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Product Description:

1. Overview


Multi tubings tester is national leading efficiency at present.It is a  higher degree of automation tubing tester special device. It can do the one minute high voltage withstand test at rated frequency (NO leak) when  tubings (casings ) leave the factory and after they are repaired.


1) The close oil cylinder of 15 tubing coupling ends, hold out 10 motivity close ends, synchronously seal 15 tubing couplings. One water pump inject water one times, pressurize one time, decompress one time.It can finish test work of 15 tubings one-time.

2) Double back tongs are corresponding clamping, automaticly, simple mechanism, reliable operation.


3) Double master tongs are rotated by the gear with splined shaft. The splined shaft end  can be changed to three kinds of couplings and ends(This machine can test four kinds of tubings: Φ60、Φ73、Φ89、Φ114).

4) One of double master tongs is a master with special coupling, the other is a master with special coupling end( a close plug).

5) Two terminals of tubings are screwed up by double master with special coupling and special coupling end.

6) The transfer system will take tubings onto the framework directive fixing plate(a group of 15 tubings).


7) Start the close cylinder,the piston rod .It drive the end sealed special coupling(Keep sealed,don’t loose it).

8) Start the water pump(The affusion reach to about 2Mpa, and then start the  pressure cylinder to pressurize).

9) The operation method is automitic controling.

10) The radial force of double master tongs is smaller.

11) Easily damaged parts is less, the lifetime of die tongs is longer.


12) The power supply is worked by the motor driving vane pump. It can provide the pressure oil to the hydraulic system continuously.

13) The machine is safe, reliable. The makeup torque and test pressure can be adjusted at random.


2. Troduction to the structure


1) Hydraulic power supply


The Hydraulic power supply is made up of an oil cylinder, an electrical machine, an oil filter and so on.Its functions are that it can change electric energy into hydraulic power,bringing pressure oil to the system.


It chooses the vane pump as the drive. It will make the power supply to come out large discharge when underloading and come out little discharge when high loading. So it will improve work efficiency, reduce total power.

2) Control Panel


It consists of hydraulic control elements and electrical control elements. It can finish the whole machine contrlling.

3) The host

The host is the main part of the tubing tester. It is made up of double master tongs,double back tongs, chain wheel transmission, fixed bulge flat roof and the lifting units.

Two terminals of the tubing, there is a special coupling on one side ,ande there is a special coupling end on the other side.They are all finished by a group of master tongs and a group of back tongs.

The back tongs centralize and clamp the pipe body.The master tongs drive the coupling and the special coupling end by the motor rotateing.It can finish the screw-up course.

Loose the back tongs, the hoist cylinder takes the tubings to the chain wheel transporter.It will transport to the specific location.
There are 15 position points on the frame fixing plate.Put the tubings (a group of 15tubings).

The frame fixing palte put the tubings fully (15tubings).Start the sealed cylindser,and piston rod drive the sealed end,seal the special couplings.( pressure holded)

Start the water pump for water injection,and then start pressure cylinder to pressurize,hold pressure ,until decompression.

After the tubings are bulged,the hoist cylinder pass them to the master tongs and back tongs of another group of unloading pipe hoops,unloading special coupling ends(sealed ends).It will finish unloading coupling and unloading sealed ends .

Through adjusting hydraulic system pressure,it can control make-and-break coupling,the size of the special coupling ends’ torque.So we can choose the torque value.

4) Water supply assembly


Water supply assembly is made up of a low pressure high-duty centrifugal pump and a high-pressure samll displacement pump.After the ends seal the special coupling,firstly it will inject the pumping chamber (low pressure) by high-duty centrifugal pump, and then samll displacement pressing cylinder pressurize.Its characteristic is fast speed, small power.


3. Chnical parameters

Application: tubing diameter: Φ60、Φ73、Φ89、Φ114 (mm), length 6m-10m.

Max testing pressure in tubings: 20Mpa

Testing time: 1minutes

Testing medium: water

Screw-on rated speed: 50r/min

Hydraulic pressure system rated pressure: high pressure 20 Mpa, low pressure 5 Mpa;

Hydraulic pressure system rated flow : 130 L/min;

Total power of equipment(kw): 30 kw

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