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Need to know correct joomla module for this!?
covers PVC-C items and replaces BS 5255 for MUPVC pipe and thin- walled fittings. *BS EN 1566-1:2000 Plastics piping systems for soil and waste discharge (low and high temperature) within the building structure. Chlorinated poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC-C). Specification for pipes, fittings and the system
ok. so i bought a pair of bourkes told i would not be able to put them on my helmet. im fine with that. but i have a 4 face shield and its a pain. i would like to have a flashlight on my helmet but if i put it on with the faceshield it creates a problem. If u have a faceshield and a helmet light, explain what you have or what you reccomend
1) Wash your hands 2) Wear tight fit gloves 3) Wash all apparatus with appropriate liquids before and after experiments
why we are using circular pipes instead of rectangular pipe ?
y dont u just tell a rehab place or osemthing about ur friend and jsut kind of take him there.. dont let him in ur house sooner or later hes prob gonna stop bothering u and get bored if he keeps on pounding (i know its harsh) but call the police. thats the only way he might leave
Desert Punk. I need some ideas for making a helmet and face shield for a costume?
I'd is the site I use for my character-naming needs, but don't bother checking fire or flame as meanings, little to nothing pops up. You might wanna look up one of her other qualities and see what you come up with.Good luck :) edit: I can't make that link clickable for some reason, sorry :/
I'm a guy and need some damn good reliable clothes for boots : any suggested sites to buy from (military (must be actual military! or safety boots brand?)Trousers need good work trousers tough and comfy! (not the crappy 'pretend style jeans')Shirts must be comfy and breathable t shirts the sort that do not shrink to x small (I am aprox L xL but xxl is good too)so brands and/or sites and please non of the 'lets pretend to make clothes and call it army/tough workmanclothes' you know the sorts, they are everwhere and get on my rugged hairy man **** .
I don't really understand the purpose of a one piece in a theme park but ok. For safety reasons it doesn't make sense. I would say go with a comfortable bra (swimsuit) that wouldn't undo easily and simple bottom swimsuit. Just wear whatever you want over it as long as you stay with pants. If you have to wear a one piece just choose a flowy top that covers it. I would suggest you to take another pair of shorts and underwear with you so you don't get cold.
In the Bible, does God ever strike down with lightning people who have lightning rods on their tents?
what else can i add the 1st 2 answeres are dead on right solder copper strap, plenty of water on hand for saftey, and if you can access it from the backside you'll have saved tile work big$$$$
The internal and external thread joint is one end with internal thread (G) and one end is external thread (G). What is the standard of this joint?
G is the British characteristic of non hermetic cylindrical thread.The thread tagging you can refer to "metric, American and English standard thread Standard Handbook (Third Edition)".
Ive heard that we have other sighns in us to acording to the alignment of the planets and stuff. I was borne at 9:01am on the 8th of may 1989 in the goldcoast australia. what eles am i? and how do i work it out myself?
Making a wooden pipe might be a little complicated.. lol If you want a pipe all you have to do is get a water bottle knife a hole on the side, aluminum foil it and make holes on the foil with a toothpick. I suggest a bong though.. just get a water bottle a highlighter and foil, empty out the highlighter so its just the hollow plastic, aluminum foil and toothpick in some holes on the fat side (to put the weed) next make an AIRTIGHT hole on the side of the water bottle angled downwards, if you find it hard to make the hole airtight just make as small a slit as possible to push the highlighter through it, then just put some water in the bottle and smoke good my friend! by the way smoking with aluminum foil is horrible for you but you cant do much better seeing as its a do it yourself project and you are under 18 so cant buy a real pipe. EDIT: The aluminum wont make it feel any different, its just after long term (years) use it can cause memory problems. Thats what i meant by its not good for you lol dont let it bug you out! by the way im glad you chose marijuana as your remedy for anxiety and not something else! Its really not any worse for you than coffee is, i suggest watching this documentary you will learn everything The Union: The Business behind getting high