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Product Description:

1. overview

1) Tubing Weighing and Measuring spray standard equipment, gather in one place, the use of functional integration in a fully automated system, each with a length measurement of high precision weighing, sprayed clearly the subject of character and graphics features. 
2) Weighing devices: sensor and lifting by the weight of the composition of the fuel tank of the pipeline; Measuring standard spray device consists of the door frame, mobile car, length measuring instrument, spray nozzles composed of subject matter. 
3) The product features: Centralized operator on the console, easy to operate, stable performance, easy maintenance and so on. 

2. Operational procedures 
1) Weighing: When the pipeline, after pouring paint into the drying racks transmission until the paint dry pipe, tubing drying mass transport planes arrived in the rear, arriving Weighing length measurement position, and stop drying rack movement, said actuator Heavy signal, the pipeline hold up (to leave the drying rack), for weighing, weighing is completed, the pipeline falls back to drying racks, weighing an end. 
2) The measured length and spray-standard: tubing weighing, the actuator signal, making the door shelves at both ends of the car moving, when the small-car length measuring instrument access to the pipe end, the car stop exercising until the car stopped at both ends of movement be conducted when measured length, length measurement is completed, to the signal spraying standard, that is once again the header of the car carrying the spray to continue forward movement, the movement of spray to spray header standard. After the spray-standard signals will be the door to the car returned to the shelves at both ends, the whole weighing, measuring length, spray the end of standard procedure, pending into the next cycle, to reactivate the drying racks, will be shipped out of the pipeline. 

3) The main technical performance parameters 
1) Weighing size and scope 
Weighing Pipe Specifications: Diameter Φ60-Φ340mm, Length: 6m-12m 
Steel weight range: 0-1500kg (optional), Weighing Accuracy: 1% 
2) The measured size and scope of the long 
Measuring tube specifications: diameter Φ60-Φ180mm; Φ180-Φ340mm separately on the two sets of devices, which measure long-range 6m-12m; Measuring accuracy: ± 2mm 
3) Spray standard length was measured after the immediate commission (see operating procedures), standard high-speed jet, marking a clear pattern, nozzle is a fixed type, installed in a small car, relying on the movement of car spray-standard. Its character height, maximum 60mm, spray-standard speed :0-120m / min, spray-point diameter :1-3mm, tag media: white paint, adhesive, good dry time is short, data information: permanent retention, gas, gas pressure: 0.4-0.6Mpa, Power: 2KW.

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