YJS-600 Digital Display Type Well Cover Hydraulic Compression Testing Machine

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、Main functions
This machine adopts hydraulic load, manual control, electronic measurement and digital display and has the function of force peak value preserving and manual eliminating force peak value. It is applicable for compressive strength test of well covers, which are made of steel fiber reinforced concrete and cast iron.
、Products catalogue
YJS-600A  Standards:CJ/T121-2000
YJS-600B  Standards:JC889-2001
、Main Technical Specifications





Maximum testing force


Accuracy of testing force


Testing space(㎜)



Pressure plate size(㎜)


Ф356(Manhole);500×200、250×200(Water cover grate

Piston stroke(㎜)


Power supply


Overall dimension(L×W×H)(㎜)






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Q:How to control three-phase motor with electric contact pressure gauge
Electric contact pressure gauge contact capacity is about 1A, and the pressure gauge installation position basically has vibration phenomenon, unfavorable, so pull on contact, the first thing to consider is the pressure gauge and the measured pipe connected by a hose, pressure gauge and pressure gauge with fixed contacts to control the intermediate relay coil, often open contact of the intermediate relay to control the AC contactor coil, AC contactor main contact with motor.
Q:What are the diaphragm materials for the diaphragm pressure gauge?
Basically oil the following:316L stainless steel, HC/HB (Hastelloy), Ta (TA), Ti (TI), with PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), Monel alloy
Q:How do you test the pressure gauge for the pressure vessel?
Pressure vessel pressure gauge according to the test time expired inspection, need to do the following aspects of work:1, should be in accordance with the requirements of the enterprise classification of measuring instruments management requirements, check the current period of measuring instruments should be sent to what level of professional technical supervision and verification of the Department of verification.2, do a good job of measuring instruments in the inspection period, how does not affect the normal work plan?.3, in general, the general accuracy of the pressure meter, sent to the local Technical Supervision Bureau or bureau of professional inspection institutions will be able to verify, concurrent inspection certificate, allowing the legitimate use.4, special requirements of the pressure gauge should be sent to a professional qualification calibration institutions, can not use ordinary calibration instead of professional level of professional calibration, to ensure the safe and lawful use.5, after verification of measuring instruments, timely inspection records and archive, clear inspection cycle and inspection unit and the next inspection time.6. The inspection labels shall be attached to the marked suitable parts of the measuring instruments to be inspected.
Q:How big is the thread type of the y-60 pressure gauge?
Small words may be 1/2 NPT, and the big one is M20*1.5.
Q:What do you mean by a pressure meter attached to a LP valve?
This table is the pressure gauge, is to show the gas cylinder gas into the valve when the pressure, the general can probably display of remaining amount of gas within the cylinder; at the same time also can be connected to the gas cylinders used to detect out there is no leakage.With the table type valve is usually the manufacturers in order to meet the needs of the consumers of the product, but with the table type valve to leak one more chance, if the quality is not good, especially the pressure relief valve spring quality is poor, the use is not only safe, is more like a time bomb, when threaten our lives so, try to use the valve function less, this is the most secure.
Q:How to connect the three terminal points of the remote pressure gauge?
The three terminals of the remote pressure gauge are arranged like this, from top to bottom: 0 bit, 5V bit, middle position (that is, pointer moving contact). The 0 bit provides the pressure feedback signal with the center.
Q:What are the common measuring ranges of pressure gauges?
0.25mp, 0.6mp, 1.0mp, 1.6mp, 2.0MP, 2.5MP and so on. In order to ensure that the elastic element can work reliably in the safety range of the elastic deformation, the pressure gauge range is selected not only according to the measured pressure, but also should consider the measured pressure change rate, the range need to leave enough room for. When measuring the steady pressure, the maximum working pressure shall not exceed 2/3 of the measuring range; the pulsating pressure shall be measured; the maximum working pressure shall not exceed 1/2 of the measuring range; when measuring the high pressure, the maximum working pressure shall not exceed the 3/5 of the measuring range. In order to ensure the accuracy of measurement, the minimum operating pressure should not be less than 1/3 of the measuring range. According to this principle, according to the measured maximum pressure to calculate a value, from the pressure gauge product catalog select a little larger than the measurement range.The pressure gauge is divided into vacuum meter, pressure vacuum meter, micro pressure meter, low pressure meter, middle pressure meter and high voltage meter according to its measuring range. Used to measure the atmospheric pressure is less than the pressure value of the vacuum gauge; pressure vacuum gauge used to measure the atmospheric pressure is larger than the pressure value; micro pressure gauge for measuring the pressure value is less than 60000 Pa; low voltage meter for measuring 0~6MPa value of pressure; pressure meter for measuring 10~60MPa value of pressure; pressure gauge for measuring the pressure value of more than 100MPa.
Q:What does "PV" and "SV" on the control meter of remote pressure gauges mean?
SV is the set point, and PV is the measurement value
Q:How do you read the dial diameter of the pressure gauge?
Pressure gauge diameter difference, especially now that the market size is very chaotic, but overall, with 40, 50, 60 GB, 100, 150 dial such as nominal, and export to 1 ", 1.5", 2 ", 2.5", 3 ", 4" dial such as nominal.
Q:Is the gauge thread metric or English?
What thread do you want to thread on your request?. Often used in metric systems

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