Wheel Backhoe Loader for Sale Sz40-15e

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Wheel Backhoe Loader for Sale Sz40-15e 

Product Details

Basic Info.

Model NO.:SZ40-15E


Service:1 Year



Bucket Capacity:0.4m3

Rated Load:1500kg


Export Markets:Global

Additional Info.



Packing:Pack in Container or Ship by Whole Machine

Standard:CE and ISO



HS Code:84295100


Production Capacity:1500 Set/Year

Product Description

Enlarged operator cabin, with secure glass, is capacious and brightsome.
Working table:water temperature, oil temperature, current, are all in sight.
Adopt Cummins engine and the power is stronger.
Famous brand hydraulic components and imported main pump are adopted.The operating life is long and the operating speed is fast.
Adjustable seat, convenient and comfortable to use.
Hydraulic steering, comfy and convenient to operate.
Hydraulic traction, configured with advanced gear oil pump and infinitive stage transmission inland.
Completely have the all functions of minitype digging machines.
Ascendant performance of complete appliance, with extraordinary operation efficiency.
With which many kinds of optional components can be matched to meet requirements of different users.

Max.Digging Depth3000mm
Max.Digging Height5600mm
Max.Digging Radius5200mm
Max.Digging Height4300mm
Bucket Capacity0.4m3
Working Efficiency30-60m3/h
Working Times4-7times/min
Max. Hauling Force29kn
Max. Swing Angle of Boom180°
Max.Dumping Height2900mm
Min. Rotary Radius5000mm
Max.Dumping Distance950mm
Rated Loading Mass1500kg
Lifting Time of Movable Arm3.5s
Falling Time of Movable Arm2.5s
Summational Time7.0s
Max. Breakout Force10.5kn
Rated Power74kw
Rated Revolution2400r/min
Working Pressure28MPa
Total Weight5500kg
Walking Speed≤39km/h
Distance Between Axles2700mm
Min. Ground Clearance250mm
Overall Dimension(L×W×H)7600×2005×2700mm

Wheel Backhoe Loader for Sale Sz40-15e

Wheel Backhoe Loader for Sale Sz40-15e

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