What is the price of fluorocarbon coated aluminum profiles, please?
Powder sprayed surface of about 2W a meal, fluorocarbon two or three coated difference abo...
What is the difference between aluminum alloy and 6063-T5 6060-T66?
6060-T66, higher strength, average mechanical performance is higher than T6 under 20-30Mpa...
Is aluminum factory harmful to people?
Aluminum itself does not have any harmful effects, and is harmful to people, and is harmfu...
Which price is expensive for aluminum profiles 6063-T6 and 6063-T5?
2.1 first digit: indicates the main addition of alloying elements.1: pure aluminum2: mainl...
What are the differences between standard and non - standard shapes?
Hello, not within the scope of the national standard, so it is called non-standard,The sta...
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