XJCJ Falling Mass Impact Testing Machine

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Product Description:

1. Functions

It is used for the plastic pipe, board and goods to do the impact test , to praise the materials resistant outside force impact performance. The machine controlling parts adopt the numerical control technique. It can number preset and display the impact height, automatic return to zero, rising hammer, dropping hammer, impact and can effectively prevent the twice impacting. It adopts the distyle structure, the structure is compact, energy lost is small, and testing speed is quick.

2. standards-compliant

GB/T 14152   ISO3127 BS EN1411

BS EN744

3. Technological indicators

Impact height: 0-2000mm,±2mm

Overall dimensions: L750mm×W550mm×H3500 mm

Energy losses: 0.25%

Masses of strikers: 0.25-15kg, permissible tolerance shall be ±0.5%

Nose and masses of striker: depending on customers standards

Rising speed: 12m/min

Anti-rebound catching rate: 100%                    

XDK Low Temperature Refrigerator

A. Product Introduction

  It is used for the plastic pipe, sheet and profiled shock resistance performance test low temperature management, which consists of refrigerator and control instrument. Control apparatus is composed of digital temperature sensor, the temperature control circuit, instantaneous power-off protection circuit and LED digital tube display panel meter. It achieve the real-time display, temperature control, measurement, alarm and other functions. Has the advantages of high control accuracy, convenient operation etc

B. Accord with the standards:


C. The main technological Parameters

  a. Temperature control range: - 20-0℃;

b. Control temperature accuracy: setting value +1℃

c. Use the LED numeral display

    d. Power : 220V+10%, 15A.

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Q:What is the actual value of the pressure gauge mounted on the pressure vessel?
Pressure difference with atmospheric pressure.
Q:Where is the pressure gauge checked?
Verification mechanism of pressure gaugeGenerally determined by the use of the pressure gauge1, the use of the production site, the use of units (with certification personnel) self certification2, as a standard table, the pressure gauge by the city / Province Department of measurement and verification (Technical Supervision Bureau) certification3. Used for safety, trade, quality and environment inspection by relevant department.
Q:What is the measurement error of a pressure gauge?
Scale multiplied by precision divided by 100
Q:The working principle of the Bourdon tube pressure gauge
Bourdon tube pressure gauge is spring tube pressure gauge.Its working principle is that:The working principle of the spring tube type pressure gauge is spring tube; under the action of pressure, the free end displacement, the displacement of the rod drives the transmission amplification mechanism, the pointer deflection, and indicate the pressure value on the scale.Bourdon tube pressure gauge is mainly composed of a threaded joint holder, spring tube, rod, screw, gear sector, small gear, hairspring, pointer, upper and lower clamping plate, dial, case, shell etc..The function of each component in the drive amplifier mechanism:(L) pull rod - transfer the displacement of the free end of the spring tube to the sector gear;(2) the sector gear converts the line displacement to angular displacement and then passes it to the pinion and has an amplification effect;(3) the pinion drives the coaxial pointer to rotate, indicating the measured pressure on the dial;(4) - the gossamer fan gear and small gear tooth profile keep one-way contact clearance contact two gear, in order to reduce the return difference;(5) adjusting the screw - changing the position of the adjusting screw can change the length of the short arm of the sector gear, so as to change the drive ratio;(6) the upper and lower clamping plates fix the components together to form a set of transmission mechanisms.The drive mechanism, also known as the movement, is the heart of the pressure gauge. Its function is to enlarge the displacement of the free end of the spring tube so as to achieve the purpose of easy reading.
Q:Do pressure gauges need to be used in atmospheric hot water boilers?
There is no need to install pressure gauges in the atmospheric hot water boiler, but the piping system is best installed, because the system circulation should be monitored. Also, the furnace body and the system line shall be equipped with thermometer.
Q:How about the model of seismic pressure gauge?
There is a general proof letter "N"
Q:What is the principle of setting the root valve of the pressure gauge?
First, local pressure gauges (in the PID diagram of a component named PG) installation interface are flange, flange with general HG/T20615-2009 DN20, the minimum pressure rating to Class300, Class300 is higher than that of no special requirements and process piping class agreement. Flange pressure rating less than or equal to Class600 when using the RF process, the pressure level with RJ CLASS600. In the process of vertical pipe on the diaphragm type pressure gauge will require the use of a 90 degree bend flange pressure gauge of the nozzle surface into the vertical flange, and pipe insulation shall not collide, and the vertical direction for bolt and nut construction space. 3. outside the flange surface, within the flange 150mm, set aside the space required for the long 700mm instrument installation. Two, the general pressure transmitter pressure transmitter (in the PID diagram of a component named PT) installation interface are flange, flange with HG/T20615-2009 DN20, the minimum pressure rating to Class300, Class300 is higher than that of no special requirements and process piping class agreement. Flange pressure rating less than or equal to Class600 when using RF process, pressure rating >Class600 with RJ. Single flange pressure transmitter, flange nozzle adopts HG/T20615-2009 DN50, minimum pressure level is Class300, higher than Class300, no special requirements, and process piping level. Threaded interface flange pressure rating less than or equal to CLASS600 with RF when suddenly face we installed on the pressure gauge with the cut-off valve with DN15;
Q:Is the boiler pressure gauge mandatory?
Is. Moreover, there are six months a year, some of which are examined once a year
Q:What is that in front of the pneumatic valve? There is a pressure gauge, an air tank, and a knob
What you are talking about is a pneumatic filter with filter pressure reducing valve, filter and pressure reducing valve. The function of the filter is to filter and adjust the pressure. "SMC pneumatic service network" technical articles, detailed knowledge of pneumatics.PS. filter pressure reducing valve under the glass (or metal cup) is not gas tank, knob is used for regulating pressure.
Q:Diaphragm pressure gauge
Diaphragm pressure gauge measuring element type is "spring pipe + diaphragm", the diaphragm is only isolated transmission components, rather than sensitive components; diaphragm pressure gauge directly to the diaphragm as a sensitive element, and no longer use spring tubeThe diaphragm meter by spring tube range limit, the minimum range is usually only 0.1MPa or 60kPa; diaphragm pressure meter is usually used for micro pressure, the minimum can be 1kPa to 2.5MPa. two, the highest range have overlapping and complement each other.

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