YGS-600 Digital Display Type Concrete Drainpipe pressure Testing Machine

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Main functions
This machine is applicable for compressive strength test of concrete drainpipes.  Standards:GB/T16752-97 “Test Method for Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes” and GB/T11836-99 “Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Sewer Pipes”.
Main Technical Specifications
Maximum testing force:600kN;
Accuracy of testing force:±3%;
Subsection of testing force:125;
Testing space(W×H)(mm):2200×2200;
Piston stroke:0~600mm
Power supply:380V±10%50Hz;
Overall dimension of host machine(L×W×H)mm):3000×1140×4200;

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Q:The water remote pressure gauge hands swing frequently do?
1, pointer rotation slow or jitterReason:1, the transmission parts of the clearance is too small, the transmission is not flexible, increase the gap, or add a little Watch Oil2, moving parts between the active parts of fouling, transmission is not working, cleaning, rust removal, in addition to dirt or replacement transmission3, the free end and connecting rod connection is not flexible, adjust the connection mode until flexible4, the pointer with the dial, table cover friction, correct the pointer, thicken the glass lining below2, the needle rotation is not smoothReason:1 、 the sector gear tilts to correct or replace the gear2, the needle axis bending, straightening needle axis3, plywood bending, correcting the flatness of plywood4, the pillar tilts, causes the upper and lower plywood not to parallel, correct the strut, the addition and subtraction washer, causes the splint parallel3, pointer jitter bigReason:1, measured medium pressure fluctuations, close the valve opening2, the gear is not good, adjust the gear with the state3, the needle sleeve and shaft coordination is not good, adjust repair pointer sleeve and shaft clearance gap
Q:What is the maximum working pressure 6Mpa? How much do you want to fit the pressure gauge?
Selection of measuring range1, when the pressure is stable, the upper limit of measurement range is 1/3 2/3,2 measuring the fluctuating pressure, the upper limit of the measurement range of 1/3~1/23 measuring high and medium pressure (greater than 4MPa) shall not exceed 1/2 of the upper limit of instrument measurement range
Q:How to check the fire valve pressure gauge as normal?
The pointer is normal in the green area!
Q:What do you think of the air conditioner liquid pressure gauge? How much pressure does it add?
Pressure gauge installed in the liquid inlet and gas tank in the middle, the specific pressure forgotten, and did not go for a long time, it seems to be 2.8, I can not remember
Q:How to connect the household air conditioner pressure gauge?
To buy a pressure gauge, there are 2 add liquid pipe connected to the air conditioner outside the machine on the line
Q:410 how about the pressure of the pressure gauge?
Is your 410 refrigerant? In general, the pressure is about 2.8MPa, and the pressure is completely related to the temperature. Therefore, it is more appropriate to select a pressure gauge with a maximum value of about 5.0MPa. The reading of the pressure meter is the same as that of the ordinary pressure gauge. There is no special place, unless your pressure gauge is foreign, you can convert according to the relevant units.
Q:How about the model of seismic pressure gauge?
There is a general proof letter "N"
Q:What does the pressure gauge 1% mean?
Pressure gauge accuracy of 1%, that is, the standard accuracy level of 1 pressure gauges.A pressure gauge with a rating of 1, indicating that the measuring range of the pressure meter is 1% of the full range.That is, 1MPa pressure gauge, the accuracy level is 1, that is to say, this value error is + 0.01MPa.5MPa pressure gauge, accuracy class is 1, that is to say, this value error is + 0.05MPa.If the accuracy level is 1.6, the measurement error is + 1.6%.1MPa pressure gauge, the accuracy level is 1.6, the value of this error is + 0.016MPa.
Q:Cutting acetylene bottles on how there are 2 pressure gauges, the general number of suitable adjustment
One is the pressure in the bottle and the other is the pressure that comes out. It depends on the thickness of the material you cut
Q:Fire hydrant pump, spray pump, starting pump, pressure gauge and spray pump, pressure switch is how to wiring?
The pressure gauge doesn't seem to be connected.It is a pressure switch switch, the 24V is introduced into the pressure switch, and then come out from the other end, connected to the 24V relay 13 feet, the negative 24V connected to the 24V relay 14 feet (13, 14, and then put on) a pair of normal relay contact is connected with the pump start line can be strong.

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