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Product Description:

1. Overview 
1) In order to meet the size needs of the different pipes leaching paint, splashing paint equipment big and small two kinds, small leaching paint equipment adapted to the diameter of the tube Φ60-Φ178, large pour paint equipment adapted to the diameter of Φ178 - Φ339.7 tube. 
2) Large and small two kinds of pouring paint equipment, the structure of the same. Equipment is from the main box, splitter, roller, pour paint head, pneumatic diaphragm pumps and electric, manual valves, cleaning boxes so on. 
3) The product features: easy operation, practical, low energy consumption and easy maintenance. 

2. Operational procedures 
1) Connected to the power. 
2) Close the cleaning tank back to the oil port and oil port valve. 
3) Will join the paint tank, open the diaphragm into and out of the oil port valve. 
4) Connected to all parts of the aerobic gas source. 
5) Check all parts of gas supply connections so, whether there is leakage, the parts of the valve is in the correct location. 
6) Adjusting the amount of wind a good splitter. 
7) Control the amount of leaching paint can not be erratic. 
8) Various preparations for confirmation before entering procedures. 

3. Splashing paint program 
When pouring tube into the transmission line, pouring paint machine in front of the photoelectric switch receiving the signal, the divider valve is opened after the electric device to control the time delay, when the tube reaches pouring paint the first time, pneumatic diaphragm pumps electricity, began to pour paint work, while also working splitter, will pour the paint in the tube blowing uniform, dry, when the tube completely exit pouring paint box, all original electric power, splashing paint to complete. Waiting to go into the next cycle. 

4. Notes 
1) Every other class production should be pouring paint cleaning head, pouring paint holes to prevent clogging. 
2) First using cold cleaning, connected to pump, open the valve, blow except 5-10 minutes, etc. After the paint-pass hole, cut off gas supply valve is closed. 
3) If a long time out can be used washing liquid, such as the use of diesel, should pay attention to fire prevention, their specific methods are as follows: 
Close the diaphragm import, paint back to port valve, open the cleaning tank out of the oil port valves, starting to wash the diaphragm. 
The cleaning end of the closure of cleaning boxes out, back to port valves. 
Open the diaphragm import, paint back to port valves, pending work. 
Can also be pouring paint cleaning head removed. Two kinds of pouring paint paint machine with a separate shower head. 
5. The main technical performance parameters 
1) To meet the conditions of product technology 
Pipe diameter: a, Φ60-Φ178mm ± 1.0%; b, Φ180-Φ340mm ± 1.0%; 
Pipe length :6-12m; 
Pipe a straight line is less than 2 / 1000, ellipticity 1%; 
Pipe velocity :0.4-0 .8 m / s; 
Pour paint steel production capacity: 120 / h (0.4 × 3600 ÷ 12) 
2) In line with the use of conditions: 
The use of compressed air pressure :0.4-0 .6 Mpa; 
The use of compressed air flow :0.5-5m ³ / min; 
(AC voltage rating: 380V 
3) Using diaphragm pumps oil 
Model: QBY-25; 
Flow rate 0-2.4 m³ / h; 
Head :0-50m; 
Outlet pressure: 6kgf/cm ²; 
Suction range: 7m; 
The maximum allowed by particle diameter: 2.5mm; 
Working pressure :4-6 kgf / cm ²; 
Maximum air consumption: 0.6 m³ / min. 
4) Main components specification model 
Pneumatic solenoid valve 
Near the switch: SZ-2450A 36V 200mA. 

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