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I have an old Bauer helmet and I'm looking to upgrade to something nicer. The cage is still good, so I was hoping I could reuse it.Thanks for the help!
A little thing that's becoming scarce these days Common cense
am I the only one who thinks that the whole Paint Breeding Stock thing is stupid? I mean just because a horse doesnt have a spot on it means that it isnt worth anything and because it cant show with regular paints..My breeding stock mare would be worth more than $10,000 but since she is a Breeding stock she is only worth $500. This mare has won over $15,000 in barrels, is the top trail horse in Missouri, she does a little bit of reining, she does western pleasure and showmanship, and she will do almost anything you ask her to do..I gave lessons to a 5 year old on her, But people tell me that she is a piece of crap because she is registered breeding stock. I think it is about you?
lol I've heard the one about an ice cream in your back pocket.
If a dental hygienist notices that a dentist forgot to put on a fresh pair of gloves between patients, would it be okay for her to say something to the dentist (in front of the patient)? What would be the best way to solve this problem? The dentist has done this on occasion before.
Possible, although hissing noises could come from a lot of things. Shocks are part of the strut assembly on most small FWD cars. Its easy enough to check. Jack it up and look. If it looks like you've got fluid leaking out of the shock body, i.e., there's a wet spot around where the shiny shaft part goes into the shock body, then its leaking. Bounce test isn't as reliable as it used to be with big rear drive battleships. It should be replaced soon, because it will affect handling of the car. Both sides are typically replaced at the same time.
Would putting speed bumps on the track make NASCAR a safer sport?
Disagree. Brock Lesnar will maximum in all possibility face The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 29. I say by some ability Punk loses the WWE call to John Cena quickly and then Cena can pass on and lose it to The Rock on the Royal Rumble..CM Punk wins the Royal Rumble and is going directly to stand The Rock for the call. Wrestlemania 29's significant fits must be Wade Barret vs HHH Daniel Bryan vs Chris Jericho Brock Lesnar vs The Undertaker The Rock vs CM Punk. those fits are nicely worth a million greenbacks in case you question me.
For african americans or anybody how can u curly your hair! please give me step by step.
I doubt it.the electrical fire is caused by current in the wiring that has gotten too hot. Putting a blanket or some other fabric on this kind of fire is pretty much just fuel. If the current is gone.then yes you can do this, but will you have the clarity of thought to check.nowould you know how to check.doubt it.would there be time to check.doubt it. not to do that. And.if it IS an electrical fire you run the risk of electrical shock as well as the burn. You'd need to knock someone away from the locationaway from the electric source.THEN you can use the blanket.
My science fair project has to do with varying reflectors in solar ovens, (copper, aluminum foil, aluminum, etc.) and I have to explain why certain reflectors i used transfered heat to a glass of water, better than others. So far, I've found absolutely nothing..
This a worm i guess I have this problem too and i cant fix it. It blocks my task manager and the avg, the run shortcut on the start menu is gone, my firefox browser is not working, my registry has also been disabled, my msconfig has been disabled, my system restore is gone, i cant change the Explorer home page, etc Can anyone help both of us? Pleaseeeeeeeee
I have rosy cheeks and my face has been very dry since summer.. I hate to wear cover up every day but i have tried a lot of moisturizers but they make my face red and greasy. Any not to expensive or strong in scent?
Loss of control with the possibility of hurting yourself or someone else
There are seven smoke detectors, all have new batteries. When one alarm goes off, they all go off. Today they went off twice for no apparent reason. All have green lights except two, where there is no light, even with new batteries.
Well I have a German Shepherd and I feed her 3 scoops of dog food throughout the day, sometimes I like to buy her the pedigree wet dog food as a treat that would be good for feeding him/her meat instead of always having to buy meat from a butcher/grocery store, you can buy packs of 32 for about $20. Personally I would adopt as a puppy seeing as you have more time to bond and for you to show who is the dominate one, my dog is about 60lbs right now seeing as shes a puppy, she will still double in weight and her teeth now are very sharp and large, she is also a very defensive dog and growls and barks at almost anyone so a full grown wolf/Shepherd at 120lbs being very defensive towards a stranger (you) it would probably be best for a puppy. ;)