WDS Series Digital Display Type Electronic Universal Testing Machine (Single Arm Type

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Ⅰ、Main functions
  WDS series are suitable for tensile, compression, bending ,cutting shearing and tearing test of rubber, peeling and tearing,plastic, electrical wire and cable, composite, profiled bar, waterproof roll, etc. They are essential testing instruments for quality testing section, university and college, research institution and industrial and mining enterprise.
Ⅱ、Product features  
 This machine equips alternating servo motor for driving crossbeam and imported photoelectric encoder for displacement measure. The controller adopts flush type monolithic computer structure and is equipped multitask operating system and built-in powerful test control software, which includes the test system with measuring, controlling, calculating and saving functions.  This machine has the following performances: Automatically calculating stress, elongation rate, tensile strength and modulus of elasticity
;automatically preserving all of 16 groups testing data;automatically recording the value of extremal vertex, breakpoint, appointed value of force and elongation;testing result can be scanned by pages and printed;the third class purview management;real-time electronic clock, and automatically recording the testing date and time.

Ⅲ、Technical Specification:









Measuring range of testing force (kN)







Accuracy of testing force

±1% of indicated value

Resolusion of crosshead displacement Measurement

0.01 mm

Speed range of crossbeam

0.1 mm/min~500 mm/min,step less speed regulation and arbitrary setting

Effective testing space (mm)


Power supply



Working environment

10~30℃, relative humidity≦80%

Main configuration

Alternating servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Imported servo motor and speed adjustment system, precision photoelectric encoder.

Overall dimension of host machine (mm)




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Q:Pressure gauges M20*1.5, M14*1.5 need to be equipped with DN how many valves, and pressure gauges, elbow and connector specifications, models
The pressure gauges M20*1.5, M14*1.5 need to be fitted with valves, pressure gauges, elbows, and connectors are DN15As for the specifications, models, different manufacturers, different methods of expressionPerformance meets requirements
Q:The pressure gauge is broken. Can it be repaired?
Change it, no repair, it's a general name
Q:What does the water pressure meter MPa stand for?
Water pressure gauge pressure MPa unit: M 10^6 Pa=N/m^2 is a prefix.[Extension]KN is the unit of force: kN=1000NKilogram force is a non legal unit. It should be expressed by kilogram force, that is, a kilogram mass object, all gravity: kilogram force =kg*g=9.8N (the latter G is gravity acceleration, generally take 9.8m/s^2)1MPa=1N/mm2 P=F/S, pay attention to unit conversion 1MPa=0.1kN/cm2 P=F/S
Q:How is the pressure gauge ABC divided?
Pressure gauges belong to the category of safety protection, which belong to strong inspection items. According to the JJG52-1999 test procedure, the cycle is half a year.Enterprises may, according to the specific circumstances used, determine the test cycle by A/B/C.Class A is compulsory test, which is related to production safety and environmental monitoring. The test cycle must be only less than half a year according to the verification regulations. If the conditions are bad, the verification cycle must be shorter.The B class should in principle not exceed the requirements specified in the verification regulations.The C class can determine the cycle of verification according to the characteristics of the enterprise, but there should be a square for determining the period of verification
Q:Do electric contact gauges come with 24V contact with gold?
I don't think it's necessary to use gold for contacts.1. The action of a contact on a pressure meter is equivalent to a switch used to conduct or disconnect the circuit. It does not require a power supply. The maximum operating voltage is 380V, and it can also be used for 220V or 24V (including AC and DC).2. Electric contact pressure gauge in the work process, will not contact in contact contact, due to voltage, spark will contact between the spark can burn contacts, lead oxide, so the electric contact pressure gauge work after a period of time will produce the phenomenon of bad contact, and can work normally after cleaning contact.3. In order to make the electrical contact work long time, it is important to note that the work power of the coil of the small relay in the back shall be controlled below 30W, otherwise it will burn up easily (contact power rating 30W).4. What material to choose contact is to consider comprehensively, choose pure gold or pure silver, only contact resistance is small, other aspects will not do.Our company produces a variety of electric contact pressure meter, suitable for a variety of industrial and mining use, interested can go up to see.
Q:Why can't ordinary pressure gauge be resistant to high temperature?
The general pressure gauge because it is made of copper and the spring tube welding soldering, the temperature of the medium and the environment must be less than 70 degrees.If more than 70 of soldering come loose, instrument damage (medium leakage).Not only is the problem of uncertainty, the instrument will certainly be damaged, there are security risks!
Q:What does "PV" and "SV" on the control meter of remote pressure gauges mean?
SV is the set point, and PV is the measurement value
Q:Why is the stop valve in front of the pressure gauge?
The use of stop valve in front of the pressure gauge is to protect the pressure gauge, only when the pressure needs to be turned on, to avoid the impact of constant start-up pressure on the pressure gauge will cause damage to the pressure gauge.
Q:How do you contact the pressure meter to the pump control box?
The electric contact pressure gauge has upper limit and lower limit contact (common midpoint). The lower contact (less water start, parallel contactor normally open contact retention) connected to the pump contactor coil; the upper contact (water full stop) connected to intermediate relay coil, the normally closed contact string into the pump contactor coil circuit of the intermediate relay action, disconnect contactor coil power source. If the contactor is large, then the lower limit contact will be amplified by another relay.
Q:What's the difference between the pressure gauge and the bellows pressure gauge?
I am engaged in the sale of this product, and I will answer your question. Bellows gauges are used as sensitive elements for measuring micro pressure. Measurement of corrosion resistance of copper alloys, no explosion of dangerous gases, micro pressure and negative pressure, widely used in boiler ventilation, gas pipelines, combustion equipment and other similar equipment. Stainless steel film box, pressure gauge according to the pressure system and shell are made of stainless steel material. It is applied to the measurement of micro pressure and negative pressure of various gas mediums in the process of high corrosion resistance. The stainless steel film box pressure gauge is developed with reference to the structural characteristics of the original film box pressure gauge and a micro manometer with corrosion resistance is developed. Applied to the boiler ventilation and gas pipelines and other equipment, in the process of corrosion resistance requirements of high pressure measurement of various gas medium micro pressure and negative pressure. Accuracy: measurement range: 2.5 (kPa) from 0 to 4; 0 to 6; 0 to 10; 0 to 16; 0 to 25; 0 to 40; 0 to 60; -4 ~ 0; -6 ~ 0; -10 ~ 0; -16 ~ 0; -25 ~ 0; -40 ~ -2 ~ 0; 2; -3 ~ 3; -5 ~ 5; -8 ~ 8; -12 ~ 12 -20 ~ 20 -30~30; the use of environmental conditions: -25 to 55 degrees Celsius, relative humidity is not more than 80% anti vibration working environment: V - H - 3 weight: 0.5kg

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