WDW Series Computer Control Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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 WDW series are suitable for tensile, compression, bending ,cutting, shearing and tearing test of rubber, plastic, electrical wire and cable, composite, plastic profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. They may add test methods or rules according to customers’requirement .They are essential testing instrument for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

Product features:

1,This machine equips alternating servo motor for driving crosshead and imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measure.

2,This machine is accompany with the digital multi-channel closed loop control system which applicates the latest monitoring and control systems with lots of advanced professional and technical development. ,

3,Control software can automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile  modulus of elasticity, extend rate after rupture, non-proportional extend strength RP0.2, etc.

4,It can realize three closed loops control and real time display many testing curves of force-displacement, force-time, and stress-strain. These curves automatically switch. Testing process control and data processing conform to the requirements of GB.  

5,This machine has the following performances: Auto zero, auto gear shifting or no subsection, auto indication, auto save, unicontrol or multistep programmed control, auto stop, auto analysis or assistant manual analysis, batch test, testing result statistic, curve select and over load protection. And the machine is beautiful, multifunctional, and operates easily and reliably.

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Q:What is the maximum working pressure 6Mpa? How much do you want to fit the pressure gauge?
Selection of measuring range1, when the pressure is stable, the upper limit of measurement range is 1/3 2/3,2 measuring the fluctuating pressure, the upper limit of the measurement range of 1/3~1/23 measuring high and medium pressure (greater than 4MPa) shall not exceed 1/2 of the upper limit of instrument measurement range
Q:The pressure gauge joint diameter is 21, 14 teeth per inch. What does it mean?
The outer diameter is 21, and the 14 teeth have taper and no taper.Without taper is the 1/2 interface.Points with taper are G1/2, NPT1/2, ZG1/2.- - Wuxi Hui Hua Instrument Technology Department - -I hope to give you a satisfactory answer! Wish you happy every day!If you have any other questions, you may ask!
Q:How big is the thread type of the y-60 pressure gauge?
Small words may be 1/2 NPT, and the big one is M20*1.5.
Q:How to calculate the hydraulic pressure gauge gauge
Hydraulic gauge display is connected with the hydraulic oil pressure oil chamberGenerally international standards MPa, readings, if converted to our national standard pressure value multiplied by 10, for example, the pressure gauge shows 2MPa, converted to GB is 20 kilograms of pressure, that is, the 20 standard atmospheric pressureBar is a unit of pressure 1bar=100000, Pascal, and another one of our common KGF is almost 1:1.In China, we usually use the "kilogram" to describe the pressure of the gas (not the "Jin"). The unit of body is "kg/cm2", and a kilogram of pressure is one kilogram of force acting on one square.While in a foreign country commonly used unit is "Psi", the unit is "lb/in2", is "psi", this unit like Fahrenheit (F).In addition, there are pressure units such as Pa (Pascal, Newton, one square meter), KPa, Mpa, Bar, millimeter water column, millimeter mercury column, etc..1 bar (bar) =0.1 MPa (MPa) =100 kPa (KPa) =1.0197 kg / cm21 standard atmospheric pressure (ATM) =0.101325 MPa (MPa) =1.0333 bar (bar)Because the unit is very small difference, you are not engineering staff. So, you can remember that:1 bar (bar) =1 standard atmospheric pressure (ATM) =1 kg / cm2 =100 kPa (KPa) =0.1 MPa (MPa)
Q:Do pressure gauges need to be used in atmospheric hot water boilers?
There is no need to install pressure gauges in the atmospheric hot water boiler, but the piping system is best installed, because the system circulation should be monitored. Also, the furnace body and the system line shall be equipped with thermometer.
Q:What does the condensing pressure gauge in the refrigeration system measure?
Measuring the condensing pressure, this pressure is determined by the temperature of the refrigerant saturation state your condenser, the heat transfer ability of saturated refrigerant temperature by heating your heat exchanger (area, heat transfer coefficient and the temperature of the cooling medium is decided)
Q:How do I know the model of the pressure gauge?
The general pressure gauge, such as Y60, Y100, Y150, behind the figure is the dial diameter, if Y is connected to YX, the screw axial (Y radial), also is the specified range, thread size (usually GB)
Q:How is the range of pressure gauges determined?
2.5MPa*3/2=3.75MPa, select the 0-4.0MPa pressure gaugeGenerally choose the maximum pressure of 1.5 times, and then according to the standard range can be selectedThe standard range is 1,, 1.6, 2.5, 4, 6, n times
Q:What does the red line on the dial of the pressure gauge stand for? Is the design pressure or the maximum pressure?
There are no red lines on some dials. Where is the red line you mean?
Q:What kind of pressure gauges do you need for repairing refrigerators?
Maintenance of refrigerator needs with a minimum of 3 pressure gauge, 2 pieces of 2.4 kg, a 1.5 meter, pressure for a 6 tube 20-30 cm for the table header and good expansion valve, bell, head table valve is connected with the need to use teflon tape, tied to the wire head on and valve connection table header all together, even after looking for a 8 to 6 of the copper pipe welding, a set of tools to complete, maintenance of refrigerators need tools to cut, expander, welding, solder, sealing device, electronic scales, pressure gauge, fluoride bottles, evacuation tools, it is best to prepare some brass 6 and 8.

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