WK-20A Mining Excavator for mining on sale

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China main port
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1 unit
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3 unit/month

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Product Description:

WK excavators are large-scale excavators used in open-pit mining. These excavators were developed based upon experience accumulated from years of manufacturing mining shovels. They utilize the most advanced technology in design, processing, manufacturing and control from home and abroad. Furthermore, they are suitable both for stripping and excavating open-pit coal mines, iron mines and ferro-metal mines.

Our WK excavators boast state-of-art technology such as three-dimension imitation and definite circle analysis. They feature excellent performance and working dimensions and can be used in combination with various types of haul trucks and crush stations in order to better satisfy users’ requirements for higher loading and low production costs.

The excavators’ electric system features rectifier/regeneration to communal DC Bus-bar and variable frequency speed adjustment. The electric control, taking PLC as the core, is a 3-stage system of up-position monitoring, field bus and frequency variable speed control. They cause no disturbance to the power grid allowing a wider range of power voltage fluctuation and high power factor. Their systems are loaded with software which optimizes dig/cut curves and automatically optimizes hoist and dig power distribution. This system automatically troubleshoots, displays running status, and calculates electric power. Using state-of-the-art technology, this system is highly reliable, highly effective, and energy efficient.

Our WK -20A excavator is designed to be used in combination with mining trucks with a capacity of 154 MT to 220 MT.

Product specifications:

• Gear-rack crowding, powerful penetration, high efficiency;

• Gear transmission uses gears with a high hardness surface for durability;

• Adopts planet reducer for swing and propel mechanism;

• High hand drive is adopted for durability;

• Air release spring disk brakes.

Technical Spec. of WK-20A

Normal bucket volume


Main motor


Scope of bucket volume


Max. Excavating Radius


Lifting speed


Max. Excavating Height 


Pushing speed


Max. Dumping Radius


Traveling speed


Max. Dumping Height


Max. Lifting force


Excavating Depth


Max. Pushing force 


Working weight 


Max. Crawling angle


Theoretical Productivity


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Very nice, he will be spoiled :)
Q:How much does it cost in gas to run an excavator for 10hrs a day?
oh you are going to be running around 5-18 galons an hour times around $3.00 a galon off road diesel not gas times 10hrs.= a good $300+ greese, a person to opperate it., hydrilic and motor oil., ect..
Q:how fast can the following go:?
*Claps hands* Are we setting up a race here!?!?
Q:excavator safety not working?
not going to look up your particular model but some have a safety interlock handle on both control towers, if so make sure there both down, if that's not the case then you have a faulty micro switch at the interlock handle, a faulty interlock solenoid, or a problem with the wiring, if its new enough to have a ECM then that could be another issue, in any case I'd suggest a mechanic.
Q:Excavator theory
The excavator is driven by the engine work in pump operation, the pump is divided into pump and pump, and then by the operation of the hydraulic excavator driver rod of the hydraulic oil distribution to the pilot valve and main control valve, such as the hydraulic oil distribution to the main control valve, hydraulic oil delivered by the main control valve to the arm; small arms; dig bucket cylinder, and then drive the arm; small arms; digging bucket. If the hydraulic oil is allocated to the pilot valve, the hydraulic oil drives the motor through the pilot valve to make the excavator rotate and drive.
Q:What does it mean to walk an excavator and how do u do it?
re-ask the question and put it into some context. I'm a builder and I have no idea what you're talking about.
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Just pondering- although they are precise, who's to mention they are now not only a few reports written on the time? I imply, i might write some thing i desired thousands of years in the past- does not imply it was once real- might be only a fictional tale - that's what I consider besides.
Q:help me on call of duty zombies?
I agree with the previous answers. You need to use the Hacker Tool to stop the excavators from coming down...
Q:NEW ORLEANS - Thieves hauled off $100,000......?
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