WDW-T series Computer Control Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine

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Product Description:

Ⅰ、Main functions

  This machine is applicable for tensile,compression, bending, shearing, peeling and tearing test of metal materials and non-metal materials.They may add test methods or rules  of other materials to customers
’need . They are essential testing instrument for quality testing section, university and colleges, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.

Ⅱ、Product features

  This machine adopts the most advanced and reliable console model constructer, imported whole digital alternating servo motor and servo adjustment system, imported load sens and photoelectric encoder. Whole digital measurement and control system can realize high precision, wide range measure and three closed loops control. The system of measure and control adopts high precision transducer, imported high quality electron device and whole digit design. And the card also complies with PCI2.1 and automatically distributes resources. Integrated double channels precision amplifier can automatically zero. Build-in large scale CPLD can program logistic chips, high speed operate and real time process. The whole digital control adjustment and demarcation can supply Single AD software interface. The software adopts blocking design, has many kinds of controlling means such as displacement, force, deformation, (stress and strain) metal tension and so on. Multistep control procedure can be compiled using program editor of the software by ourselves. We can analysis and process the testing data according to corresponding standards, and automatically finger out routine data, such as tensile strength, yield strength, modulus of elasticity, non-proportional extend strengthRP0.2, etc. Batch program of the software can sum up and compare the result and curve of one batch of specimen. The testing data adopts database management, supply word Exel and self-defining progra and meet with the special requirements. Flexible editing mode of report forms can print satisfied table.

Ⅲ、Technical Specification:






Measuring range of testing force (kN)


Accuracy of testing force


Resolution of force

1/200000 of maximum force,no subsection full travel or seven subsections according to the requirements of customer

Accuracy of displacement measure


Resolution of displacement measure


Maximum value of displacement(mm)


Adjusting range of displacement speed


Accuracy of deformation measure


Range of deformation measure


Control accuracy of displacement speed

velocity<0.01mm/min,±1.0%of the point;

velocity≥0.01%mm/min,±0.2% of the point.

Effective  tension testing space (mm)




Compression testing space (mm)




Width of testing space (mm)




Nip size(mm)

Thickness of flat specimen




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Q:What is oil immersion pressure gauge?
An oil pressure gauge is a pressure gauge that is filled with a damping fluid (usually silicone or glycerin) in the case. Also called proof pressure gauge is suitable for environmental vibration places and medium pressure pulsation larger occasions.
Q:Why does the electric contact pressure meter sometimes stop when the contact reaches the upper limit of the pointer?
You first check whether the line is normal, the method is to take the pressure gauge wiring open, directly with wire short to see if the relevant control components can normal action. If normal, then the fault should be on the electric contact of the pressure gauge.
Q:How do you recognize the pressure gauge?
You'll know by sight
Q:Constant pressure water supply principle of remote pressure gauge
It must be a frequency converter with a PID regulator, and the potentiometer is connected to the feedback loop. The system pressure can be automatically adjusted by setting the pressure value and the PID parameter on the inverter.
Q:Is the gasket sealed at the pressure gauge connection?
Encryption pads are required, as well as encrypted sealing rings or raw tape.The rubber gasket is a self expanding sealing gasket, belonging to the sealing component of the pipeline. The gasket is composed of an outer ring, the middle ring and the inner ring expansion of three parts; the outer ring and the inner ring is generally elastic sealing ring, the middle ring at the center of a ring on both sides of the bubble structure, hollow ring, outer ring seal ring outer ring and the inner side of the opening; the inner ring is divided into two parts installed in the middle, inside and outside the ring structure of the global expansion.Rubber gasket is also very extensive use, we usually drink drink cover, there are a layer of rubber pad, that is used to seal the use of this to isolate the flow of air from the outside. The working principle of the machine is static and dynamic. In short, are used to carry out isolation from the outside world or a place, the work principle of the gasket is also very simple, it can be said that there is no too many principles, that is, isolation.
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Two pressure gauges of an acetylene bottle, one is the pressure in the bottle, one is the working pressure, and the pressure in the bottle is the magnitude of the pressure of the remaining acetylene in the acetylene bottle, and is not adjustable. The work pressure is the pressure that is adjusted by the pressure reducing valve. Usually work pressure is low, adjust to 2 or 3 atmospheric pressure can be
Q:What's the basis for the inspection of the safety accessories (safety valve and pressure gauge) of the simple pressure vessel?
(1) the maximum working pressure is greater than or equal to 0.1MPa; (note 1-2)(2) the product of work pressure and volume is greater than or equal to 2.5MPa = L; (note 1-3)(3) liquid containing gas, liquefied gas and the highest working temperature is higher than or equal to its standard boiling point.The accessories of the pressure vessel that meet the above requirements need to be checked.
Q:Is the gauge thread metric or English?
It belongs to sealing pipe thread. There are tables available for download on the internet.
Q:Is the pressure meter special?
No, it's just a meter. There should be a pressure vessel on it. The pressure vessel is a special device
Q:Pressure meter return error definition
Pressure meter return error: under the same conditions, the measured value is constant, the measuring instrument travel direction is different, the absolute value of the difference of its indication value. Note: return error is also called lag error."The return error" and "dead zone": JJF1001 "general terms and definitions for measurement", the term "no return error", but in 7.13 another definition of the term "dead zone" to describe "causing maximum variable interval dynamic measuring instrument in response to changing incentives". Therefore, return error is an index to measure the response characteristics of equipment".Does the return error accumulate? Take the positive and negative rotation of the motor as an example, the return error of the transmission mechanism should not be accumulated once and for all. In other words, back and forth movement many times, return error or fixed interval, does not increase.Application in the motor: the motor itself is no return error, how much encoder reads, how many pulses the stepper motor turns, and the servo system is usually higher than the stepper motor accuracy. The return error is generated by the drive mechanism, such as the screw rod connected on the output shaft of the motor. Therefore, the servo system can accurately control the motor, can't handle the return error. Therefore, the zero bit switch can eliminate zero return error in the course of motion, in addition to the zero power seeking of the incremental encoder. Even if the absolute encoder does not require power on and zero, the photoelectric switch can also be used to eliminate the return error. When there is no return error in the direction of return, it is necessary to set a zero position switch at both ends, so that the motor is backward to zero in this direction, and then the zero is used to measure the movement displacement.

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