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Q:My 1996 Dodge Dakota AC blower motor shuts down after it's been running for about one half hour. It will start
Motor Windings are Shot, Replace the Motor.
Q:i have 230v 750w ac motor , can it run in 100AH dc battery?
You cant use an AC motor with a DC power source. you will need to have an inverter to change the DC to AC and a 100ah battery is like the one I might find in a computer where you would probably need a 4000ah battery to make it worth wild
Q:why is it better to use a DC motor rather than a AC motor?
It takes less electronic parts to control a DC motor than an AC motor. Also DC motors have higher RPM's than AC motors. The rpm of a AC motor is depended on the frequency of the voltage and the number of poles. The rpm of a DC motor is depended on the current and voltage applied to it.
Q:how can i power a DC motor using the power generated by another motor?
Perpetual motion machines don't work.
Q:I have a AC induction motor,i use a strong clamper to lock the motor shaft.Then i open the power supply.?
Yes , the motor would become short circuited.
Q:Can any AC motor 220 and 380V control positive inversion? What are the conditions?
All three phase motor, the 3 phase line in any two lines can be switched to control the motor positive and reverse, commonly used AC contactor control, reverse switch control (small capacity) and so on.Single-phase capacitor running motor ends of the main winding or secondary winding can be controlled on the motor is reverse.
Q:what is Contnous rating of an AC motor?
Almost all AC motors have a label with the information you need. The voltage shown is the voltage required. The Amperage shown Running Load Amps (RLA), or Full Load Amps (FLA) is the power it will draw at it's rated load. Example: Typical ½hp Cap Start 1750rpm 60hz induction motor will show 8.0 RLA, 48.0 Locked Rotor Amperes (LRA) This motor draws 48 Amperes @ 120V for a little less than one second while starting. The current might drop to 3.5 Amperes no load and rise to 8.0 Amperes at the rated ½hp load. If you measure current you will find that excess load draws current beyond the motor's rating which results in overheating and shutdown if it is thermally protected (as it should be). Motors must be matched to Voltage available, ambient temperature and conditions, required starting torque, duty cycle, required power at speed, and numerous other factors.
Q:Single,Three Phase AC and Direct Current Motors?
All motors should have a nameplate that identifies the voltage, current, frequency, DC/AC and number of phases, which answers your question. They all sound the same. DC motors are used for low power applications, and for cases where precise position is needed, such as a motor for a CD player. Large DC motors are used in electric vehicles as they are operated from batteries. Single phase AC motors are used for appliances for the home, such as washing machines, etc. and for small industrial uses. Three phase AC motors are used for large industrial uses such as elevators, industrial equipment. Edit: Electrical locomotives and subway cars used large DC motors originally, but now newer ones use AC motors and use electronics to convert the DC from the lines into AC.
Q:98 acura tl heat/ac blower motor?
98 Acura Tl
Q:what is dc injection braking for ac motors and how does it work ? can i replace ac drives braking ?
I have seen some in Elevators Main Motor controller DC Braking features when the Power contact or drop out , Dc will be applied thro a Timed contact or to the stator Winding with spl circuitry with protection.( braking supply will be Injected for a fraction of sec.) other one i have seen in soft start controller ( thyristor controlled power adjuster DC will be injected thro Spl circuitry for Stopping the Drive motor) Try ur best ,Best of luck

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