PWS Series Electric-hydraulic Servo Dynamic& Static Universal Testing Machine

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Product Description:

、Main functions
  WDS series are suitable for tensile, compression, bending,cutting shearing and tearing test of rubber peeling and tearing plastic, electrical wire and cable, composite, profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
、Product features  
 This machine equips alternating servo motor for driving crossbeam and imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measure. The controller adopts flush type monolithic computer structure and is equipped multitask operating system and built-in powerful test control software, which includes the test system with measuring, controlling, calculating and saving functions.  This machine has the following performances: Automatically calculating stress, elongation rate, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity
;automatically preserving all of 16 groups testing data;automatically recording the value of extremal vertex, breakpoint, appointed value of force and elongation;testing result can be scanned by pages and printed;the third class purview management;real-time electronic clock, and automatically recording the testing date and time.
、Technical Specification:




Measuring range of force (kn)


Accuracy of testing force

±1% of indicated value

Resolution of crosshead displacement Measurement

0.01 mm

Speed range of crossbeam

0.1 mm/min~500 mm/min,step less speed regulation and arbitrary setting

Effective testing space (mm)


Power supply


Working environment


Main configuration

Imported servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Overall dimension of host machine (mm)


Weight (kg)


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Q:What are the procedures for checking the pressure gauge in that department?.
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G stands for non threaded cylindrical pipe threadsTooth angle: 55 degrees: G1/2-LH (left, right, wrong)Size code, number of teeth per inch, diameter, middle diameter, path1/8 289.728, 9.147, 8.5661/4 1913.157, 12.301, 11.4453/8 1916.662, 15.806, 14.951/2 1420.955, 19.793, 18.6313/4 1426.441, 25.279, 24.11711133.249, 31.77, 30.29111/4 1141.91, 40.431, 38.95211/2 1147.803, 46.324, 44.845
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Q:Pressure meter return error definition
According to JJG52-1999, Bourdon tube, general pressure gauge, pressure vacuum gauge and vacuum gauge,, return error:For the same test point, the difference between the indication value after tapping the watch case at the step-up (or step-down) and the buck (or boost) testThe return error is the absolute value

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