How about rattan furniture? How about the rattan furniture? What's the price?
To furniture modelling is unique, the price is relatively cheap, durability is not high....
I bought a sofa and chair and a half 8 l/2 years ago. It's off white cotton damask. It looks like it is slipcovered and has a loose look. My question is...........is this sofa still in style or does it have a dated look. I hope not.
Your sofa and chair and half are still in style. It does not have a dated look....
Which kind of furniture is good for outdoor furniture? Is it OK to use a series of rattan furniture?
Rattan furniture is a good choice, rattan furniture is divided into rattan and Mado, the p...
I cannot beleive my asking a question about sofa cushions but here I go. We have a perfectly fine sofa. However, we just tried to wash one of the sofa seat covers and the zipper broke. Now, we cannot fit the seat cover back on the foam cushion. It is an older sofa but it is decent shape. I do not want to reupholster the whole couch or replace the foam cushion. I just need to purchase one seat cover. I have no idea even where to begin. Does anyone know where I can purchase couch seat covers?
If it's an older sofa, as you said, you'll never find a replacement. Other than a new sofa...
so i have a white leather sofa...and it gets dirty often..and it like loses its color because we have to wash it so often..is it possible to repaint it or what can i do to make it look in better condition then it is now?
A white leather sofa ha already been created by adding a 'paint' or pigment to the surface...
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