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hi i have a problem with my car alarm, whenever i put it on (as i like to overnight) it always sets its self off at the same time approx 5:30 in the morning! and ideas?i have a nissan micra K11
Technically this is correct; but the magnetic field would be rather very weak, and during the banging the bar has to be kept in good alignment to the earths magnetic field because that is what is creating the magnet. Vibration and heating in fact damage a magnet; in your example however you do have a method to reverse the process and make one.
I have extremely hard water, and my water softener has been broken for a few years. There's been quite a decrease in water pressure. I'm assuming this is from hard water deposits in the pipes.Is there anything that can be done about it? Can they be flushed out?If so, do you have any idea of what the cost might be? I'm sure it wouldn't be cheap.
If you are locked out and the keys are inside house and if you have a regular deadbolt lock, then it can only be locked from outside with the key, which makes me think the door is locked with the door knob lock which was pushed to lock by inside button or turner on knob. In that case you can use a credit card to get in by pushing card where bolt is at knob between door and jamb while shaking door a little back and forth.
Its said the highest risk of death in a aircrash is fire/smoke. why dont airlines supply fire/smoke blankets?
I had a few tractors that I helped my grandfather work on, and he always used pipe tape on the threads. as long as you dont put it right at the edge, then you wont have to worry about anything coming off and running through your hydraulic pump.
How do you suppose a nearby (but not direct) lightning strike could damage the tuner in your TV, which was turned on? (i.e. Why is it a good idea to unplug TVs and computers when an electrical storm is very close?)
There's no telling what grounding rod is there, but if it's not connected to your house wiring, you could try. If it is, obviously don't bother.
what is the lifespan of nitrile rubber?
All of the ideas above are right on the mark. Soldering for plumbing requires: - tightly aligned parts no out-of-round pipes or fittings, and burrs should be removed. I use a pipe cut-off tool rather than a saw to cut pipe. - very clean surfaces (inside the coupling/fitting and outside the pipe) - flux to remove any residual tarnish (oxide) and to allow the solder to flow - plenty of heat (including no water anywhere near the joint, which will keep it cool because you end up boiling water. The bread idea works.) One thing you should check is that you are using the right gas torch to match your solder type. If you use eutectic tin-lead solder (63:37 ratio), then you can use an ordinary propane gas torch. (This solder alloy is no longer permited for drinking water plumbing, though.) If you are using a lead-free solder, you should switch to a MAPP gas torch, which will provide a hotter flame. If by chance you are using a 2% silver-bearing solder, then a MAPP torch is mandatory because the solder melting point is much higher than lead-free. The solder is also very strong. Apply a bit of flux to the cold parts before heating, then heat all the fittings and pipe uniformly to melt the flux. Remove the flame then apply more flux till it flows well around the solder joint. Apply the flame again and test the temperature by touching your solder to the opposite side of the flame. If it flows, then finish applying solder around the joint and keep the flame 180 degrees on the opposite side the molten solder will flow to the hotter side.
how long do you think it would take a mechanic to tighten the wheel studs on my 93 integra. the guy i bought it from said that i had to tighten the wheel studs on it as he had just put a new tire on and the wheel was making noise because of the loose studs. i have an extra set of studs in case i need new ones, and also how much do you think it would cost for him to do it?
if you have the fear, no amount of monthly payments can make you feel safe. Don't feel safe? move out.
There is a bend in the pipe now out, it is inserted, I was deformed folder, and the other did not get down, the location of small space, I now how to deal with good points, thank you.
Repair seal.Specific operation, see the following points:Now that the water leaks, you'll find the main switch for this pipe and turn it off for later maintenance;
For some reason he keeps waking up in the middle of the night. He never did it before and he doesn't do it when he's having a sleep-over at Grandma's house. He will go to sleep anywhere between 10-11 and be back up at 4 wanting to play. At first I thought he was going through a growth spurt and was hungry, but he never eats when he gets up. My hair is starting to fall out and my house is a wreck. I'm SO tired during the day that I don't feel like doing anything.What do you do when your 14-16 month old wakes up at 4am ready to face the day and play?
Use copper with diletric fittings and insulate them, and you'll never have a problem. Yes it will be expensive but it will be done once and done right. CPVC is good too as it's cheap, easy, and they'll never corrode. PEX or Shark Bite is even easier and may even be better than CPVC as you won't have to deal with messy adhesives and can be done in half the time.