you are putting too much on pad/brush when you load it. as far as cutting in(trim work) the angled brush is the key and use your left hand to steady(underneath) the right hand as you paint. never use blue tape unless i'm doing stripes and it's all about painting from the top and drawing down if the tape is at the top of the wall or reverse if the tape is at bottom of wall so that you are not shoving paint up under the tape. remove tape while paint is still wet. painting just takes practice which you should have plenty of by the time you finish the house. best of luck...keep at it. I allow one day per room to finish ceiling and four walls always painting two coats each place.
Q:how many types of paint are there?
there are transparent paints and semitransparent and not transparent and probably many others
Q:What are the paper pigments?
Yellow pigment mainly iron yellow (hydrated iron oxide) and other varieties. The yellowish color is dark, but the durability, dispersibility, hiding power, heat resistance, chemical resistance, alkali resistance are very good, and the price is low, so widely used in building materials coloring.
Q:Car antifreeze yellow and red color What is the difference
Antifreeze colors are blue, yellow, green and so on. In fact, the various colors are caused by the addition of dyes to the main ingredient ethylene glycol, but only to distinguish it from other liquids, and no other special use function.
Q:What is alcoholic pigment?
Pigment is the substance that makes the object dye color. Pigments are soluble and insoluble, with inorganic and organic differences. Inorganic pigments are generally mineral substances, humans have long known that the use of inorganic pigments, the use of colored soil and ore, painting and smear on the rock wall. Organic pigments are generally taken from plants and marine animals, such as qian blue, rattan and ancient Rome, extracted from shellfish.
Q:The ink used for printing with ink is good, the pigment and the dye that black black
Please talk about the machine model, and then according to the machine model recommended the corresponding ink
Q:I have a painting question concerning outdoor mold ?
You can, but You Shouldn't. You need to kill the mildew (black) or mold (whatever color) with a 1/2 bleach 1/2 water solution. Then wash that off with water after you see the mildew/mold change color or disappear, preferably before the bleach water solution dries, with water (damp sponge, etc.). Then you can paint with latex or oil based paints. If you don't do this, it will continue to grow through whatever paint or primer you apply.

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