Wheel Loader Volvo Used (L120) with CE

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Product Description:

Wheel Loader Volvo Used  (L120) with CE

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:L120


Type:Large Loader

Usage:Universal Type


Scraper Type:Pull Scraper

Transmission:Hydraulic - Mechanical Transmission


Walking Mode:Wheeled

Load and Unload Method:Front Discharge


Engine Power:147~515kw

Certification:CE, ISO9001: 2000








Brand Name:Volvo

Model Number:L120


Place of Origin:Sweden

Dimension(Long * Breadth * High):7620 Mm*2680 Mm*3345 Mm


Rated Load:15301.9 Kg

Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:by Bulk or Container or Roro Ship

Standard:ISO9001, CE



Production Capacity:4 Units One Week

Product Description

Original VOLVO used wheel loader L120
1. made in Sweden
2. 2006 year
3. condition is very good 
4. work very well
in stock 








NET POWER141.7 kw

OperationalOPERATING WEIGHT15301.9 kg



MAX SPEED - FORWARD/ REVERSE38.6 km/h/ 26.9 km/h
Hydraulic SystemPUMP TYPEopen center




good working condition , original used , high effiency , stable performance , low fuel cost , low rate of maintenance
Excellent performance
?Low energy consumption and environmental protection.
?The hydrostatic system has the feature of lower energy consumption.
?Simple quick-change construction can meet multipurpose operation of users.
?The integrated multi-functional control handle makes operation simple.
?Damping seat is safe and comfortable.

Wheel Loader Volvo Used  (L120) with CE

Wheel Loader Volvo Used  (L120) with CE

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Sounds to me like you might have a case unless somewhere in your rental aggrement there is a liability waiver realeasing the rental company of any liabilty in the event of injury but with the wrong bolts being inplace could be neglagence
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Dan - Check your math 3000 lb / 7 is 428 gals - 1 gal of jet fuel is a bit under 7 lbs Your math is off 18000 gals per hour x 5 hour cross country flight would 90000 gals of fuel the weight of the fuel 630,000 lbs alone (and only military air-force C5 SG Boeing 747-8, Super heavy lift air craft can take off w/ that load 747-8 has a total weight take off 987,000 (that includes plane - fuel - cargo pilots - every thing) Have heard that 747-8 has taken off with tw of 1,000,000 lbs (best in the world)
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